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    How many chances we can give to others to mend their ways?

    Many of us are peace loving and want to live the life without any face off or commotion. In that process we tend to forgive and forget the incidents to avoid further confrontation. But this is considered as our weakness and the opposite person try to have tug of war on every issue and that irritate us much. Though we are sulking and giving more chance to them for mending ways, they seems to be reluctant and wont change. Then how to change their way of behavior which is causing too much tension day by day.
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    Some people are always ready to make an issue of small things, they just want a chance to start an argument and continue it until they win. then how much we try to stop the argument or close the matter they will not let it happen. It is not right to forgive such people every time or keep a attitude of " let it be" for those. sometimes it is necessary to explain to them that the meaning of closing the matter or argument is not our weakness. Silence is good but it would be harmful when you should break it but you are not doing so. If person does not want to create any issue and do not want to let them know their mistakes then the one only option is to ignore those who make you trouble unnecessarily and stay away from them.
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    There is a saying in Telugu which says that a thorn is required to remove a thorn. A diamond can only cut another diamond. So sometimes we will also become tough with tough people. Then only we can see those other people will not take us lightly.
    We should not allow others to take advantage of our goodness. So sometimes we have to show that if the situation demands we should become hard and give fitting lesson to others.
    It is not that a good person should suffer always. Even Dharmaja, who is well known for his righteous behaviour is also shown in anger sometimes to his enemies.

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    It all depends on the kind of actions the said persons take. If these actions cause trouble and or result in damage or loss of life and property, then surely silence cannot be maintained in such situations. Remember silence is gold. But to keep silent when justice and peace is being threatened is foolhardy and dangerous. We must speak up when people around us commit an act that goes against the social norms of humanity.

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    People have different ways of behaving and addressing with each other and every individual has a specific style of his own. I do not think that they would change for us until they are dependent on us financially or emotionally.
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    If there is a possibility and hope that the people would improve upon or change their stances by giving them more chances then only it makes a sense to think of giving chance to them. How many chances we have to give is entirely depends on our own judgement. Another important point in this reference is sometimes we have no interest to consider their offence or mistake and then we can simply ignore them instead of giving a chance. Sometimes giving chance to them makes them feel as if they are important and then they do same mistake or offence in an elevated way.
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    People are of many types to get corrected. It is told in Tamil very funnily. People are of three types 1)Camphor, 2)coal and 3)banana stem. The first type say camphor got the fire immediately, like that people of this type grasp quickly what we are saying and correct themselves. It will take time to make understand in the second type people as fire can be initiated in the coal by step by step but once got it will work well. But the third type people cannot very easily making them even to understand what we are saying as it very difficult to fire the banana stem.

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    @ 708146 Impressive response given by the author as the banana stem cannot be consigned to flames that easily.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    According to the government, officially, a person can be given three chances by warning them three times. If it is repeated for the fourth time, the defaulter can be awarded punishment as deemed fit. A demotion, a suspension, a dismissal etc.

    According to myths, Lord Krishna tolerated Sisubalan's abuses 100 times. When he exceeded 100, with his 101th abuse, Krishna sent Sisubalan to hell.

    There is a limit to patience and tolerance. When things go beyond one's tolerance, action should be initiated.

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