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    This information is true to the best of my knowledge

    Here, I am not going to tell you any secret or personal details. Neither is it a piece of news that I am going to share here before it is publicised widely. I am talking about the very general declaration phrase that we use while putting a signature during filling up a form and submitting the documents for a purpose. But why it is true to the best of your knowledge when you are sure about it? You are submitting your valid ID proof containing your name and other relevant details. If it is your marks card or certificate, then also you are submitting a copy of those things after proper verification. If you are not sure about them why would you submit them? If somebody is submitting forged documents then also the person is declaring that the information is true to their knowledge knowing fully well that the documents are forged. Why the declaration is such that something is true to the best of your knowledge and not completely true? Why a small relaxation in the form of 'true to the best of my knowledge' is provided?
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    I think this is a routine clause which was introduced in almost all the documents without thinking that much. In some cases, it is a requirement as we may no a part of the story only and we are not fully aware of the actual happenings. In such case, this declaration is required but in other cases where we are giving information about us only and we know them fully why should we say that it is true to the best of my knowledge.
    Maybe Lawyers might have started initially this practice and later on became a routine for all the issues. When we are declaring that we have our expertise in a particular skill, we scale our knowledge as an expert. It may not be so in the standards of the other person and he may feel that what knowledge we have is preliminary. So there will be a difference of opinion. Probably to come out safely from such a situation people use such declarations so that tomorrow nobody can say him that he is wrong.

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    An affidavit or the declaration is the affirmation from the signing person that he is not concealing any information for any favor and what ever submitted and attached documents are true and real. In this modern technology anything can be manipulated and probably for that reason if on scrutiny in future, the person can be held responsible for submitting false information. Many a time photos were morphed and the application was uploaded but on personal verification of documents and other credentials the reality of the person would be known. So it is the general affirmation signed by us.
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    As far as I understand about the declaration at the end of verification and form submission which states that, "This information is true to the best of my knowledge" implies that the details furnished is correct and true. In case there is any changes then he/she take the responsibility to inform the concern person or department of any changes therein, immediately.

    It is understood that we are supporting the document or submission with other documents but there are chances that we may maend or improve it after sometime and thus it needs to be updated. The statement above help us to clear it and update it as and when any changes is done to the documents submitted at the time of submission. There are also chances that we submitted some old or superseeded documents and later we may have to update it. Hence above statement is used while filling anydocument or submission of forms say admission form, resume or CV, etc.

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