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    Which is hardest logical puzzle in the entire universe.

    Hello members, is there an upper limit to the the hardest logical puzzle ever. Has anyone ever encountered such a puzzle. What about the garden of forking paths. Can that be considered as an extreme form of logical puzzle.Has anyone ever found any direct mathmatical or logical solutions to such puzzles.
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    What the author try to say is not clear and probably for that reason there is no responses so far. Please clarify further on this post to get right replies.
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    Life itself a puzzle that we don't know the purpose of life on earth. Why did God create this earth with nature, human and animals being with many other creatures.

    Can anyone find an answer to this great puzzle?

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    True. What SUN is telling is true. We don't know where from we came and we don't up to what extent we have a ticket to travel on this earth. After death where we will go? Nobody knows. Even what happens the next moment is not certain to anybody. Whom we meet in our journey and how our friends will develop is also a big puzzle to me.
    Another puzzle is nature itself. Why only earth is having this atmosphere and why not the same situation on all other planets.

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    The most logical and mathematical puzzle is when a person escapes from a major accident in life. Recently I noticed a bike rider who was riding with high speed escaped from hitting a lorry and a car accident. He just moved in between them in just a fraction of a second with the same speed left uninjured as if he was not a witness of this accdent.
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    K.Mohan, sir this thread is about discussing unsolvable logical or mathematical puzzles. I'm compiling a list of such puzzles and the various solutions proposed. Hope this clarifies the purpose of this thread.

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    For me the most intriguing logical and mathematical puzzle is the matching details in the astronomy and space science data with the data provided in various shlokas in Hindu Vedas and Purana.

    We can observe various instances that the data matches exactly about the distance between Earth and Sun, the data about Earth being round, or the data about the time intervals in various Yuga matching with the actual evolution of man.

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    Okay we can count the Yuga as a puzzle that has not been solved. As stated above certain religious texts point to certain events that seem to match with our scientific enquiry of those events. Are there any proposed solutions to this puzzle. Could it be connected to the way we see patterns in data for example, we sometimes see faces in clouds. Some trees seem to look like an old giant man standing or some stones develop certain strange patterns, that seem to be of some religious significance.

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    There are many unsolved puzzles and mysteries in this world and the scholars and scientists are trying their best to unravel them with newer and newer tools and methods. After the landing of the spacecraft on Mars we found that there was no apparent life on the surface and so many myths about life on Mars were solved. But we do not know what is in underground there. Scientists have an ambitious plan of sending people permanently to Mars to reside there. After that many new things would be known. So we are on the path of knowing more and more but it takes time and energy to unravel the puzzles of nature. Do you mean similar puzzles or something else is there to solve?
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    To believe that the entire universe began at a size smaller than the dot on this page, a point that somehow kept the entire matter found as in the earth, sun, planets, stars and all, and all that space, and all that energy, were all condensed together in this dot. This is a ridiculously hard to crack logical puzzle.
    What is even more is that this illogical idea is used as the truth or base to develop various scientific ideas. We are getting so many things forced upon us as truth when the whole thing is based on nothing but a vivid imagination.

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