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    You be your own editor of life

    When we are living on our terms surely the onlookers , relative, well wishers would like to have their say either complementing or complaining to change the life style. Though it is not possible for us to convert ourselves to the likes and expectations of every one and others, it is the fact that we can always probe ourselves about any deviation and thus editing our own way life will not only baffle others, but we are not giving chance for them to have the bossing over attitude on us. If everyone change to this level, surely we are having our own life with no complaints from anyone.
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    We cannot be editors of our life. There are other editors who play an important role in our life.
    1. Parents are the editors to their wards during their childhood.
    2. Teachers are the editors while we are at school and colleges.
    3. The spouse is the editor to each other after our marriage.
    4. The bosses are our editors in our workplaces.
    4. In our old age, our children are our editors.
    We have a very limited role to play as editors of our own life.

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    We play many roles in or life and many times we have to adopt some changes as per situations and as per the demand of the relationship. As a person we should select a way too live our life but when our decision is affecting to our loved ones then we have to think about it because we are bonded by relations and a part of family society friends, we could not imagine our life without these so should have to think about them before taking any decision. We are editor of our life that is true but when a painter make a drawing then he apply different colors on it which is a important factor of painting , in the same way we are editor and our loved ones and situations of our life is colors which gives a different look to our life.
    Swati Sharma

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    We can think about our own acts and if we feel somewhere some change is required we should change accordingly before somebody points out about us. Instead of hearing from somebody and then changing. assessing ourselves and changing accordingly is always better. Self-assessment is always better. We have to think twice before performing any act. If we feel that there is something in our approach we should not go in that direction. Once we are sure that there is nothing wrong in our approach we should go ahead. We need not edit our behaviour. We should edit our plan of action before we progress and go accordingly.
    But we should remember one thing always that we should not worry about what always others thinks about us. Different people will say different issues. So satisfying everybody is not possible. So think about yourself and if you are convinced that what you are doing is correct and it will not harm anybody, go ahead.

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    We're not editors we're choice makers or participants. Editing is done by nature not us. Although we've learned to edit certain agents in our envirinment. It most possibly should be considered as a mere augmentation of sorts through the benefit of technology. We do however make changes to our personality as we grow as we meet new people. This can be considered as a sort of passive editing even then we do not do it ourselves it's the environment and the other persons. The only freedom we do have is that of choice, and this we must make sure remains independant of any tamper psychological or moral. It must be improved upon with greater knowledge better education. So that we can make meaningful impact in the society as responsible social agents.

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    The writer has given a right approach to us through this thread that we are the editors of our life and I would support it with the quote "Be what you want to be and not what others want you to be." We are often powered by others voice and forget about our goal and desire. As other members have underlined that we have other editors who play an important role in our life like our parents, teachers, friends, spouse, children and even the society but can we satisfy them? They will keep on changing the story and even if we try our best to create a good one, they will have problems from it. After trying to give a good write-up, we forget about ourself and at the end, when we look back, we can just see our struggle to keep our pace with the requirement of others. If we can take guidance from others and do the changes that are required and make our own story, how we want it to be, we will be much happy and can even make others happy. We all know that we cannot make everyone happy but can try not to hurt them by our words, action or behaviour.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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