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    Nature is very furious on mankind

    The way rain has been battering some parts of the country and virtually no rain in some other places proves that the nature is so furious on the mankind. The floods, heavy rains are happening continuously and giving challenging situations for the people with no power, water entering the homes, cannot go out for fetching the essentials and the soaring costs of vegetables and fruits. Some respite would certainly give the people a chance to buy things and even store for the future. But, drizzling non stop is the nasty thing happening since two weeks.
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    Yep, it's raining cats and dogs for the past few days. Yes you could call it nature's fury, and who should be held responsible. We humans cut trees and forests. Pay no heed to climate changes. Excess indulgence and overuse of natural resources and then expect that nature will create a swarga on Earth. Well sorry to say Earthlings we'll be kicked into naraka on account of our activities. And that's what you can say we're experiencing right now.

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    True, it is nature's way of telling that it is far superior than all of us. It is raining heavily in some parts, even the animals in the nation parks couldn't be saved. The cities are all drowned in water and people have very little to survive upon. The Govt, NDRF, etc are doing their best, and much is to be done.

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    From the last five days, it is raining very heavily in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. I am hearing that the rains are very heavy in almost all parts of the country. Definitely, Nature is very angry with mankind. It is showings that it is much superior to all of us.
    This year all of us suffered heavily due to COVID19. Nobody is having confidence and all are trying to see that they will not get attacked by that. Now floods. Many rivers are overflowing and floods affected many areas. Warangal, the second-biggest city after Hyderabad in Telangana is now completly underwater and ministers are doing an aerial survey of the city.
    The situation should be understood properly by human beings and they should stop abusing nature and maintain a clean environment. Then only we can be happy and nature will be normal.

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    We get angry if others do not obey our words and do some harm to us even if it is our own children. Similarly it is not a new as the nature furious on mankind as Human are spoiling nature as anything and going against the nature. We make pollute the air with smoke/chemical factories, we pollute sound in one way, we pollute water in one way, and we cut trees for our own interest. By doing all these things we are scolding nature.
    We cannot predict exactly about the nature's next action but we refuse to believe the existence of God or Super power.

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    Human can not rule the nature in any way, We are part of this nature with our bones and hearts, our existence is between nature, not outside it. In our every victory over it lies the fact that humans are in a better position than all other living beings in understanding and applying the laws of nature. One is also aware of the immediate and far-reaching effects of interfering with the traditional ways of nature. Due to the tremendous progress made in science, we are in a much better position to understand the truth and thus are also in a better position to control it, but when the nature takes its revenge, no technology will work. As much as human will progress, equally, a person will not only be aware, but will also have the knowledge that it is in good harmony with nature itself.
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    Nature never does anything without warning and be it rains or scorching heat in summer or chilly winters. Every season we notice something really different and out of the normal course we were used. Global warming, depleting ozone layer, receding biodiversity, ever increading human population, rampant extraction of natural resources and never ending human consumption will eventually end up in disaster.

    No need to give any proof, we already are living proof of the changes we have seen in hardly 2 decades as to how the things have turned out. I never had to go to a bird sanctuary or garden to watch birds or butterfly, they all used to fly around in our own garden. I remember very well my childhood, as I never used an AC in summer, it was not even needed. I drank directly from the tap, never heard of RO. Now, in present times all these have become necessity. The changes are visible and so does the effect, but are we willing to accept and make a difference for the future generation to come.

    We will be another dinosaurs soon if we don't mend our ways and start living a balanced life. Nature is all about balance and it knows very well how to maintain it. We need this planet more than it need us. This planet will flourish when we perish or maybe it will wipe us out and these flood, drought, jungle fire, etc are just a warning signs for what may follow.

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    You can say it's the reaction. We have acted in a rude way with nature and now it's the turn of nature. The change in weather is noticed everywhere and the change is sudden. Nowadays, it's difficult to distinguish between the seasons and mostly the summer and winter is predominant. The rain is present almost throughout the year at some places or the other and floods are experienced frequently. Still, we do not care much for nature. We do not follow the emission control measures and when there is a restriction on the use of certain fireworks we try to question the authorities. We throw garbages here and there and it clogs the sewerage system. The use of plastic packets cannot be reduced effectively for want of an alternative. All these have a cumulative effect on nature and the nature's fury that we are witnessing so frequently nowadays is the outcome.

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