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    Why do we say "Hello" when we attend a phone call or when we meet someone?

    Dear Members,
    Hello is a familiar word that is used while speaking over the telephones. And also in our day to day life, when we meet the people, we say, "Hello, How are you? Hello, Are you OKay? Hello, Brother, Hello sister etc.

    Why do we use this word? What is the origin of Hello?
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    There is actually a history behind the word "hello" and why we use it whenever we answer a phone call. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the use of word "hello" was first published in 1827. And, during those times it was not even considered as a greeting. But, according to the author Ammon Shea who wrote the book "Reading the Oxford English Dictionary" said that, in 1830 people used the word "hello" to gain attention of people. Moreover, the OED says that, it was Thomas Alva Edison who highly recommended the word "hello" and to use it whenever we answered the call. Later on, Alexander Graham Bell said that, the better word for "hello" would be "ahoy". And, after when the telephone arrived the word "hello" became "hi".

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    We use the word Hello because it has become our habit. For example, when I meet a person I do not say hello and I use hello only during a phone call. I do not use the word always on a telephonic conversation especially while talking to my near and dear ones. Hello is used especially during a formal telephonic conversation. The term is used to seek attention and in a crowded place when you wish to draw the attention of another person using the term before her/his name specifies that you want to draw her/his attention. You can say it's a formal term. In a crowded place, I can say Attention, Sun! This tone can be a commanding one. Instead, using Hello, Sun would be soothing to ears and I hope you will reply to me with a smile.

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    I understand that Alexander Graham Bell was using ahoy to greet the other person when there is a phone call. This word came from the Dutch word "hoi". Bell thought that this word will catch on if we start the phone conversation with this word. So he used this word throughout the rest of his life.
    Later this word was replaced by Thomas Edison and he introduced the word 'Hello". ahoy was used for more than 100 years before the word Hello was introduced. Later on, after the word Hello is introduced, it has been accepted by all as an official word to greet the other person on the phone. Now when we get introduced also we say hello.
    These days many people reduced the length of the word and Hi. The starting of the phone call will also with Hi only. Hello is slowly losing its popularity and Hi is gaining much popularity.

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    After Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in the late 1800s, Thomas Edison took it upon himself to come up with a salutation and came up with the greeting options "Hello". though Graham Bell did not like Edison's idea. When the first telephone exchanges were set up all across the United States that was equipped by Edison idea, it came with a manual that included two greeting options: "Hello" or "What is wanted?" as "What is wanted?" was quite lengthy, the word "hello" became the most common and preferred greeting by the people of the United States in the 1880s and then spread to everywhere. Now about we saying "Hello" when we meet someone or answer a call is like an ice breaker. It helps people to open a conversation. Many families answer the call by greeting like " Jai Jinendra", "Praise the Lord", "Jai Shree Krishna", "Salamu-alaykum" etc.
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    Dear Members,
    I have come to know that Hello is the name of the wife of Grahambell who invented the Telephone. After the invention, he used the phone to speak to his wife and first said the word 'Hello', her name. This is the origin of Hello.

    Alexander Graham Bell made his wife proud that still echoes in this world. Let us not forget Hello and shift to Hi. Continue using 'Hello' when you use your phone to honour the inventor of telephone.

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    While many members gave the responses with their own style and knowledge and what I feel that there should be international word for starting the discussion either on phone or on seeing personally and therefore hello has been designated to be the International code word to exchange pleasantries. And the word hello is short and sweet word to which even the young and old will have the acceptance to say without any regret. There is no personal thing attached to this word and no one can get offended also. Therefore hello has been the right word to start the conversation between the two on phone or personally.
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