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    Can India really become a developed country?

    You may think why I am asking this question or why suddenly a doubt like this is arising. To be very clear, it has little to do with politics, corruption or even the policies of the successive governments. They all have a specific role in the development of any country which nobody can deny but at the same time, there are some other things associated with the real development of a country. Let me give you an example to make it clear.

    Today, in West Bengal, Goddess Manasha is being worshipped at many places. Manasha is the deity of snakes and people here worship the deity so that they remain unharmed by snakes. In villages, there are a lot of open spaces and fields and during this rainy season snakes come out in large numbers on the land because their holes/habitats remain underwater during this time. They also bite humans during this season and for this very reason, the deity is worshipped. The problem is pots of milk and bananas are offered during this Puja because a lot of people still believe that snakes eat bananas and drink milk and if snakes are kept happy in this way they will never think of biting humans. Snakes neither eat bananas nor drink milk until they are forced upon to drink or eat such thinks. Snakes cannot digest those things. Many people know this, even those whom we call educated and professional offer milk and banana to the snakes and also in the worship of Goddess Manasha thinking that they are the natural food for a snake. We think ourselves progressive, behave in such fashion, but deep inside we do such illogical things. There is no harm in worshipping a deity and the food offered to snakes can easily be changed with something that they eat. Development must be in the mindset and then only the subsequent action will follow. Otherwise, the development will be on paper only. We will remain unchanged.
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    Offering milk and bananas to snakes on certain festivals days has become a custom to Hindus. Nobody is thinking about the food habits of the snake before feeding milk to them. How this custom came? Only snakes may drink milk when they got dehydrated. So people may be thinking that snakes will drink milk. But the fact is that these snakes are reptiles, not mammals. So milk is not good for these snakes.
    Hindus feel that Snakes are another form of Lord Subrahmanya Swamy. In South Nagula Chavithi is famous. On this day they worshipping Snakes and pour milk in the place where these snakes live. Even people know the facts, with a fear of God, they will not stop feeding milk to Snakes.
    If young people stop also, elderly people in the house force them to do these practices and they start following them and it will become a custom.

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    Devotion has a deep root to superstitions and myths. The things that are taught to us from childhood gets deep into our head that it supersedes the power of education and it is very difficult to overpower it with logical reasoning. It is not only in Hindus, such worships are followed in every religion and maybe by other name or form. It is time, people understand the difference between superstitions and facts and change for the betterment otherwise as the writer has pointed in this thread that development will only be seen on papers but deep within, we are still illiterate. It is good to feed animals but do give what they can eat or have instead of just wasting it.

    Catholics do ask for the favour of protection from snakes from St. George or Geevarghese. They follow the practice of offering eggs or chicken to the shrine. In their offerings, the offering is given to the saint and then the people who visit the shrine, cut it, make food and eat it completely without wasting it or they give the remaining to the nearby house. Nowadays, they have a small templet of eggs, candles, snakes, etc which is about for some 10 or 20 Rupees and offered in the shrine. It is the present generation that has to understand the fact and act accordingly, then only we will be able to progress together taking everyone along for a developed country.

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    Worshiping of snakes is the age old tradition and it is happening across the country and our households regard snake much and they pray for the well being of everyone of the family. During Aadi month, out of five Fridays, first and third Fridays are most sacred to offer milk and other items to the snake. Whether the snakes eat banana or drink milk is not the question here, but the offer has been happening since the ages and that has to be respected without asking questions. I have seen one Telugu movide Nomu in which the snake is the hero of the film and all the intricacies and behavior of the Cobra is shown very well and even the drinking of milk is shown clearly. So we cannot arrive at the conclusion that the snakes would not drink the milk. Let us not underestimate the powers of elders who have been following these rituals since years.
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    Rituals and devotions aside, as the author has pointed out. We as a whole need to adopt a rational mindset, we need to question ourselves again and again on the meaning and purpose of any ritualistic act of devotion and if that act does any harm to the ways of nature we must refrain from doing so. Unfortunatley as another member has pointed out this mindset is very difficult to develop unless the people around us do'nt change. It's high time we stop being delusional and appreciate the nature and love our fellow beings animals et all. Being in sync with our collective in a rational manner is the very foundation of a good and healthier and more progressive society. Here I would like to point out that not all people are irrational. There are folks who are extremley devoted and yet are rational in our country. So you see we need to balance our belief systems with rationalism.

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    In my area same process adopted on Naag Panchami , for me it is wrong to use animals in any ways just because of some rituals and myths but as we can see this is the real tradition in our country. India is a developing country but there are many people have different religion and different rituals and culture, they thought that if these rituals will not followed by us then it may be lost existence of their cast or religion . I do not know should we relate it with country's development or not but the thing which is important is we have no right to harm animals in any ways at the same time we have to keep our safely also in mind and do not bother them unnecessarily.
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