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    Does the society has impact on child development?

    Though the parents take care of nurturing every child with best education, best etiquette, best mannerism etc, All this proves futile when the child meets outside members of society and not the family members. When children of same age meet each other, they tend to learn fast through play way and also pick up good and bad characters which are being portrayed now and then. Some children learn the bad words more easily and even start abusing inside the home. So we must chose the best friends for the child to grow and develop himself.
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    True. Children learn by hearing others and seeing others what they do. So the friend circle will have a lot of impact on the individual. The Kid will be in the house and they learn from the family members. Then once they start going outside to schools, they start seeing many people and in the classroom, there will be many students. They observe all the students and try to learn from them and they will get attracted to some people and mainly learn from them. So the friends will have a lot of impact on the kids. So parents should see that their children are admitted to a good school where other students are also from a similar background so that their habits and behaviours will match.
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    Everything has an impact on a child and parents need to be careful while nurturing a child. There is nothing as best. I may think of something as the best etiquette but you may find even a better one. It is very usual for children to play with their peers outside but they remain outside only for a particular period. Most of the time they stay indoors and behave in the way they are learning from various people. It is not unusual for children to use inappropriate words at home which they learned from someone outside. Here comes the important role of parents and teachers. They need to make the children realize what is acceptable and what is not. If parents are aware of the child from whom other children are learning the inappropriate words they should take a small initiative to talk to the parents or teachers of that child about this behaviour. Everybody has a role in society and it is not something like one child will grow with all the pleasant qualities and some other children will continue to grow up with unacceptable qualities. Think of it, if the number of such children increases would you call the society bad and stop talking with anybody outside the family? When you are aware that a child is doing something unacceptable take the initiative to talk to the child and also to her/his parents. Avoid any confrontation, initiate just a friendly chat with the child and the parents.

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    That's very true. Social environment including family, teacher and friends has a great impact on a child's development. Children's mind becomes very curious so they learn anything very easily. Their imitating capacity is very high. I have noticed that they always follow their elder in the family. If someone speaks wrong then they also start to speak wrong. They are highly affected by peer group and same age group child. In my family, children are coping to this extent that they demand not only the same food item in tiffin box but same colour tiffin box also. So, we need to be careful about the child's development.

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    Author is right. This society is formed by humans and then it changes itself according to this understanding and this society makes a big impact in human life. When a child is young then even if he is at home for the entire time, he is still a part of the society because we are the society, the responsibility of the society is very much for the overall development of children, because the society has whatever rules, these rules help the child is to develop the character within itself, then it can be felt that children make the reflection of the society slowly in their mind and grow up and become an important part of the society themselves.
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