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    Where are the badges of ISC?

    Dear ISC and Members,
    In the past, ISC recognized its members and awarded badges to them. Creator badge, Debator badge, Proficient Writer badge, Mentor badge, Guide badge etc.

    These days, I am not hearing about any such badges of ISC. Does ISC award badges now? Or ISC has done away the award of badges to its members.

    I expect response from WMs/ME.
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    No, we've not archived the feature as you are well aware through K Mohan's thread on receipt of his badge and that a few others were awarded, too, with badges. We will issue more in due course of time even if not immediately this month.

    Members should also nominate others for badges via the feature available at a member's profile page.

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    Last Badges were awarded in 2017. The validity of the badge is just one year only. As of now, no member is holding a valid badge, I think.
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    ISC has not abandoned the giving away of badges under varied categories but so for only few were announced and I am one of them getting the badge last month.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Yes. Mohan got a badge last month for getting Cash payments for 100 months consecutively. ISC has given to him for his record performance and I don't know whether any other awards given to any other members. Mohan raised a thread on this subject.
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    If Mohan had received a badge last month, what is the title of the badge? A badge should not be confused with 'Certificate of Excellence'
    I wish to know. Mohan can display the badge for us to view.

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    Mohanji got the Super Contributor" Badge on 31 Jul 2020. As mentioned on the award, This badge is presented to the active members who regularly contribute content in various sections. The badge was awarded as he also reached the milestone of a century in being a recipient of the monthly RSB.
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    Such awards should be posted in forum section by ISC Admin to facilitate members to congratulate that member. I think this is an award after 2017.
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    I agree with the author that when a citation or the badge be given it must be through a thread in the forum and not through the personal message as done in my case.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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