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    Never interrupt when others try to say something

    There are some people around us who want to make their presence felt and impose upon their ideas and views though there are other people who try to convince and make sure that others understand but many have the habit of interrupting and thus the main clarification is not given heed nor asked again. When we sought the view of the others, we have to given them ample time and hear what they say. If we impose our own thoughts, then what is the use of calling all those to have their say. What is your view on giving more chance to others to make their presence felt.
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    People should learn to talk less and hear more. But many people will do the reverse. They talk more and hear less. This may be due to the thinking that they know better and there is no necessity to hear what others say. They should remember the Creator as hinted us to talk less and hear more by giving two ears and one mouth.
    Many people hear not to understand what others say. They hear to prove others wrong. This is not a good attitude. Hear to understand what others say. Think from their angle and understand their point of view. Then compare that with your views and try to have a meaningful debate. You should give others time so that they will also come out with meaningful points.
    When we want some suggestion from others, we should give them sufficient time to them so that they can think and come out with a meaningful suggestion. If you hurry up them, they may not be able to give you a meaningful suggestion. In such a case, the other person may decide not to say anything.

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    Correct. If we interrupt the matter what they want to say will get disconnected and we cannot get the real substance of his communication. Normally many people do like this. Because of the interruption the matter diverted and the other person may get annoyed or angry and the total discussion will get spoiled. We may have some matter more than that but it is our good part to hear what they are saying.
    Normally I get panic when they interrupt me while I was telling something, but later on I compromise myself that if they are interrupt, it means the matter which I want to communicate is not relevant to the party and I stop telling and just hear what he or she said and leave the place.

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    True , there are many people who always interrupt while others are talking. These people o not care about the seriousness of the time or the situation they just keep talking whether it would be no sense in there talks but they will not want to understand this. People should know when they speak unnecessarily , they wasted their energy . We should talk when someone asking for it . People want to keep away from those who follow this habit to interrupt into others matter.
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    It is not about giving more chance but giving equal chance to others to express their views. If somebody is trying to impose something then we must make things clear to the person regarding the choice of an individual. Along with that we also need to know why that person is trying to impose something without paying any attention to the views of others. The reason for every communication is to express the views of each other. So, if we keep on interrupting we will never know the views of the other person and thus the communication will not be of any use. Communication is effective only when we completely listen to the other person and then express our views. If there is any interruption, a communication gap remains.

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    Yes. It is a bad habit to interrupt while someone is speaking. We should wait for the person to complete his speech, or wait for the pass. Listen carefully, understand properly and then react. I won't tolerate it if someone interrupts my speech. I would get annoyed and stop talking further. Else, I would come out from that group with some excuse.
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    During a group chit-chatting or discussion session, it is often seen that some of the persons try to talk more and take all the opportunities of taking the discussions in their hand and do not give chance to others to speak and at the end feel that they have won the verbal fight. This is actually in a bad taste and shows the dominating nature of the particular person. If we talk ourselves continuously and do not give chance to others then how we would know the views of others and how we would be certain that other persons are really taking interest in the discussions. Many times, they would not be listening to us and just pretending to be attentive.
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    There are some people who have a bad habit of interrupting others and would not allow others to complete their point and would start telling their views and arguments. In long run people avoid such persons and keep a distance.
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