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    The concept of Atmanirbhar Bharat from a more rational viewpoint

    Let us discuss the latest slogan of our central government, that of 'Atmanirbhar Bharat', meaning 'self-dependant India'. To what extent do members of this platform feel that this will be a success? Here I'm speaking in the light of the past record of our centre as it creates social hype by bringing in new slogans amid much mud-slinging on both sides. But the ground reality sadly differs from what we see in the media. In this context, which State do you feel is performing really good (here I mean at the grassroots level).
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    The slogan is given and how it would be executed that we have to see. Many times Govt announces big schemes and projects but when it comes to the execution and implementation level then problems of all sort crop up. There is definitely an apprehension that this would also meet the same fate. At the same time there are many schemes which have seen the light of the day and are doing well. So there are both the aspects that we may get success or not. To some extent it depends on the machinery working down below as how it would be implemented through it. We cannot expect everything to be done by the top leadership. The head of states, head of bureaucracy, judiciary, police, administration etc also have to play their role in a proper manner if any sheme is to be got successful. I remember when Aadhaar card was being made mandatory for bank transactions and account linking then some people went to court and got stay on it (they might be afraid of the black money they possess). So in our system there are some negative and evil forces which would not let the ruling party do some good jobs also what to say of the controversial ones.
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    Given the volatile situation of entire world post Covid 19 and after effects of it, India came to the strong conclusion that we cannot depend on any other country for anything, let the huge country like India make and produce things required for us and the world. The self reliant and make in India slogan did attract many foreign country firms and companies to start their work faculties in India and be a part of great development ahead. The way PM Modi starched the companies from the nose of China and gave the establishment rights in India proved that India is more poised to win against all odds. The way India has been progressing in space, agriculture, Industries and other sectors through challenge to the world to compete with us and accept as the global partners in their progress. Just wait one year for great leap of progress results.
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    Though the pandemic situation has played a great havoc in terms of our achievements in the different sectors, it has impacted even the employment of the so many labours apart from other employees working in private sectors, IT sectors etc but despite this we have the strong determination to forge ahead without the deviations of our plannings already thought of. China entertained hostility due to the boarder - issue and would not heed our our pleas and on the other side, they geared up heavy concentration of military powers in the boarder area.
    It was necessary to provide them the befitting reply including the withdrawal of the concession in the area of import thus weakening their financial health.
    We are not to be afraid of the threats of other countries if they are on the wrong feet. We need to strengthen our economy with the existing resources available with us and at the same time we should not be perturbed with the unnecessary threats of some countries.

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    The scheme is conceptualised very well. But how it will be implemented is a big question before all of us? I feel the country is having a big potential. But how to utilise the available resources properly for the benefit the country is the point now. There are a good number of educated youth who can use their brains and bodies for the uplift of the country. There are plenty of resources. How best we can use these resources is also a point to consider. These days many foreign countries are looking at us as a spot for their investments. This will give a chance for the country to develop. So if the implementation is done properly achieving Aatm Nirbhar Bharat is not a difficult point.
    But we fail always in implementation stage. So as expressed by the author how far this program will be successful is not known and we have to wait and see for the same. The implementation is to be done with all positive approach and all should cooperate. But in India, this unity is not there and that is why many good initiatives also went to waste bins.

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