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    Control the anger otherwise it will take control of you

    It is the fact and happening that many of us would be loosing control on our emotions and anger and thus even to go the extent of abusing the opposite persons with choicest chiding. But what is more astonishing is the fact that even the youth are getting into argument mode and even have the fist fights after angry words. It is imperative therefore to control our anger other wise the anger would take control of our entire life. Have the mentality of go slow attitude when the others are on their raised voice and display anger.
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    People should control their all emotions whether it is anger or love because any emotion will affects others as well as ourselves. When we show anger to anyone we did not realized but at he same time we wasting our energy .
    Mediation helps people to control their emotions but there also many people who meditate daily spend lots of time in worship but still they are short tempered. There are many factors which involved for anger and one should analyse the factors then work on it , it will take time that is why patience is the best key for this.

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    Our anger is our enemy. Our patience is our protection. All enemies will always try to take an upper hand us. So we should be careful. We should not allow anger to take control of us. Duryodhana out of his anger only fought with Pandavas and lost his life in the war. Anger will not allow us to think correctly. So when we are angry, let us not take any decision and try to divert our mind from the issue which caused us the anger, Many times we will lose many chances because of our anger only.
    We have to practice how to avoid anger. First of all, we should understand that there use if we get angry and scold the other person. He may also scold you and then issue may become big and cause you more headache. So try to be cool, understand the issue properly and then act accordingly.

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    Anger blocks our thinking process and once we are in the stressed situation, divert your mind with some favourite mantras. With such postures, we can eliminate our negative emotions such as angers and frustrations. Though not controlling ourselves in such situations will harm us more than the opponent ones. This may take in the form of elevated blood pressure, sugar - elevation and apart from this, mental peace will be at the lowest ebb. This will cause ultimately insomnia aggravating other health issues. Hence restraint emotions with religious books such as reading Geeta or any favourite option of our liking may be persued. Never indulge in heated arguments with the other party and in that way, the strenuous situation can be managed effectively.

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    Correct and that has to be avoided at any cost. It is a kind of hostility that we express towards another person and often it is associated with an intention to hurt the other person in a revengeful way. There are many reasons for this anger actually, it is generated from a feeling of displeasure to a situation or a person. Many times we assume that a particular thing is going to happen in a way we wish it and if it happens in a different way we become angry. Of course, if somebody is annoying you continuously you need to take some remedial action to stop that annoyance and in the beginning, it is natural to feel very angry. But this anger must be in control so that it doesn't influence your mind to take drastic action. Anger is an emotional state and whenever we are very emotional it influences our mind to act in a different way. During those times, the thought process doesn't work and we end up taking some actions for which we repent later. To avoid this, we need to control our anger before it begins to take charge of us.

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    In Tamil there is a saying, 'Kobaththodu ezhubavan nashtaththudan amarvaan' which means one will sit with loss if he raised with anger. Here the loss mentioned is not only wealth loss but also health loss. If one shout with anger or left words with anger to the other he himself reserves his right to lost the relationship with the opponent. The same is depicted in Mahabharat in the form of an incidence. When the Pandavas hide themselves in a cave, one night they heard a heavy uproar in the outside. Lord Krishna asked Dharma to see what was the sound. Dharma saw a demon in the outside making noise and Dharma attack the demon with anger but failed and fainted. Next Bheema went and got fainted with failure. Like that all remaining went there and fainted. Lastly Lord Krishna came out and saw the demon making huge noise. Without making any opposition but with smile Lord Krishna faced the demon tactically. Slowly the demon lost its power and vanished in the air. By lying down on the ground all the five astonished the activity of Lord Krishna. Krishna made them to raise and told that, 'the demon is nothing but 'an anger'. If the opponent party face the anger of the other person with our anger, the power of opponent party get multiplied but if we face with smile or silent, the speed of anger in the opposite party will get diminished or vanished. In that way we have to handle the actions of Dhuriyodana.'

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    Anger is a very complicated thing. If you can control it it will very helpful to you. But if you can't control it it will take your control from you. And you are doing wrong thing like abusing, fighting with other and many things.
    I want to give an example about losing your control due to anger like, you know that a religious person that name is God 'Parshuram' due to his anger he had fought with God 'Ganesha'.

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