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    Does the first thought of the morning really decide our day ?

    Why is it that the day we wake up happy in the morning, the whole day goes well because maybe after we wake up we produce positive energy by a positive though. But sometimes it happens that due to an unhappy dream, the whole mind does not work like that and just makes a strange irritation and then the whole day goes bad.

    Does the early morning really affect the activities of the entire day or is it just because of human form of thinking because we have a mindset that when we feel bad in the morning, we think the whole day is going to be bad and then the same happens. Many times people just make up the mind as they hear from others and then they become like others.

    I don't think if the mood is bad for some reason while we getting up in the morning, then the whole day goes bad, what do you think?
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    When you have a good sleep, you wake up with a good mood with positivity. This would give you the energy and the spirit to at least take up your plans for the day in the right way. And it is said, well begun is half done. So at least the start of the day is good. However, it may not be so through out the day. One might face challenges and odd moments which would not be happy. Similarly, even if one is in a bad mood in the morning, he/she might have a mood lift after seeing someone or having an unfinished task completed. And the day then goes on pretty well.
    So, the first thought may not decide the entire day, but the thought prevailing in the mind throughout should be strong enough to keep your mood right.

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    The very first thought may create a series of good thoughts. Thoughts create mood and subsequent actions. But this sometimes does not work if someone breaks the series of bad thoughts by reading or dealing with good people. Thus, We can decide to remain in bad mood or positive mood.
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    It all depends on the prespective and belief system of the individual. If the person believes that his/her dream fortells something. Then the individual will keep thinking about it and depending on the nature of dream will end up doing things he/she saw in the dream. It works on the same principle that of self-fullfiling prophecy. You're right in that we should not have blind faith and trust our inution and our faith in ourselves over all. A person with strong self-confidence is rarely waivered by thoughts or impulses and negative vibes. That being said there are true dreams which are rare and offer deep insight into problems sometimes offering solutions and sometimes foretelling certain events. This phenomena is as of now being scientifically studied and is known as mental time travel.

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    Sure. The whole day will be pleasurable one if we make our mind pleasure when we wake up. If we got feeling of dull or laziness or sullen the whole day out. For this our elders advise us to get up in the early morning that is before 5.30 am. It is mainly because of the free in noise etc., If we have a light walk in the outside by that time after brushing the fresh air and chillness will make our mind and body pleasure. If we wake up from bed by half an hour or one hour late, either our inmate, house persons or milk/paper wallah wake up us which normally make us mood out and thereby the whole day work get spoiled.
    For this another idea my grand father used to tell us, even before going to bed itself we can plan the next day work and wake up in the early morning, do some meditation. Here meditation means nothing but chanting the names of God etc. by concentrating your mind into it for at least half an hour.
    Not only on this. But when we start cooking also we should keep our mind free from all thoughts as it totally spoil the cooking and the suffering will be for all including ourselves.

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    Those who are self confident and has the trust on themselves, they plan the things one day in advance and for that what ever prerequisites are there are also kept in order and therefore next day program and how to move things are pre-decided and therefore there should not be any problems even the morning thoughts turn out to be negative or not happening. And those who have the habit of planning well in advance would also see for any adverse effects in offing for the next day. For example when the when it is forecast to rain for at least three days in a row, we should not plan anything for outing or any major programs which needs to have the gatherings of many. And even our morning thoughts say that the situation is amicable to carry on the work of the day. we are helpless as the program has been slated for future days.
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    True. I also experienced this many times. Immediately after getting up from the bed, what thought will come in our mind will decide our day. When we get up, if we think that we have to do a particular work, our focus will be there on that job only throughout the day and we may give preference to complete that work. That is why we should have good thoughts when we get up. We should think that the day will be good and we will be successful. Then we will be definitely going to have a good day.
    We should plan our day in advance and by the time we get up we should have the thoughts related to that plan only.

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    It is not about the first thought of the morning decide our day but a good sleep do decide your day. When we have slept good and wake up fresh, we feel positive and energetic. This thought makes our day. It is not about the quantity but quality of sleep that we had during the night. We might have some stress or tension or pending work that keeps on popping up in our head and keep us restless which does not allow us to sleep well and when we wake u, we feel tired and dull. This dullness is carried with us the whole day making us feel exhausted and irritated. When we had a good sleep, we feel really happy and relaxed which is very important to keep ourself joyful and this itself gives us the energy to face everything with a smile. This is this positive energy that makes our day and what we call the first thought but it's good to sleep that is the result of what keeps us active.
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    The day is decided by our actions. If we do not do what is needed to be done then we feel bad. It is not necessary to begin the day with a thought. Getting up from bed when you wake up from sleep is important. Just lying in bed by thinking about what you will do now or something like it is another boring day can demoralize you. Wake up with a smile and start your day. You will get the whole day to think of many things. If possible, go for a morning walk. It will change the way you think.

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