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    Are we really safe in this year 2020?

    2020 is the worst year in history. Do you really feel that you are safe in this year 2020?
    In general, all are living in fear. All are worried about Corona and are living at home. There are many areas where rain plays havoc and affected. We do not know what would happen to the area where we are living. There could be heavy downpour and flood. There can be an earthquake. There can be a Tsunami. There could be collapses of tall raised buildings. We are facing a difficult time this year 2020.

    Sincerely share with us. We have another four months to get into 2021.

    Do you feel that you are safe in this year 2020?
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    Yes, it is a fact that 2020 has been a worst year after the Corona Pandemic took place which took many innocent lives. But, honestly speaking, I don't feel that 2020 is an unsafe year just because corona is everywhere around. I agree that corona has caused several deaths but there are also people who have recovered from it. 2020 would have been an unsafe year only if all the people who were affected by the corona virus have been dead and none of them would have recovered from it. Just imagine how horrifying it would have been if everyone being affected by this virus are dying continuously. So, nothing like that has happened.

    Now, the reason why people are saying this year 2020 is unsafe is all due to corona. But, I want to ask these people that how many of them are strictly following the precautionary guidelines mentioned by the government for the safety of every individual? -- like maintaining social distances, wearing of masks, use of sanitizers etc. And if everyone is following them then why are the COVID-19 cases rising day by day? It is because people are NOT following the precautionary measures at all. They are taking it for granted. I have observed this thing in my city itself that people are very careless about it. Also, the news channels have shown that people are NOT taking precautions which has led to the rise of COVID-19 cases.

    So, basically these crowd of careless people are the ones who are making this year 2020 unsafe for them and other as well. The year 2020 is absolutely safe for you if you are taking good care of yourself and taking all the necessary precautions. If you ask me, yes I am following everything strictly and living a happy life. Remember, your safety is in your hands and fully in your control. So take control of your life with a right and positive attitude and live fearlessly.

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    In my whole life I have not gone through the challenges posed in this 2020 year and that was beyond imagination, cannot get into grove of escalated challenges every day but had the inner guts and determination to stand with the situation and that alone self confidence has paid the price now as we are returning back to normalcy soon. The pandemic has caused much damage for relatives and friends. Some relatives lost their lives, we cannot go their and be with them during the grief. some friends lost their lives and that was pathetic. Some friends and relatives lost their previous jobs and sitting at the home with no alternate way to survive. Above all the nature fury through heavy rains and floods adding the land slide created many more problems to the locals and they are unable to come to terms with the life even today.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sujish Kadampully,
    You spoke about the pandemic only, not about other unexpected show of nature's fury like a flood, landslides that are happening now in different states. Due to heavy monsoon, rivers are flooding and cities are floating. We are yet to see another monsoon season in November 2020 that would affect the eastern states of India. Totally, we are surrounded by many miseries in life. We are expecting the unexpected in this year 2020. Personal safety is against corona that is existing, but what about other safety that we do not know?

    No life without Sun

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    2020 is very challenging year for all over the world , we should pray to the power of God who will help us and we will get back our normal life routine very soon. But we also observed this year we came close to ourselves many people starts doing yoga and exercise to be healthy , some who did not believe in god they starts believing on god's power. Many new relations have been made within society and many more old relations get stronger then before.
    So yes that is true we are having a fear to Corona but at the same time we have many supports and beliefs which we are getting this time.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Yes, 2020 has been a very challenging year for all humanity. But it dose'nt necessarily mean unsafe or worst. Humanity has seen worst disasters, okay maybe not on a collective level but still. Apart from the pandemic we had to face locust invasion, floods coupled with a global recession. I think this is the first time in human global history that we've faced this disaster on a collective level rather than a few nations. We as a species must really learn from what nature's trying to teach us and stop fiddling with things and start participating as a collective. We tend to overuse our energy and resources, whereas nature teaches us to conserve and use as and when required. These and other lessons especially disaster prepardness must be learnt. Moreover we should start living in the moment and help each other especially the ones with lesser resources instead of gorging ir hoarding more resources for ourselves.

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    True. This year 2020 is not an encouraging year in any respect. Very dull. Staying back in the house only. No major activity from March 15th and I don't how long it will be like this.
    Many people lost their jobs and facing a very bad situation and not able to have a peaceful life. Many marriages got postponed. Many functions got postponed and no get-together.
    Health problems and added to it, financial problems are also causing many worries. Like this 5 months of the year gone and another 4 months are only there. This four months I think there will not be any improvement. Even though people know that going out is not good for health, they were forced to go out as food is also important for them. So they are all living with fear and they are feeling very unsafe.
    I have never seen such a bad year in my lifetime. Not only myself, my father who is elder to me by 23 years also as he has never seen such a year in his life also. A very unhealthy year and nature was furious on human beings in this
    Add to this COVID19, heavy rains and floods in some areas are causing worry to the people. People very unsafe mentally, financially and physically also

    always confident

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