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    Why it is happened to me only

    We are seeing many people use this term frequently. We can see this dialogue in television serials and Cinemas also. We can say this is normal philosophically and people are unnecessarily annoying themselves. But is someway true, I believe. We came from our outstation trip and reached home by a taxi. It was raining slightly. We were taking out our entire luggage from the taxi and elderly father getting out of the car slowly. But before that two motor cycles and one car stood behind and keep on blowing horn to take the car immediately to give way to them. They even started to argue with the taxi driver also. But I have seen many times many people stop their cars in front of our house and alight from the car very slowly by their own time. I wonder how nobody questioned them while doing so.
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    By this, I understand that you are staying on a narrow road where two vehicles cannot move. Even there is no space for a bike to go ahead of a car, I think.
    What we need to practice is tolerance by the vehicle owners. Have patience and keep silent, even they blow horn or shout. It happens on the narrow streets. Keep smiling while you hear the horn blowing and mind your own business without minding their shouts and abuses.

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    Yes. When something happens to us, we will think like this. Why it is to me? This is a natural thought process. To think why it happened is Ok. But thinking why it is to me, appears a little selfish.
    Many times when we have to wait for some time we get irritated and think that the others are wasting our time and start shouting on the others to be fast. But when we are at the counter we will not think that some people are behind us waiting for their turn. That is why people say we should get into the other person's shoes when we want to criticise them or comment on them.
    But nobody will do that. On the other day, we were going in our car somewhere. On the road, an old man is slowly crossing the road. So my driver has to stop the vehicle and the vehicles behind us started blowing hots heavily thinking as if they are losing a lot of time. But I asked my driver to be patient and start back only after the old man crosses the road safely.

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    Some people are slow learners in life and they tend to do everything slowly unmindful what is happening behind The other day I had been to work and was going on the busy road and a car driver was slowly driving the vehicle as if no one is behind. On close scrutiny he was talking with his wife and describing the place, which irritated many as he is not giving the side nor driving the vehicle from the side. Tank Bund road is amid many statues, and he is describing about every statue, but that can be done without disturbing the passage to others.Some times we have to get adjusted to such kind of situations,
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    Many people lose their patience easily and then such things happen. Both the parties should understand it and behave in a normal way. There is no point in getting excited and blow the horn in irritating ways. In many countries blowing horn is treated as ill mannered. It is a sign that you do not concern for others and are always thinking of the things only as per your desires and wishes.
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    While on the road, we have to maintain patience and while seeing someone especially the senior citizens crossing over the road, car needs to be stopped momentarily to facilitate him crossing over the roads. The cars behind the position of my car often loose their patience and start shouting without knowing the real reason.
    However, if they are excited, not necessarily I should behave in the similar way. Rather, analyse the situation and you should act accordingly.

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    It often happens when something bad happens to the people or when it is not as per their wish, they often feel that it happens to me only. It is natural when something is good for someone, to be bad for someone else. Everyone wants it to be done as quickly and easily what they want and if it ever gets a little late or bad, they start blaming God directly that the God does the same to me all the time, my luck is bad, and so on...... It is important for people to understand that time is not always the same, If bad time has come, so good time will also come, blaming someone or yourself for this will do nothing. People should just need to do their duties with honesty without more expectations.
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    It is normal to think in this way when something bad happens to us. When we get a promotion, good news, win a lottery or a prize, etc, we don't mind in thinking that why is it only with me but when some bad or worse happens, the first thought that lingers our mind is - Why do such things always happen to me only?

    Now as the example stated that many times many people stop their cars in front of our house and alight from the car very slowly by their own time. I wonder how nobody questioned them while doing so. I wonder, Why you don't raise the question instead of waiting for others to raise a question? Even you are staying in the same place and it affects you, you can start it while others join you. Why is that we want others to raise the question when the same problem is faced by us and others.

    As other members have commented that as the lane that you stay is narrow, these can be a normal scenario and one needs to have patience as this can happen with anyone so it is better to keep calm and handle the situation by making them understand that the people are old and cannot move fast. I think some people may remove their frustration in such a situation and when you can put forward the right response, they may understand and wait patiently.

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    It is simply a case of basic social manners and etiquette. There are many people who take care and see that others are not in inconvenient position because of their actions. At the same time there are many who derive pleasure out of such absurdities.
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