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    Determining the right direction of your energy is important

    Whatever movement is happening in the world today, it is possible only because of energy, we all are a part of the universe and we are all adopting different ways to get energy and then we use that energy in our daily activities. Sometimes we use energy without doing some work. We continue to do this but do we know that our energy is appropriate positively use or not.

    The energy that we are getting from natural and other resources, we should make good use of it but this does not happen that many people misuse energy Who will succeed or fail in his life depends on which direction they are spending their energy.

    One should think that if his energy is being spent in the wrong direction, then today, bring it in the right direction and move it towards the goal.
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    We all have energy and channelize it in the right direction is what will make the best of it. Many use it for harm, some who use it to help others, some use it to for themselves and some just waste it. Everyone has an enormous amount of energy that can drive you to achieve almost anything if we steer this energy in the right direction. It is the moral responsibility of parents, relatives, teachers, friends and society to develop a positive attitude and approach towards everything that can help them to channelise their energy correctly and make the right use of it without becoming disobedient and rebellious. Make children acquainted with their favourite food, sports, music, movies, role model, etc that will help them to look forward toward it and make their approach will full determination and energy.
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    The contention of the author is clear. Use the energies as it comes in a very prudent and productive manner and never waste it as it may be zero or even not available in future. For example wind energy is abundantly available and we are not at all putting it to use. In one of the Public sector units I visited long back I have seen the wind energy was used to extract water from the underground and that water were used for plants nurturing. It was nice to see such arrangements with using of electricity. The solar power is one more non conventional energies which can be put to right use. We have the solar powered heat water supplying system in our home and for the entire day and night we get the hot water supply. Especially during these days when the right was continued and chilly getting hot water over the taps is a blessing.
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    Every human being is having energy and how best they use it? Based on that only the prosperity of the person will be seen. The energy can be used in a proper way and proper direction so that the energy will be utilised fruitfully. A person can use energy in a productive way so that the outcome will be good and excellent results can be obtained. But some people waste their energy in wasteful activities and will be the losers in their lives.
    The success of your activities will depend more on the way you decide the actions to be taken and how much energy can be used for that. Wasting energy in one activity may sometimes make you inactive when you have to show real potential, A wise planning and proper utilisation is the key to success.

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    This is a good thought put forward by author and it is true that though we all have abilities and capabilities to work but how and in which direction we apply them is a very important factor.
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    The story goes that when Arjun was learning archery from his Guru Dronacharya then during one practice session Arjuna had to aim for a bird and before he could do it the Guru asked him as what he was viewing. Arjun with great confidence and enthusiasm told that he was seeing the eye of the bird. This is one good example of focussing and channelising our energies in the right direction and at the right place where it is needed. Having immense energy and great knowledge is of no use if we cannot focus it for the exact purpose related to our aspirations and expectations.
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