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    Let criminals not rule us at all

    The Madras High Court has recently commented on a large number of criminals being active either as MLAs or MPs of every State in India. This is largely due to the bad influences that we so commonly see in our society and the influence of movies in so many languages where criminals are glorified as heroes.

    We need to eliminate all criminals. The most intelligent and smart cops should be empowered to shoot down all the criminals in encounters, when they have evidence against them. The lower court of the area should be empowered to grant permission to the concerned police officials to carry out these encounters. We normally see our heroes eliminating such criminals in movies. We should amend the law to empower the police. Unless we do this immediately, we will have too many criminals floating around in every political party. Let us take drastic action to save our country from the criminals.
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    Since the day we have become an independent nation in 1947, we have learned to live with criminals as MLAs and MPs except for very few politicians. So, it would be very difficult to change the system in our country. We need to have a Military rule and keep the MLAs and MPs away from the governance for a few years from the Assembly halls and Parliament. And thereafter introduce a change in the selection of politicians, and streamline the new rules and regulations for a good government.

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    The top court is saying this for a long time and instructed the central government to find ways to decriminalize politics. On one hand, you are saying that criminals have increased because of the influence of movies and on the other hand you are saying that criminals should be eliminated like the way shown in movies. I am confused regarding which influence you are talking about. Strict punishment for the criminals and speedy trial of all such pending cases, including cases against MLAs and MPs, should be done at the earliest. The problem is the unholy nexus between the politicians and the criminals. In our country, one cannot survive without the other and the whole system has to be revamped. We do not have the willpower to act against the criminals and keep on voting those MLAs and MPs to power knowing fully well their activities. Why we do so? We do so because we started thinking it is normal. There are many protests offline and online but no such significant movement to decriminalize politics. Unless that is done it is going to be very difficult.

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    I do agree with the author that the criminals were sought after and being made as the MLA or MP's across the country due to their money power and muscle power. In politics you and me are not required. Those who can influence and bend the law is required and those criminals are well versed to control the government. I do agree that when ever a chance was sought, the voters would not like the new entrants with the doubts that he cannot deliver. So we are forced to see the same old faces with criminal back ground and without any alternative we are electing the same rotten leaders to the power and they does nothing but encasing the wealth. No party in India is without criminal back ground and it is youth of India who has the clear cut vision of having corrupt free government can team up and save the nation in future.
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    We have to exclude the evil and criminal elements from the politics and stop them ruling the nation. It is definitely required. One solution which comes to mind is that they can prescribe some minimum qualification for entering the field of politics say 10+2 or may be a UG degree. Then there should be an entrance examination something on the lines of national talent search and that exam should have question papers on GK, Aptitude, Political Science, Sociology, English, and one regional language. Once this is done only the talented people would be filtered out from the junk and may be they would run the country in much better fashion. Please do not confuse this with IAS exam. The purpose of the suggested examination is entirely different that is to arrest the garbage before hand so that it does not reach to ruling levels.
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    I agree with Umesh sir. We really need an examination for politicians. A very very tough exam with a rigrous test pattern which is totally undecidable in advance, somewhat like JEE or CSAT in civil services. Total number of passouts should be less than 2 %. The benefit of such rigour would be that only the best ones would really be able to crack such a test. This would enhance the quality of politics and lobbying done in our country. More educated and pro politicians would serve the nation with a joyful zest that the civil officers of our country enjoy. Also they should be allotted a salary based on how much contribution they make in their area. This will decide wether they will keep serving that area or will be transferred. If they're unable to make any meaningful change their salary gets deducted and if they continue with their poor performance . They're expelled with no salary or paycheck. These strict measures will certainly bring some awesome changes in our society.

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    The point raised by the writer is very much concerning and the true fact of our country. When we say that a large number of criminals are active either as MLAs or MPs in every State in India, whom should we blame or castigate. Is it not we or the people that give our precious vote to them and give them the power to rule us. When we ourself give them the charge to hold in check then how will our country change? When the people who are responsible to make or bring change or pass bill are corrupt or criminals, can we expect them to bring in rules or regulations that will eliminate corruption, bribery, criminals, etc? Unless the people cast their vote solely in the name of work their elective members have done for the people or society and keep the party/religion/favouritism away, we can never progress or develop or be self-sufficient.
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    Criminals are on top these days. They are even controlling the police also. To avoid this situation there should be an amendment in the Constitution. People who are having a criminal record should not be allowed to contest in any type of elections. A person having a case against him is not eligible to apply for any government post. There will be a police enquiry also before issuing the appointment letter. But to contest as an MLA or MP, there is no police enquiry and people who are in jail can also contest in the election. This situation should change. Then only we can start eliminating criminals in other fields. Otherwise, the criminals at the top position will support the criminals and they will be getting encouraged. So the action should start from there.
    A sincere police officer will be punished if he is a part of the encounter in which a criminal was shot dead. People say that the police killed a person who is not proved to be guilty. At the same, if that criminal kills a police person, there will not be any comment from any of these people and they feel that losing a sincere policeman is Ok but a criminal should not be killed.

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    Am of the firm opinion that all criminals should be shot dead in encounters. I fully supported the encounter in Hyderabad when four or five rascals were shot down by a brilliant police officer.

    Yes, the movies show both. A criminal is glorified. No matter whatever circumstances make a man a criminal, a criminal is always a criminal. He or she(very rare) should be shot dead, more like what we commonly see on movies. A fabulous movie like Kakka Kakka in Tamil showed just this. The encounters should be welcomed and the police officers should be celebrated on all social media. We should remember that only a criminal free society can free our country from so many social evils. Let the police be empowered. Let criminals always be shot down.

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