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    This year we should celebrate Ganapathi Navaratrulu in houses only.

    This 22nd of August (Coming Saturday) is Vinayaka Chavithi. Every year we will be having a lot of activity for this festival. In almost all the centres of the streets, Vinayaka Idols will be installed and all people gather and perform pooja there. The festival is celebrated for 9 days and called Navaratrulu. On the tenth day, the immersion of all idols in lakes and tanks will be a big event. Many people go for this immersion program.
    This year because of COVID19, it is not advisable to have these celebrations in public places.
    I think the government will not permit Mandapams in public places. Even they give permissions also, I feel it is better to perform Ganapathi Pooja in houses only so that we all will be safe.
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    This pandemic has brought in lots of new changes in our lives and following and therefore we are bound to accept the new normal under the changed conditions and forget the past. Naturally even the Ganesh festivities have to be confined to the homes only. Previously also every home was doing their own Ganesh festivals and occasionally visit the big Ganesh installed at the street corners. Now that kind of public display would not be visible and this time the famed Khairatabad Ganesh which used to be the tallest idol standing at 60 feet and above will be having the size of 9 feet as per the police advice and the darshan would be given through live feed on the social media to prevent people thronging the Khairatabad area. All the big Ganesh would be absent this year and the Hussain Sagar would be free from many big idols immersion.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The year 2020 has been inauspicious to all. This year has caused unhappiness in this world with the virus attack, floods and accidents. Therefore, let us not take Lord Vigneswara to the streets for celebration. Let God also enjoy quarantine this year. Let the celebration be a low profile without much spending, as many of us have lost our earning for the last six months. Let God be at our home only. I hope Lord Ganapathy will bear with us and bless us as usual.
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    Corona is affecting every part of our life specially our festivals but whether we go outside or not but we will celebrate each festival with lots of faith and in this Ganesh Chaturthi that would be a great celebration, we always celebrate these 10 days of Ganpati Mahotsawa at own house only and the last day when it time to immersion, we buy a new tub and immersed Ganpati murti into it, after two or three days, we take out the soil and put it into the plants pot. Government of many states making guideline for celebrating this festival and as a good citizen we should follow those guidelines.
    Swati Sharma

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    Festivals and celebrations are a way of coming together and renewing our bond with our family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and the society but this year, due to COVID-19, we all have to give importance to everyone's health and life. As we all can understand the issues without much explanation, we can agree to celebrate such functions within our family or at home to keep the spirit of the festival, the custom and traditions that we all follow and also a way to enjoy or relax amidst these stress and tensions.

    It is not only about Ganesh Chaturthi festival but every festival coming in coming months so that we can prevent further spread of coronavirus infections. The coming festivals are Muharram, Onam, Navratri, Deepavali, Christmas, etc. We will have to take precautions and curtail our celebration to safeguard peoples life and health.

    The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has already issued instructions to the District Magistrates (DMs) and other authorities and field functionaries to deny permission to set up in the tent/pandal/public places including holding large congregations, community celebrations during immersion of the idol at public places and have asked the people to celebrate at their homes for this years Ganesh Chaturthi Festival and also denied permission for holding procession/Tajiya during Muharram festival. The committee has also announced a fine of Rs 50,000 for violation and not following the guidelines of the Unlock-3 phase. I hope every other state also follow such guidelines and rules to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

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    Obviously, this pandemic has completely changed our lives in all walks of life. We all are restricted up to houses. In such a situation, it would not be easy to celebrate any festival nicely. This year, we will have to celebrate festival taking all precautionary measure so as to virus may not spread.
    Ganesh festival is also one of the big festivals. But, we will celebrate at home as no option is available to celebrate outside. All coming festival would be the same situation because of this virus. Govt has already prohibited to make Pandal at public places so that public gathering may not be. They have asked us to celebrate at home only.

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    Keeping an idol and worshipping is also not allowed during this Ganesha Chaturthi. We may have to make a turmeric idol or ( pillayar the Tamilians say) from cow dung and grass. This can be later submerged in water. This was the oldest tradition followed by our ancestors before the idols came into existence.
    For navarathri, we have to prepare the sweets by ourselves and cannot be purchased from outside. Going for mass Bajans will be restricted too.

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