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    Get well soon-this message used mostly these days

    The social media like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp are being widely used to convey the concern and we can see get well soon messages being sent by near and dear ones, relatives and well wishers. But in reality the person who is undergoing the ordeal of his life, with deteriorating condition day by day, would be more concerned about his future existence as would get the feeling that the days are numbered for him. Is it not better to leave him in peace and we can always give the messages of comforts once he or she totally got recovered from the illness or disease.
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    When people are fallen sick only it is customary to send get well soon message. If more people wish somebody to get well soon, the patient may get well really soon. When the person gets cured why should we have sent get well soon message? There is no necessity. These messages should give more confidence to the patient and once he gets the confidence he will recover fast. So all these messages are for his betterment only but not to spoil him.
    Any person should not lose hope of recovery until the last moment and this message will be of help to him. So we need not think these message will take out his peace and make him bother more.

    always confident

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    Well, I don't think a "get well soon" message will take out a person's peace and make him/her bother more. In fact, this type of formal messages can help a patient in recovering much faster. "Get well soon" is actually a very positive statement which will build up and boost confidence in a patient and increase their will power. This will-power and confidence will keep the hopes alive in a patient of recovering fast and simultaneously improve the recovery rate of a patient.
    While on the other hand, wishing "get well soon" after the patient has recovered completely literally makes no sense at all. Actually, you don't even have to say it.

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    Any message which makes the patient cheerful and happy is welcome and get well soon also falls in the same category. Today, the situation is grave as anyone at anytime at any place can succumb to the pandemic as there are so many things to take care that it is not practically possible to do that and save ourselves from the deadly virus menace hovering here and there. In such a situation of distress a supporting and welfare line of good wishes from the friends and relatives can sometimes do a miraculous positive change in the mood of the patient and if it serves that purpose it is more than needed.
    Knowledge is power.

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