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    Work more and talk less

    It's almost a proverb and I find it very relevant these days. We heard these words since our childhood but, when it comes to acting we remain a backbencher. Ask anybody about a simple or complex issue and they will give you a lot of suggestions as if they are regularly doing it. In this aspect, there is no difference between a common man and a politician. All love to talk more and work less. I think trying to find out a reason behind this nature would be of little use. We love to give instructions rather than act because to act we have to stretch ourselves to some extent. At times, we need to walk the extra mile. Without doing that, we try to find an easy way out by giving instructions. Maybe we get enough pleasure thinking that if people work according to our instructions we will have some edge over them. It's a type of laziness and to some extent, most of us prefer that type. Do you think there is any other reason behind talking more and working less?
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    What I felt that those who know the work and have the expertise to do even the critical work, they would not waste time on talking or clarifications, and their work and result would be bench mark for others to follow. And those who are perfectionist at the work they need not work more but can devise ways and means to work smart. In that case the output would be more and even quality wise good. Those who work sincerely need not look back nor waste any time on clarifications and doubts. And who talks more is the person having lots of doubts, being a fresher to the cause. or job and wants to learn everything fast to excel against all odds. But learning everything through the close watch on others is the best way to learn instead of disturbing the already sincerely working employees and this is the catch of a upcoming good worker.
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    People should have to know act fast is always better then talking about. Many people I have seen they talked too much for their planning and some of their work which they have done previously , if a person really want to do something he will not talk about it more but he will start their work first. Some people are intelligent since birth, they have a calm nature, they also have talent and also like to listen to other things carefully.When we are getting some information from the person to whom we are talking then it is OK to do.The person is identified by work, it should be made keeping in mind that everyone should make efforts to move forward.
    Swati Sharma

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    One should definitely talk less and work more. A person who is carrying much weight will never talk more. A banana leave full of food items on it will never make any sound and it will not fly. But an empty leave will fly and make sounds before it flys. A vessel which is full of water will not spill water. But a vessel with half-full water will make sounds and spills out water.
    Giving instructions will never make you relieve from your responsibilities. You should also see that the person who received instructions from is carrying out the work properly and he will finish the work on time. Then only we will be successful. As a leader, if there are many works, the works are to be delegated to some other persons. That can't be taken as escaping from the responsibilities.
    But these days who talk more are receiving applauds than the real workers. Even though you struggled a lot if you are not canvassing your hard work nobody is going to recognise your work. So a little talking is also required to showcase our abilities.

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    Working more and talking less is not just a proverb, but a success mantra that is strictly followed by the genius minds and those are very successful in their lives. It's been evident that working more and talking less is definitely going to increase an individual's productivity in their respective fields thereby keeping them always ahead of others. These people are the extra-ordinary types and do not fall under the category of people who are in a rat race throughout their life. Such people usually live a very complicated life one could even imagine of it.
    People who generally talk more and work less have some habits in common. These people think that they know everything in life which makes their nature a bit more of overconfident one. This is the biggest drawback for such people. Moreover, the reason for talking more could be that they are frustated with their current work and show a lack of interest in it. By nature, they are the ones with an average mindset.
    To lead a better life and to become a leader in life are two different aspects but at the end of the day one must follow this success mantra to achieve everything in life.

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    Sometimes, confusion may arise with a person talking so confidently in a given subject non stop giving an impression that he is well versed. They would love to guide you but in the event of seeking help in any critical point during the course of work, they would look other side. To cover up their deficiency, it is definitely a good idea to be talkative dealing with their personal highlights in the different events. The unfortunate phase is that he cannot be asked to change his habit since the listeners are his subordinates and they hesitate in pointing out the attitudes of the boss.

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    Working more and talking less is such a fact as nobody can deny. It means that we should focus on our work instead of indulging in useless activities like useless talk. It's a perfect mantra of success. Success-stories of successful people are also evident that how important this mantra is to achieve success in life.

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    If we are talking our concentration depletes from our main work leading to mistakes and creating errors in our regular scheduled work. Since all of us mostly using technology the errors in typing can be rectified in an e-mail once sent to clients or the typo errors in messages can lead to misinterpretation of the information communicated.

    It is better to remain focussed and concentrate on the work then take a break of five to ten minutes over a cup of coffee or at the canteen to chat with friends or colleagues. This will relieve the tension and be helpful to refresh ourselves.

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    Definitely this is a good piece of advice and there are no two opinions about it. What I have experienced is that 'talking much' sometimes becomes an addiction for some of the people and the person finds himself unable to control it. We have a morning club where seniors gather in the morning in the nearby park for Yoga and other activities and also enjoy the company of each other. Right now due to the pandemic we are not going there. Anyway earlier when we used to go there then we found that 2-3 people out of the so many visiting there were too much talkative and would always be searching people to listen to them and they would not give you chance to speak. Many times some of us tried to avoid them on one or other excuse. They understand why we are avoiding them but they are addicted to doing that and would not try to reform themselves. It is difficult to get rid of addictions in our lives especially the long formed habits do not die so easily.
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