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    It is always good to learn and teach new things

    Some people feel that now their learning age is gone and therefore they do not want to do anything new. Sometimes if someone tells them something new then they also feel bad that what other will teach us, we have all learned before.

    But according to me, there is no age to learn. Yesterday my father was learning some of the settings of YouTube in mobile from my nephew and that 8-year-old kid was teaching my father in such a good way as if he has been doing it since long.

    This process of learning and teaching is always going on, I think when we are teaching anyone, then we are also learning something from that person at the same time.
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    Learning is never complete as there are many things that we need to learn and it cannot be completed in this whole life of ours. I have often heard from big and renowned singers that music is vast as an ocean and we can never ever complete learning it as we keep on learning new things every day. This implies to learning anything. Age is not a factor as if you have the will, you can start learning at any age. Life itself is a teacher and it keeps on teaching us new things in various forms and even if we think that we don't want to learn anything new but we learn something by visual or hearing.

    My mother is old and she was not interested in smartphones. As we all are away from home, she is alone and just communicated through calls. We had often asked her to learn video calling, etc but she never agreed but during this pandemic, as we all are locked in various places and could not visit her, she was insisting of buying a smartphone and learn it so that she can join us every week in the family video calls. People are changing and when the need arises will learn anything irrespective of age, gender and health issue.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Learning is a life long process. Age is no bar for learning. Knowledge is like the ocean from where what we gain is just like a drop. You can learn something from every moment of life. You can learn many things from kids also. Even today, I take help from kids in learning new things. As far as I understand, teaching and learning both are inter-related. If you are teaching it means you are a good learner too. It you have an interest then you can learn at any age. It's the best example is me that I learned bicycle at the age of 35 because of having interest. After that, I made learn bicycle to my friend also while it proved a very tough job for learning on this age. Nowadays, life is changing rapidly so every age group of people have to learn new thing according to need.

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    The topic is discussed in many ways many times. But it is always new only. Learning is a continuous process and there is no end for that. The learning will start from the moment you born and will end only when you will have your last breath. This is the way one should understand the process of learning. We don't know many of the things and we can learn them if we have interest even at over old age. There is no issue. The only thing required for that is one should have the interest to learn. We are hearing that people in their 70s and 80s also writing examinations and passing. That is purely out of their interest and not for any promotion or any other benefit.
    My mother who is in her 80s learned how to post a message on Facebook and she opened an account in Facebook and daily spends some time there. She records videos and audios and posts on WhatsApp and Facebook. She is very well conversant with all the operations of a smart phone.

    always confident

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    As told by Tamil Poet, Avvayyar,'katrathu kaiyalavu kallaathathu kadalalavu' which means the learnt one is upto our fist level but to be learned is ocean level. Similarly we should not think that we know everything but some small thing may be a new one to us. We should not hesitate to learn that even from a child if so. One day I went to nearby temple with my brother's daughter who is just ten years. On the way I saw a flickering light on the lamp post beneath the street light. I just stared that what was that as I never noticed before. By seeing my stare, that girl told that was nothing as they fixed cctv camera there. I really wondered on her saying, though she might have been heard through somebody.

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    I am of the strong opinion that good teachers are those who always teach the lesson with examples and also link the lesson with a branch story so that the students get more intense in understanding the lesson and even remember the same as it was revealed with a story and in a most understandable way. Teaching is done by all teachers, but there are some teachers who captivate the mood of the class, suppose if it is dull, she would cut jokes and even play with them for a while and then start the serious class. This is called learn and teach the things differently. All classes can be same for a teacher.
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    The process of learning continues till our last breath and surely, we should have the passion to learn. We have seen many people clearing their matriculation, graduation or any examination at the ripe age of 80 though they left same at their young age due to some reason or the other. Sometimes, the age of the teacher is less than the aspirant and even then, there is no cause of their deterrence. May be they were not inclined to learn some subjects in their young age because of some fearness with either the subject or the teacher. With the time, such attitude subsides making them more attentive towards learning independently.

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    Learning is everlasting greenery which has to be always nurtured by us. As we grow, we have to learn the latest technology around us and get upgraded.

    It is true that we learn better when we teach the same concept to various ages as the explanation differs with age, topography and also with various culture from which the students come from. Students here can be of any age, the criteria should be learning.

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