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    Gold price is going high and high to the sky.

    Gold is moving at a faster speed and reaching the height that we can't see it. The gold price has doubled up within four years. In 2016, the price was 21000+, and in 2020 it is 42000+. Anyone who invested in gold is the luckiest guy.

    Have you invested in gold and got the profit?

    Below is the chart showing the price of gold for the last 95 years. You can come to know how many times the value of gold is multiplied from your year of birth.
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    I am attaching the image in this response as it is not clear in my summary attchment.
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    The price of the gold is increasing day by day and not to the reach of the common man. Even the poor who performs the marriage of his daughter would try to purchase gold even on credit taking money others. Such is the craze for the gold and without gold the marriages are inconclusive and those grooms who said that they do not mind gold would seek the same when the price fall down. But it is really alarming that gold prices are increasing without any reason. In just four years the prices were doubled and that is really challenging for every one. I remember during the 1996 period when Devi Jewelers opened their shop in Hyderabad the rate was 5160 and within 24 years the gold prices 42000 now which is the increase of manifold to which we cannot even think of gold price in future. Those who have kilos of gold are the true beneficiaries.
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    The Gold rate is very high these days. It has gone up to Rs. 55000/- per 10 grams. But after that, I heard that it has come down. In 2000 I purchased gold at the rate of around 10000/- per 10 grams. Now it is 55000/-. That means the price is gone up by about 5.5 times in a span of 20 years.
    Silver also becoming very costly and both these metals are not in reach to a common man. But I am seeing people are not going back to purchase gold. All the gold shops are full. How people are managing the money is a question mark. These days savings in other instruments is not giving good returns and that may be a reason for this.

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    Surely the price of this yellow metal has soared to a new level being quoted Rs 55,000/- per 10 GM. recently and now for the common men, it will beyond the reach to meet the expectation of his daughter during the time of marriage. This will pinch both the daughter and father. Even Silver is following the same foot print in respect of price advancement.
    But the now the question is what should be the maximum limit beyond which it would not move at the present. Let the price of this metal not be judged by the handful traders but the common men should take lead roles in the determination of price of this metal. Pandits, reformers and sensible leaders should come forward to arrange the marriages without the offerings of gold. With the drop of demand of this metal, we could manage its price to a manageable level.

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    Gold and silver are currently on a high tide. Surely the past investments in these two shining metals is now paying off enormously. It is quite a trend in past several decaded as shown in the image shared by Sun sir.

    At the time of my marriage in 2009 the gold prices were 12000/- per 10 Grams. Now its nearing its 5 folds value with a recent spike in Gold prices. If I consider the ornaments made by my parents for my marriage, it is certainly the best investment. It has given 4.5 to 5 times multiplied returns.

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    Gold is a very attractive investment option for many investors and I remember in the earlier times some people used to buy gold whatever little quantity they could buy every year and accumulated it over a long time enjoying the growth in their investment. It has given a good yield over the years and those who can hold it for a long time are actually benefitted. The rise in gold prices was never a smooth process. It depended on so many factors but the interesting thing was that in long run it was very beneficial to the investors. Before the present rise the gold was hovering around Rs 30000 per 10 grams for quite some time (10-12 years) and many people thought that it had stagnated and would never rise. But the experienced and shrewd investors continued buying it and are happy on their decision.
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    Would you think this is the right time to invest in gold when the prices have raised? Gold is one which grabs the attention of humanity as it has high remake value than diamond. Buying in tits and bits is quite common managed by housewives but if the rates are raising regularly that thought also has to be lost.
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