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    Clickable links not working

    Hello admins, I've been facing this issue for quite sometime, seems to be an error or glitch of some sort. Whenever I try posting a link to any post within the forum or articles I'm banned from posting it. Please look into the issue I have several articles that I wish to post but unable to do so due to this issue. The links in question here are clickable hyperlinks. If permission is disabled for my account, please kindly enable it.

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    Let us know if you are getting such issues while trying through a smartphone or through a computer/laptop as well. Could you also upload a screenshot of the message that appears on your screen? We can then refer it to the Webmasters to check and look into the problem.

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    This is new kind of complaint we are coming across and surely Managing Editor Vandana has sought some information from you to provide for right redress.
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    This cannot happen. ISC never place restriction in linking. They might block you fully not partially. I think, something is wrong with your Html language.
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    Well, it seems to work for most members so it seems to be a problem on my device. Here's what I get in red letters -

    URLs and Hyperlinks are allowed only for regular and active contributors of this website. If you are looking for including URLs of any business you are associated with, you must become a regular contributor of this website by sharing non-promotional content.

    However I just tried adding this thread to another one, and it seems to have worked.

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    Looking at the message that appeared for you on the screen, it seems this is the same issue that was brought up last year also when a new member was unable to provide a link to a thread as an entry for a contest. At that time, the Webmasters had clarified that the restriction was imposed to prevent spamming, but that if a new genuine member (meaning not a visitor who wants to spam) sees this message, he/she can simply remove the "https://" part of the URL.

    It may now have worked for you since you have reached the silver level of membership and hence are not a newly registered member. Congrats on getting the Silver shield!

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    Thanks to admins and managing editor for looking into the issue. It seems to have been resolved after my promotion. I'll follow up the advice just in case it crops up again.

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