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Love binge-watching Web episodic series online? Time to script the first scene, first episode of your own creative mind!
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    Colours of India Independence Day Photo Challenge 4 - script it

    This is the fourth and the final in the series of the Photo Challenge (PhC) contest, which began with a caption, continued with a poetic composition, and then had a story.

    This last one is different, the first of its kind in our contest programs. Many of you will have been watching a Web Series online. Here's an opportunity to script the opening scene!

    PhC#4 - A photo is posted in the first response in this thread. Imagine it as part of the opening scene in the very first episode of an online Web Series of six episodes. Submit a script in English for this opening scene only.

    You could mention the main character(s) and a hint of the plot of the upcoming Web Series to make it enticing enough to encourage binge-watching of all the subsequent episodes. It should have no dialogues. Keep it short and concise of about 350 to 400 words (this is the maximum; use the MS-Word tool which is under the 'Review Tab' for the word count).

    You must also give a title to (i) the Web Series; and (ii) the first episode of which this will be the opening scene.

    Only one entry per member is allowed, the script to be submitted in a response to this thread. You can make any changes you want in the text when the thread is open.

    Example of how to submit your entry-
    Web Series title:
    Episode 1 title:
    [text of the script]

    Points and cash credits will be given to worthy entries (maximum up to 30) and one or more entries if found to be award-worthy will get a cash prize of Rs. 100/-.
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    This is the photo for PhC #4 -
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Title of the web series= Colors of life
    Episode one title- Confusion galore

    On this Independence day Santosh and Hasini wants to decide their future course of love life and want to reveal the truth to the parents. They gathered the like minded friends at a park near their high rise building. (The tricolor image shown above is taken as the gathering of the friends.) Both like each other but the problems is that the girl father is more disciplined and wants his son in law to be a Military officer but the girl has chosen Santosh for his innocence and genuine love for her and thus decided to carry on. The friends gathered there cannot give concrete suggestion, as the life belongs to both Santosh and Hasini and they are not ready to give any guidance. Now take the story to further....

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Web Series title: The shades of Freedom
    Episode 1 title: Freedom taken easy

    Cycling with a tri-colour bouquet of flower in the front, humming the patriotic song "We shall overcome" reached Blue Heavens Society where Sunil had to deliver the flowers. He enquired about building no#5 and room No 234 of Mr D'Souza, walked towards the lift to go to the second floor as guided by the society's watchman. As he was walking, saw the littering everywhere and felt sorry for the people.

    He reached the 2nd floor and rang the doorbell of room No 234, the door opened and a boy in his twenties with a smile on his face looking happy came, signed the receipt, handed the cash and took the bouquet. Sunil asked about the litters and the boy answered that it was of the flag hoisting ceremony of the society and closed the door.

    Sunil after reaching the ground floor started picking the flags that were thrown on the ground after the celebration. The watchman watching it from the cabin came towards Sunil and started picking the flags with Sunil. They exchanged their views and Sunil informed that this is what everyone should refrain from doing. Our freedom fighters and ancestors fought hard and many lost their lives to raising our flag high in the sky and in front of other countries. Now a day's people only want to celebrate, put it on the social media, get maximum likes or comments and then talk big but do not carry the patriotism in their hearts.

    Some people who were watching from their balcony felt ashamed and some came down to help them pick the flag which was flying on the ground. Few children even came to help and the villa president came towards Sunil and enquired about his whereabouts and his thoughts on picking about the flags that were lying on the floor. Sunil started talking and everyone stood astonished by his speech and later they came to know that he was a post-graduate in mass media. The first episode ends with this note that we must value our national flag.

    In the coming episodes: The trailer focuses on the delicate issue of our society merging it with our thoughts on freedom of speech, dressing, expression, religion, etc. and showcasing various shades of freedom and how people take it.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Web series: Nature's beauty
    Episode one: Walks of life

    Hema was working as a journalist in one of the leading newspaper. She was born in Mumbai and had the experience to visualise most states of India. She was always promoted to a branch where motivation was essential. She was awarded for her skills in three branches too.

    Once, she was shifted to Bangalore, where she stayed in her uncle's residence. She would return home late most of the days. She had a unique interest in photography as a journalist. This above photo was clicked by her on her way back from shopping, on a weekly off.
    Her uncle was an expert in photography too. He would always help her to develop the photos and also took a keen interest in understanding her thoughts behind each photo. When he visualised this photo, he started to question her as usual. He asked her "where did you click this photo? I am here in Bangalore for more than fifteen years, but could not get such a unique one".

    She started explaining, "the trees which have dried branches without leaves shows that there is future life for that tree just like our grandparents who are ill. This can be connected to the saffron colour in our flag. Towards the opposite side, you can see a tree filled with greenery which shows life just as tender as the children. This can be connected to the green colour in our flag. The white colour on the background without which we could not get clarity in the picture shows peace. The final one is spinning colours which depict our Ashoka Chakra, stating that life is a vicious circle of life and death but we have to move on. Our life is a mix of colours showing us the various walks of life".

    I have planned to publish this photo on independence day, with a caption " walks of life". Be with me to walk through the arch trees...

    Lead the leader

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    Web Series Title: The Destiny
    Episode One Title: First call of Destiny
    On Independence day, Chinna, a plus 2 pass student wins the competition and is walking on the road carrying his project work consisting of 74 national flags decorated beautifully. Suddenly there is a downpour. He takes shelter under the trees. There comes a car in which film director Sundar is present (searching for a location to shoot his film). Due to heavy downpour and poor visibility, he is unable to drive his car. He stops his car and sees Chinna shivering in cold. He takes him inside his car.

    Chinna is a handsome boy. The director tests his IQ. The Director get impressed. He thinks about his next film "Love Birds" and imagines the suitability of Chinna to play the role of the Lover Boy.

    Director asks him whether he is interested in acting. Chinna says 'Yes. Without disclosing that he is a film director, Sundar asks him if he was given a chance would he like to act. Chinna says, yes.

    Sundar says that he has a friend who is a film director and he would recommend him for a role in his film. Chinna's face brightens and tells him that he would be ever grateful to him if he gets the opportunity.

    The rain stops. Director asks him his home address. He hesitates and says that it is a slum area and the car would become dirty due to the muddy road. Sundar says no problem and drives his car to Chinna's home. Enroute, Director Sundar stops his car, gets fruits and bakery items for Chinna.

    When the car reaches Chinna's home, Sundar hands over two five hundred rupee notes and gives him his visiting card. Sundar asks Chinna to go to the address at 1200 hrs on a Sunday. Chinna thanks him. Sundar extends his hand to Chinna for a handshake. Chinna says, "Sir Corona prohibits handshakes." And he says Jai Hind with folded hands. Director laughs and departs.

    Future episodes are to be written:
    The clue for future episodes: Chinna would be the great film star. His sister would be a great actress. They will be the top actors in Bollywood. In the end, there would be a tragedy and a big turning point.

    No life without Sun

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    Series - Life is round like the world
    Episode 1 - A new morning.

    Anirudh woke up early today, although he did not slept through the night and found that the happiness of going back home was so much that he could not sleep at night, just kept looking at the clock continuously as soon as he left his bed at 4 in the morning. And went to the washroom. Suddenly Ritu woke up, he saw Anirudh was not in bed, then she realized that Anirudh has gone to take a bath. she start make breakfast fast to reach station by train time.
    Both quickly completed all their work and left for the station, sat in the train in time, Train started running from the station at exactly 8 o'clock.
    Anirudh and Ritu sat face to face on the side lower seat. Ritu got out his mobile and started listening to the songs and Anirudh kept looking out through the window, smiling as if thinking something, did not know when the station came as if he saw the name of his village on the platform, he happily Stand up and say hey, we have reached. Ritu smiled and said yes we came home.

    Both came on the platform and called the porter, if the luggage was more, then the all three brought them together outside the station. Anirudh gave money to the porter and then started looking here for an auto.

    Suddenly, Anirudh came a little closer to see something like a big colored balloon from far away, then he saw a shape made of three colors similar our national flag to the colors of paper tricolor, but as he went a little further, there was a tanga in which there was a big stick in which this tricolor was made an shape look like balloons of national flag. Anirudh thought in his mind: This is Kaka's tanga and he started thinking about his past which was related with that Taanga.

    What was that Past that was possible with the tricolor? - Will disclose in next episode..

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Web Series title: The game of love
    Episode 1 title: A proposal for career

    Rajan was not very sure of the decision that Urmila's father was going to take but she had told him that she would come to the park to meet him at about 5 PM. He was waiting for her just sitting on a bench near the trees where a hawker was just taking rest with a big bunch of colourful tri colour paper flowers. Just to pass his time Rajan talked to the hawker who was preparing these for the coming independence day and was getting them prepared in a shop and then taking to his house for storing. Hawker asked him why he was sitting there alone without any friend etc to which Rajan just smiled and told that someone was expected soon. The hawker in his fifties understood well the meaning that Rajan expressed with that smile and wished him good time.
    "I usually take some rest here in the evening before going to my house", hawker told him casually.
    Rajan simply nodded his head. He did not know that the hawker is going to play a big role in his life later. Destiny has its strange roles.
    About half an hour later, Rajan saw Urmila rushing to him. Urmila looked much happier contrary to Rajan's expectations. Rajan just glanced over to the hawker who was murmuring some song and his eyes were closed in that flow. Rajan indicated Urmila to slightly move to the next bench nearby just to be a bit far from the hawker in order to have privacy.
    "Tell me Urmila, what your father told you.", Rajan was anxious.
    Urmila smiled, "Rajan, he wants you to complete the Post Graduation in flying colours and then he has some plans for you but that he would tell you only after completion of your education."
    "But what about our relationship? What did he tell?", Rajan almost cried.
    Urmila laughed, "He says this is no time to think about those things. First make a career then only talk about that."
    Radian was a bit baffled. What does Urmila's father mean by that and this Urmila, she is laughing and enjoying life as earlier.
    Urmila saw in his eyes, "Rajan now you go to your hostel and we would meet in the weekend."
    Rajan took her leave and saw the hawker still enjoying his song with the eyes closed.

    [This entry is a co-winner of the prize of Rs.100/-]

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Web Series title: Save the mother earth
    Episode 1 title: Beauty of nature.

    Sarma is a student of M.Sc. Environmental Science and is in the second year of Post-Graduation.
    He has a liking for nature and always likes to enjoy the beauty of nature.
    He is sitting on the lawns of his university hostel and enjoying the beauty of nature.
    Beautiful plants around with various colourful flowers and leaves. Some are red, some are pink, some are yellow and some are white. The entire area is a feast to his eyes. He has a lot of appreciations for the authorities of the university for maintaining such a beautiful ambience in the hostels' area.
    Slowly his thoughts went on to his favourite subject environment.
    People are cutting trees and converting the forests to concrete jungles. Not caring about the trees. They are polluting the atmosphere and thinking that they are the masters and they can control everything in this world.
    Nature is showings its fury once in a while in the form of earthquakes, cyclones and floods etc. But human beings are not taking them seriously and going on further worsening the situation. They are converting ponds and lakes also to buildings.
    Sarma has come out of his thoughts and slowly he decided that he should do something to bring in awareness among the people and see that beauty of nature will be maintained,
    He decided to start a campaign to save the mother earth.
    There are many points to be taken care and he wanted to make a list of actions to be taken. In another two months, he will be out of university and he will be focusing on making an NGO with the help of some like-minded people. He is having no problem for money as he is from a rich family and he can get loans and donations from likeminded people.
    The next day he discussed his thoughts with his classmate Padma, who is also nature loving person. She felt very happy and accepted that she will also a part of the mission of sarma and cooperate with him in all the ways. She is also ready to work full time with him and bring in some finances also.

    Further episodes will be on the progress of the plans of these two and also on how these two friends become life partners and pursued their goal

    always confident

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    Web Series title: Nature, the preacher
    Episode 1 title: Let life have colour

    Gaurav, an artist, wakes up early morning on 15th Aug and decides to go amid nature with his easel stand, chart paper, colours and paintbrushes. He is overwhelmed by his own decision, finishes his morning chores, eats a filling breakfast, packs some fruits and leaves for a nearby park. It is a big park with trees and plants all around. Within it, there is a separate lane for the joggers while some health-conscious youths and adults are either doing freehand exercise or yoga in the mid park. Sitting on some of the benches are aged men and women who are enjoying their laughter session. Meanwhile, Gaurav selects a spot to set-up his easel stand for his painting purpose.

    He looks around and catches the sight of a long wooden pole filled with small-sized national flags of India which are paper made. Gaurav wonders about who could have kept it, and in a minute he saw a man resting nearby. Then, Gaurav tries to concentrate on his art but fails to do so. His enthusiasm lessens and wonders that nature and the lives of human beings are totally in contrast. He feels Mother Nature looks mighty whatever comes on its way, such as no bloom on the trees, dry branches, fewer leaves, dull greenery too, and even when the sky looks blurred. What a tragedy! A human being seems so lost and looks shabby while though he carries bright coloured India's flags. He questions himself what is he going to draw and paint: the sorry state of Indian citizen even after 73 years of India's Independence. Gaurav realises that it's the harsh reality of life. Nature always looks mighty because it knows that change in condition is inevitable, while human beings' life is uncertain.

    Well, Gaurav decides not to capture the sadness of human life amid the robust creation of God, and the eye-catching artificial beauty of the paper flags. He leaves for his home.

    Surprisingly, Gaurav comes back within an hour. He found no one other than the flag seller. He looked up towards Mother Nature with belief and commitment and fixed his easel and picked up his paintbrush, but why?

    (Why he comes back and what happens next will be the second episode of the series).


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    Web Series title: Colours of Patriotism
    Episode 1 title: Welcomed with Pride

    Tomorrow an Indian Captain is returning from the US after participating in three weeks-long joint military exercises of India and US Armies. He is coming to attend the Independence Day celebration tomorrow in Delhi. So, the soldier Sumit has been deputed today to receive the captain and welcome him at the airport. Sumit is very much excited as he is getting a chance to meet his esteemed Indian Captain.

    Today's schedule was very much busy because of preparing Independence Day at headquarter. Hence, Sumit returned late at night. Even he doesn't have any time to go to the market to purchase a bouquet to welcome his Captain. He has to reach the Airport at 6:20 AM tomorrow and shops will not be open at that time as well. He was thinking restlessly, but he was so much tired that he fell asleep. Next day, early morning, while he was going to the airport, he was very much worried and thinking whole the way that "how will he greet his Captain?" He was keeping his eyes on the roadside shops in search of a flower bouquet. But as all the shops were closed, he found nothing. Suddenly he saw a woman sleeping on the footpath, having a bunch of tricolour windmills kept near his head. The bunch of tricolour windmills was looking like a fire flower bouquet. His eyes were gleaming with joy and his heart filled with courage. He stopped the car near the woman and gave a horn. She woke up and asked him, what does he need? He asked her the price of a bunch of tricolour windmills and bought it for the captain. When he reached to the airport in front of his captain, he gave a salute and presented the tricolour windmill bouquet.

    The Captain was so much surprised and his eyes were filled with tears. He gets so excited that he hugged him tightly because the tricolour flowers are more valuable than the natural flower for him. Then they returned to the army headquarter. The first episode ends here with a message of the importance of tricolour flower, which gives a feel of India Flag.

    Now what will happen at the Army headquarter when the Indian Captain will reach there with Sumit will be streamed in the next episode.

    [This entry is a co-winner of the prize of Rs.100/-]

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    Web Series title: The good samaritan
    Episode 1 title: A noble cause

    Raghavan was a retired person and was passing his time mainly by his hobbies like reading, taking long walks on the roads and parks and even in open spaces which were plenty available in that small town. After the death of his wife Raghavan started living with his elder son who was in a good job in the town itself and had a big company provided house. Raghavan was quite happy with his retirement life and morning walks were his main source of energy to pass the day later.

    One morning, he was just going from the side of a park and saw a big bunch of tricolour paper flowers with wooden sticks attached to each of them. He remembered that 15th August was nearing and some craftsmen were making them to sell to the children and students during the independence day. The owner of these flowers was sitting nearby busy with his mobile phone. Raghavan always celebrated 15th August with much interest and also attended the function in the town especially in the municipal office. He had seen the organisers distributing chocolates and small flags to the children present in the function.

    Seeing so many tricolour paper flowers, Raghavan got some idea in his mind and started to talk with the person.
    "Are these for sales?", Raghavan enquired.
    "Yes, Sir. They are ready for sale and each flower is Rs 5 only".
    "How much you charge if I buy all of them?", Raghavan saw towards his face.
    The person was a bit surprised and instead of telling the price of bulk asked him if he wanted to buy and then sell for a profit somewhere else.
    Raghavan gave a loud laugh and told him that his purpose was absolutely different and as it was a noble one, he was expecting a reduced price if he bought them all.
    "Sir, there are a total of 250 numbers of them and if you buy them all I can give you for a lowest price of Rs 800 and you can enquire in the market and you would not get so cheap these things especially when the independence day is coming up."

    Raghavan asked him to follow to his house and took a U turn. The person was happy to get a good deal and followed Raghavan.

    Knowledge is power.

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