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    Smiles confined behind mask failed to impress others

    Today a known relative child was going on the cycle to fetch milk from the nearby shop and I was going walking and waved the hands to the child in expectation of pleasantries but the child could not respond. May be the child failed and not recognized my face with mask. The same child come running, hugging and cling to the shoulder whenever spotted and today I could see the difference that even my smile for the child could have confined behind my mask and failed to impress the child. This kind of situation never expected.
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    True. No shake hands and ho hugs these days. Yesterday after a long break I attended a small meeting with 5 participants. The seats are sufficiently apart. All the five arrived at the venue in their cars and no high tea or snacks. No shake hands. Even though we met after a long time we justed our hands at each other and we don't know whether the other person smiled or not as everybody is having masks. The meeting went off well and it took one hour. Then we dispersed. In the entire process, none of us shook hands with the other or hugged. This is the change we all are implementing without fail.
    When the person wears a mask, sometimes we are not able to recognise also even though the person is known to us. That is why we are not able with the other person in time. It is taking a little time to recognise and wish. By the time we recognise the other person may vanish.

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    Nowadays, expression and feeling have gone due to keeping a mask on the mouth. The main problem occurs when we are unable to recognise a known person. I felt this situation many times since this pandemic spread. Due to this mask whether people are happy or sad couldn't observe. We are going to be sense less because of this mask. Most of the people feeling the same.

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    We really cannot identify a person behind the mask as it gives a different look. I too failed to recognise, by when they showed their face was left in an embarrassing situation. Children are always very lively and some have good social behaviour but this has now changed to social distancing.

    Masks cover half of our face. These days because of heavy rainfall, we tend to wear a scarf along with a mask. This covers more than 80% of the person's face. Then how can the child identify where the elders also cannot manage.

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    It would be better to forget the people outside your home, because of Corona. The child you came across knows this well. Hence she refused to recognize you though she could recognize you. Nothing to feel bad. As long as you wear a mask, feel yourself a stranger to others.
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