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    Is going to gym the only way to keep a good health?

    It is said that health is wealth. Many people have now become too much conscious towards their health and are undertaking many measures to keep it in good shape. Ranging from Yoga and meditation to rigorous work out - these are being chosen by people for this purpose. Long walks, basic body exercises, jogging, stretching, and many more activities are there that help us in achieving this. It is also observed that gym has become the favourite place of health conscious people. Many people are spending money also for gym membership and fees of the trainer or coach. My point is that when there so many free avenues are available to us for keeping up of our health then why we should go to gym only. Some people are so much obsessed with gym that they cannot think if there is any other way also. What do you think about this? Is going to gym the only way to keep a good health?
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    I was told by a Gym trainer that taking to gym exercise is good and keep you fit but the exercises should be done for ever and nor for few days or months. He further said that many people leave the gym practices once they get into grooming of body and thinks that it can be maintained. But one should remember that varied gym exercises has toned the body and once the practices discontinued the body takes to old shape. People think that gym exercises are costly and they cannot maintain the cost and hence leave in huff and that is great mistake they do in their lives which also gives to side effects too. Better to do yoga, brisk walking, jogging, running, or even cycling, which would keep the body fit for ever and gym exercises are short lived achievement for the youth and they need to keep fit and keep going to gym.
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    Author is correct that Health is wealth but what is health , there are many factors involved to make us healthy because a person could be healthy by its activities at the same time by its mentality. There are many people who have no decease but they mostly get fear to be ill and end of the day they will automatically become sick so here one should keep in mind when concerned about the health we should take care of our body externally and internally with our mind also. Apart from then we should eat good food , do yoga and exercises and walking etc to be healthy. Meditation is also a big tool to make you healthy because when we mediate we start control our body and our mind which both will affects our health directly.
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    Well, it entirely depends on how health concious you are and how much effort one is able to put into it. Paid gym is not the only idea we have in our country. We also have open gyms and for more geekish or snobby types we have electro gym( this is one time investment). Apart from this we have virtual gym platforms cropping up especially after the pandemic. Here a trainer instructs you in various exercises either recorded or pre programmed by a bot. This latter one is pretty cheap and requires minimum or no investment et all. Just having a smartphone is enough. Such apps are very good for students and office goers who have to stick to a consistent work or study schedule. Similarly we also have the same tools being used to approach the ancient methods of exercise and personal fitness this includes yoga, tai chi and qigong not yo mention various martial art channels teaching various stances online.

    So in short we have plenty of ways to maintain our personal fitness apart from the usual options.

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    Going to the Gym is not important. Doing physical exercise is important. Walking cycling on roads, meditating in the house or doing yoga in the house. Any of the listed activities are also good for maintaining a good physique. We need not to go to the Gym. Probably people who have money want to spend time with similarly minded people may going there. This culture is there more in Cities and towns. Many villages are not having these Gyms. Bodybuilders who wanted to do different exercises may go there.
    We have a cycle in our house and also a treadmill. We try them in our house and hence we have never gone to a Gym. My sons also have no habit of going to the Gym, They also use the two items available in our house for their physical fitness.
    But many of my friends' had membership in the Gym and they used to go there for their exercise activity.

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    Health varies from person to person. For some doing workout in the gym is good while some prefer walking, others prefer jogging, some prefer cycling, while some prefer playing any outdoor sports, some prefer yoga or meditation while some prefer vigorous exercise, some do nothing while some control their food. It is common to be health conscious but how we achieve it may differ as per one's choice.

    People who go to the gym are either want the help of professional to keep them healthy, or get a good shape of their body i.e. a perfect shape for women and muscular for men. Many do not know how to work out properly and thus prefer trainers to help them do it perfectly for maximum effect.

    I am very lazy to go to the gym but prefer playing any outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc which helps me to enjoy as well as keep fit. I have joined the gym with my friends but would skip it every day but would be the first to be on the ground when it comes to playing sports. I feel this is much better to be healthy and fit than going to the gym, so for me, it is always sports than the gym.

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    Gym is a place where the facilities for workout are available under a trainer and many people would like to do it under some guidance. Moreover gym environment is free of dust and pollution and gives this additional advantage to the gym goers. Frankly speaking if a person can manage his health with Yoga, meditation, long walks, and exercises to be done without going to a gym then probably the compulsion of going gym would not arise. However the choice generally lies with the person whether he wants to go to gym or do it in his house or a park nearby.
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    Gym is a place where you would come across the trainers providing you the right inputs to sustain your activities. Gym are available in some major cities and the owners of the builders provide such facilities to the interested members with some fee for such purpose.
    Playing cricket, volleyball, basket balls, badminton etc would interest the members apart from the tread mills. No doubt, these activities would help the body to keep you fit. But some members discontinue going over there because of the hefty fees. Leaving the activities half ways would invite problems since once the body is tuned in such activities, discontinuation will create undue side effects.
    Brisk walking regularly for a minimum 45 minutes, cycling, jogging, playing foot balls with the known circles can be sustained and for which there is no involvement of money, but the health benifits are amazing.

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    When it comes to keeping up a good health, Gym is not required at all. You have plenty of options to choose from, like brisk walking, cycling, yoga & meditation and a lot more of other exercises. All of these can be done at your home itself. If you are thinking of brisk walking and cycling then the brisk walk can be done on terrace and for cycling you can buy a cycling machine. You also get to buy gym equipments online. So, everything can be done at your home itself. No more going to gyms and waste your hard earned money. Even if you want to build a body you can achieve it by working out at your home itself. It's all about how disciplined you are when it comes to health. But, since we are mainly focusing on keeping a good health, doing all kinds of exercises only contributes just 20% towards your health.

    In order to keep and maintain a good healthy and fit body one needs to focus more on his diet part. At the end of the day, you are what you eat. Diet contributes about 80% towards your health. Several studies have revealed that a person who follows a healthy diet routine on a daily basis is the one who remains healthy, has a stronger immune system and retains a good shape. And, according to nutrition, to maintain a good health everyone needs to follow the principle of 80% nutritional diet and 20% exercise.

    Nowadays, people are becoming more health conscious. Due adulteration of foods, vegetables grown with the help of chemicals and pesticides have completely destroyed the nutritional value of these foods. Due to this, we humans are unable to fulfill our daily requirement of nutritional value required by our body. This is the reason nutritional supplements are into the market. So, if you can afford to buy these supplements the definitely go for it. This also helps towards to give you good health. Remember that, nutritional supplements are NOT medicines and can be consumed by everyone. In case, if anyone has a medical background they need to meet their physician before consuming any nutritional product.

    So, to have a good health exercise is mandatory but give primary importance to and focus on your diet while keeping exercise as secondary.

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    It's not true. The gym is not compulsory for keeping good health. There are various ways in which we can maintain our good health. First of all, a disciplined lifestyle and healthy food can play an important role in keeping a healthy body. We can maintain our body by cycling, walking and skipping at home also. There is no need to waste money on a gym. Moreover, yoga, exercise and meditation would be helpful in having body fitness. If you have interest in any sports like cricket, volleyball, basketball then you can join for physical fitness point of view. The gym is for bodybuilding and gives shape to the body rather than fitness. The gym is not useful for every age group. Mostly it is done by young age people.

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    I guess the requirement of the gym depends upon the individual's actual requirement. People who are already fit and need to maintain their fitness need not go to the gym and can do the same by doing moderate exercises, walks, cycling, etc to meet their target. But if someone is targeting to lose too much bodyweight, then proper physical training is required with particular equipment and diet plans. But at the same time, what Mohan Sir has mentioned is true that once you hit the gym and gain a required body type, you need to follow that routine or in no time all your efforts will be wasted.

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