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    Modern world should not erode our rich culture and tradition

    As the modern era boys and girls are getting into more western culture mode and following their life styles and living, they seems to undermine the rich customs and traditions of India. It is the fact that the modern youth are getting away from the functions associated with our culture and thus the elder generation feel that sooner or later our values and ethos would be lost. At the same time the foreigners are interested to embrace our culture and tradition and that is the saving grace for us and we should be ashamed about it. Any comment?
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    It is good to keep up with the times, but we should never forget our values, it is still a tradition to take the blessings of our elders and we also get to see its positive effects in life. It is not just about boys and girls today, but of all those who have started to consider technology as bigger than culture,. We should maintain a balance and neither should he adopt orthodoxy in the name of culture nor forget our cultures and values. We are all branches of the tree whose root is made of culture and if a person is away from his root, then he cannot be successful even more than he wishes, because success is not just to get wealth or fame but also peace of mind.
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    While adopting modern things and modern mannerism and behaviour it many times happens that we simply forget and ignore our own culture. Most of the times this happens when we move with people who have already forgotten their own culture and adopted the western or modern ones. Interestingly, it has something to do with the financial conditions of the people in different places and one who is financially backward is attracted to the ways of well offs. During the British time in India we looked to them with awe and amazement and tried to mimic their ways as they were much much richer and affluent. We were attracted to their ways of living, style and mannerism. In that flow many even got converted themselves to christianity. So these are the deceptive ways in which most of us lose our roots and try to thrive on others cultures which is nothing but like the mirage in the desert.
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    The author is correct. Individual houses has its own follow up and individual companies have their own rules and regulations. Like this the culture is different according to countries and we should never copy other country's practice over our own culture. Here the pity is such people not only follow the western culture but criticize our own culture as bad, this is thing cannot be tolerated. Many people of this type, I am seeing that they tend to correct us as if theirs is good over ours.

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    True. Many other countries are looking at us and want to adopt our culture. But unfortunately, our youth are getting attracted to the foreign culture, I blame the elders and the parents only for this. The parents are very bust in their earning spree and they want to give comforts to their children. In that process, they have no time to care and see their children. The concept of nucleus family is making the children alone in the house and no elders in the house to teach them the values of culture and tradition. So children are spending their time on their smartphones or TVs. So they are getting the guidance from these items only.
    During our early life mothers are concentrating on children completely and grandparents are also living with us. So they are guiding us and telling us the epics and telling is what is good and what is bad. How to go back to those will depend more on the elders and parents. If the present trends continue we will forget the values of culture and traditions.

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