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    What do you have to say about the ongoing case of Sushant Singh Rajput?

    Sushant Singh Rajput was a great actor and we all know that how simple and humble person he was as an individual. You might be watching in news about the investigation going on about his death mystery and every time something new information is being revealed. You as an audience after observing all things being showed in the news channels, what do you have to say about it? I mean, what do you think might have happened with Sushant? Do you think he committed suicide? Sushant, who was a successful actor in Bollywood and had a huge fan base, do you think he really took such an extreme step? Well, I personally don't feel that he can take such a step. Based on the evidences being revealed on news it seems to be like a murder took place. But, let's see what the end result would be.
    What is your view or opinion on it? Just share your general viewpoint on it.
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    This is going to a very interesting case in the history of Indian cine world and the mystery is deepening day by day. The court is already hearing it and once case is given to CBI they would do the detailed investigation. We should be very careful about this as there are so many versions and fake videos and information on the rounds that would not only mislead us but confuse also. Giving an opinion based on all those unreliable information would be a mistake. So let us wait for the outcome of all investigation and general public has also started big media campaign and that would also accelerate quick investigation in the matter.
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    I have been the part of campaign for getting justice to Sushant Singh Rajput as more than 60 days passed the CBI has initiated inquiry in recent past but the indifferent behavior of Sena govt and the Mumbai police in not cooperating with the details of the case give rise to big role of many who aimed at swindling his money and further prevent his surge in film Industry on his own. Many used his handsome and weakness to their end and they totally deceived him and even made to follow blindly. Though it is claimed that suicide has been done, but factors reveal that he is not that depressed or fallen from the grace of life to commit suicide. It is the planned murder and CBI is closing in all all counts to get the facts correct and soon many in Bollywood face the wrath of treating SSR indifferently and their movies would be failed.
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    Yes, the case of SSR is getting a lot of limelight and it is for the right reasons. It does seem to me also that he did not commit suicide but the truth is yet to come out. It will be too early to come to conclusion but, it has made a lot of people losing their sleep.

    What is more disheartening is that some people have committed suicide out of love for Sushant and this is really unacceptable. Life is no one's property to take not even self.
    We Indians are a emotional being and get easily moved by sentimental or sensational stories. We react more than act. One of the best example is the response to Sadak 2 trailer which got released recently and has been voted the worst one. Now the Sadak 2 trailer is World's 3rd most down voted trailer and is topping the chart in India.

    I am hoping that the law enforcement agencies do their job properly and let the truth out. Not just for SSR but for every common citizen who feels cheated at various junctures in life.

    Hope truth prevails and our hopes and family of Sushant gets justice.

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    Sujish, the investigation being on, should we try to arrive at conclusions? And can we do that? I don't think we should be like TV channels. This is not a social platform to discuss things about which we are not aware of.
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