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    Mobile courts at the doorstep concept a new normal great effort

    We know that the judiciary is facing the problem Corona shut down and for the past six months only important cases were taken up by the SC and orders pronounced. The lawyers, the High courts, the local courts are also following the same procedure. As the cases are piling up, and old cases kept pending, even dates could not be given to the accused , therefore the TS government has hit upon the idea of having Mobile courts visiting the doorstep of the accused and give the pronouncement of the verdict. Thus the lawyers are also getting their jobs back.
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    Online courts can also be conducted. I think already these online proceedings are in force. I heard some cases are being taken up online only. COVID 19 made the slow-moving judicial system of India further slower, In India, we all know that the finalisation of a case takes years together and will be finalised only after public forget about that particular case. So we all accustomed to this delay in getting the verdict.
    Anyhow this is good to know that the Telangana government decided to have mobile courts. But mobile courts concept is already there. Mobile Court concept is initiated by Former Chief Justice of India P. N. Bhagwati.
    India's first mobile court operated in the Mewat district of Haryana in 2007.
    Probably the same concept is coming in Telangana also. This may be a good initiative to see that cases will not pile up and they will be discharged as early as possible by punishing the culprit. Other states can also think of having these mobile courts so that the cases in their States also case can be cleared without much delay.

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    Before the pandemic, the RTC was using mobile courts to fine the offenders of foot boarding, ladies seat occupying and smoking inside the bus. The courts levied instant punishment.
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    This is definitely a good idea and would help them to clear the cases in fast track. Seeing the population of our country we require everything in a massive scale and in this context how only a few mobile courts would going to help is a matter to observe.
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    Generally people have a concept about the courts that it is place where verdict is given after a long and tortuous journey of procedure and time and in most of the cases the judgement delivered does not help as the delayed judgements many times do not bring the pleasure and effectiveness as compared to the quick verdicts. That is why there is a saying that justice delayed is justice denied. In that situation the courts delivering their decisions at door steps is a soothing and surprising experience. This would definitely bring the faith of the people back in the judiciary.
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    This is a very good concept. But must be implemented in an optimalistic manner. The problem with indian judiciary is the length of time it takes to review a case from one panel of legal experts to another panel of legal experts. This is extremley unfortunate as a casefile especially that of a crime is kept open for so long. The criminal either bails out or evades it all together. A swift autonomous legal system that delivers it's judgment within a few days or a few months at maximum is required. I think mobile courts could be a good viable answer.

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