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    Does color really affects our mood ?

    Many people says that the colors affects us. Colors plays very important role in our life and many times it have different kind of energies with them.Spectrum of Sun rays has seven colors and we have seven days in a week, If the matter is related to the Sun's spectrum, then colors should be equally important in the whole world, but it is not so. Some wear different color of cloths as per day like .. Yellow on Thursday, Green on Wednesday etc. But at the same time different countries adopted different color pattern on different occasion,

    What is the effect of colors and whether it is spiritual or scientific ? Members what do you think.
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    Yes, colors matter much in our daily life existence and deciding the clothes to be worn and it is the fact with many that if they deviate from the colors they like, the mood would be inconsistent and that would lead to doing things in different way and even fumble doing right things. Everyone of us are having liking to different colors and we chose such kind of clothes which attract us. And even our well wishers and daily meeting persons also note our liking of colors and they even advance to gift the same kind of color clothes as gift during occasions. For example my daughter would come with me for shopping to chose the clothes of ready made and when she would see all the colors and combination but when it comes to final selection, she ultimately chose the black color which more dear to her and she has much collections of black color.
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    Colours do play a role in our daily life but I would not say it has to do with spiritual or science. We all like colours and my favourite may be different. In the same house, the colour choice of each person may differ so it cannot be as per family, religion or science but purely on the interest of each one.

    Many people have started associating colour with religion, days and what not but let colour be colour and your preference of choice be your and not of others. It is like we have categorised Orange for Hindus, green for Muslims, white for Christians, blue for Buddhist, etc. Just because the colour of the flag used on top of worship is of that colour can we say that all Hindus or Muslims or Christians like that colour? No! colours are simple and beautiful, let it not divide us.

    It is said that colour has the energy and even help us be motivated by seeing them. We all have a choice of colour and we all feel positive with its presence or it changes our mood. People do use a specific colour for specific functions or festivals but that is all man-made. We also assign dress code for gathering, so is it concerning any religious or scientific belief, we just choose that colour as we want it to be different and new. Some say it has spiritual or scientific but for me, I just choose the colour what I feel right at that time.

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    Colour will give pleasure to us and a combination of colours will give a feast to our eyes. Different people will have a liking for different colours. I like the green colour. Some may like red. These colours will have different wavelength and science says a white colour is a combination of seven colours (VIBGYOR).
    Colour therapy is a famous therapy these days. In this therapy, colour sare used to heal physical and emotional problems. It is also known as colour healing.
    Wearing colourful dresses, painting different colours to the walls of the house and selecting the articles based on the colour, like this we will have the colour as a criterion for selecting items.
    Artificial colours are not good and they are made of dyes which are very dangerous for health. So we should try to minimise the use of synthetic colours. Naturally coloured items like flowers, fruits and vegetables are good. But adding colours made synthetically should not be added to food items.

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    I agree that the colors are telling something which are in our inner mind. But the mood out on seeing some colors is not acceptable by me as it will affect our mentality as that thought occupies our mind if we hate some color. A friend of mine always against in seeing red color. I told him it would affect his mind. Different colors are there and it will be liked by different people. In cinemas we are seeing odd color shirts and pants are worn by the hero and other actors, though it cannot be followed in our routine, it is likable and they are noted for such dresses.

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    Colours are associated with various emotions. Early on our ancestors used colors to send messages and inspire their people. For example let's take red. This colour has association with love, harmony and bonding. Which is why we find this colour being used in marriages and various social functions like anniversaries etc. Similarly blue is considered to be a healing colour because if it's association with water and sky. You may also find various pills we take sometimes coated blue for this very reason. These are associations our society and our culture has hardwired into us. Hence they do affect us psychologically.

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    It is an interesting topic and yes, it is true that sometimes colours affect our moods. Human nature is very peculiar. It requires change continuously in our lives. We are much affected by the monotony and routine things in our lives. So anything that gives us a change is always welcome and it is believed that it is good for our mental health also. Going for a picnic, enjoying with friends, tracking, hiking, a visit to the park, going out to eat, attending a function, dancing in a gathering, playing outdoor games etc are some of the activities that provide us change from our routine and deserve appreciation. It is same thing with colours also. There are so many colours around. We see one colour then we see another colour. It is a change. It is always soothing to the eyes. Some people hate their workplace or school dresses. They are actually symbol of discipline but at the same time they bring monotony in life. No one likes monotony and everyone seeks for change.
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    Whatever be the scientific reason behind it colours give us a sort of visual pleasure and people have fancy and choices towards colours. Different people have different choice in this respect and the dress makers are at their wits end to find new colours to attract the customers.
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