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    We should not forget to forgive ourselves....

    We have always heard that forgiving others and forgetting their mistakes are the qualities of being a good person but do we apply this to ourselves also when we make a mistake or when we hurt ourselves?

    As we grow older and as time goes on, our thoughts also change and many times the mistakes made earlier which did not seem to be wrong at that time but with the new thinking, it seems wrong then do we forgive ourselves?

    Many times human beings also suffer from inferiority due to them. I feel that when a person apologizes and forgives himself, then he moves towards self-development and this is the law of nature, forgive and move forward.
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    The author has mentioned an important step to self-development. It is extremley important to learn to forgive. Without forgiveness there is no moving on. In fact there's no movement at all. We tend to develop a chaotic behaviour primarily because we do not forgive ourselves. Moreover forgiveness leads to seeing new things, better prespectives. These lead to better opportunities both in personal life and in social or public life. Moreover such a person is usually considered as a good natured person and naturally develops a strong attractive charisma, which invites good individuals with positive vibes towards the person. Atleast in this sense we can believe in the elusive law of attraction.

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    If we don't know how to forgive ourselves for our mistake, we will not progress. But at the same go on doing mistakes and every time forgiving is not at all good for our progress. We should see why we did that mistake. What made us to do that mistake? where did we go wrong? These issues we should analysis and we should avoid doing similar mistakes again. Then only we can progress in our lives.
    To err is human. That is true. Don't worry that you did a mistake. That will be an experience for you. Learn from that mistake and learn new lessons. They will come in handy when you require them at other times. Many times, many people are not successful in their first attempt itself. They may fail and then they have to attempt again by understanding the mistake they did so that there will be progress always.
    Some people think whatever they do is correct. That is foolish. We should know our mistakes and excuse ourselves for mistakes.

    always confident

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    There has been conflict of interest in our life and that may not match with the thought process of others and especially the nearest ones and in that case forgetting to forgive us is difficult. When we have the tiff with others and with such persons not known to us, the pinch may not be that intense, but when the face off happens with the loved ones and people much closed to our heart cannot be taken light. Often we would be remembering the scene again and again and that would make us to repent on what has been done and in that case we cannot forget to forgive ourselves for the mistake.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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