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    What is really meant by being secular?

    In recent times, I have been coming around this word "Secular" more often than required. Although, I already have a well defined meaning of this term and truly believe in that, but, what I really see is that it is being coined for all the wrong reasons and has become a political term. It is also becoming a kind of slang on social media.

    What I know of being secular is that you have your own opinions, belief system, your own religion and followings but at the same time fully open and accepting to the opinions, religion, beliefs of others too. You live your own life and also expect the other to be same. It is as simple as 'Live and let live'

    What do members think of this term 'Secular' and what exactly is their meaning to truly define the same?

    It is not all a political or religious discussion so please avoid discussing them in this thread.
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    I feel lost when ever I come across the word secularism. What the political parties of make group of themselves claiming to be the secular forces. May be they are referring in giving equal prominence and stature to all religions and all people. But the same parties give more thrust on minorities and down play the majority. By up-easing policies towards minorities are they not playing the religious card and blaming a particular party being pro towards a religion. Right from the Independence some parties found the knack of garnering votes by playing the secularism card and in reality they have done nothing to any class, creed or religion then why should they talk mean about a party which is fighting on one single agenda of protecting the rights of a particular religion. By way when a party gets elected on their promises that ends the matter.
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    Secular in simple means - Love yourself and love others too under no religion or spiritual rules . This is a simple definition of secular. No doubt, With regards to the citizens of India, we are truly secular, but our politicians have a different meaning. Politicians don't follow secularism in our country. They have their vote bank politics. They look differently with religions, caste and community and are not secular.
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    Secularism means everybody can follow the faith they like and all will be equal. People can follow any religion they want and people belonging to various religions and will be treated equally and they are independent. In our country, all our people are really secular and nobody bothers about the religion of the neighbour also. They are friendly. The people belonging to one religion will go to another religion's place of worship. But the actual problem comes with politicians. They want to create problems between the people by using this religion as a tool. This will be more prominent in villages. Village people will go by their group leader. This group leader will have some affliction to a political party and that will be generally based on the caste. So People will be made to remember their caste and other religion. That is I feel political leaders are not really interested in secularism and they want people to quarrel with each other and use that as an advantage for them.
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    The discussion has actually turned political and this was one of the thing I wanted to avoid. Still, each one of the member is absolutely right in their observation about the political parties as, politicians have a very different agenda and they really don't care about common citizens.
    I personally feel that we citizens are sheep which is sacrificed every now and then for the goals and ambitions of politicians and they really don't care whether we live or die.

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    The practical meaning of secular is that all the groups, religions, cults, tribes, and communities in the country would be treated in the same manner by the state and at the same time no group would try to take any advantage out of it. When we say advantage it could be a personal advantage or it could be a political advantage. Unfortunately what is happening is that people are taking all sorts of advantage in the name of secularism and the Govt is not able to punish or teach lessons to these defaulters. If one religion makes its place of worship in some public land illegally all other religions jump in and make their own worshipping places here and there in the name of secularism. There is no one to check them and punish. Once in a while these illegal structures would be demolished only to find that some new structure has again come in same or other place. So we are actually misusing the facility given to us under the umbrella of secularism.
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    The others can define & manipulate this in different ways but if the term "secular" means "not connected with religious or spiritual matters" then I do feel that I have been deceived & misled with a feeling that the term "secular" is as vulgar and sickening to me as when I come across with the term "minority".

    This has been debated on numerous occasions in live TV debates & even in ISC platform and its delighting to me that now this is giving some fruitful results in a way that many including myself is not following this blindly.

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    No doubt sometimes the most simple of things are twisted by those who have hidden motive and is used against us. It is our duty that we do not fall prey to such deceiving tactics and use our intellect to arrive at a reasonable conclusion and at the same time help other who do not understand such things.

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    What is the real secularism can be testified by the fact of Nadasawara Vidwan of famous Sri Rangam temple who happens to be the Muslim. The great generation of the same family has been serving the God with their best rendition since years and once when they were asked as to why being Muslim they chose to play the Nadaswaram for the Hindu God, to which they replied that it gives pleasure and satisfaction and more over being treated much in the temple as per the tradition and being welcomed since years, what is more asking for them when their work got name and fame instantly.
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    @K Mohan, as all 5 fingers in a hand are not of same size, similarly this diverse country also cannot have people with same belief and thinking. It is the beauty of this country only that a Muslim is serving for generations in a Hindu temple, what better example can be quoted. There must be more than a million such examples but it is just that they don't get the limelight they deserve.
    Nowadays greed has taken over most of the sensibilities and politicinas know it very well how to leverage the same. Changes will come and adapting to change is always painful, so if people remain sensible things will be better for good.

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