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    Provide the best of education to all girl children

    Those who all for the development of women, should first concentrate on giving the best possible education to girl children. There is nothing wrong in training girl children for a skill oriented profession such as nursing. However, since there are too many nurses being turned out by thousands of colleges, the average salary has come down and the poor nurses do not even earn salaries that exceed three lakhs per annum.

    There are other professions where they are exploited as well. However, the best insurance for a girl is to provide the best of skills in a good profession like media. For example, those who act in television serials now earn decent salaries and they also get changes to do other jobs like compering. A good education in economics would automatically mean that the person reaches the doctorate level and gets the degree as well with a sound knowledge of all research practices.

    The sheer variety of courses available today should make every parent appreciate the need for imparting the best of education to the girl child. Marriage can wait. It is important to get the girl to become a professional in the first instance.
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    It is sad that our society sees girl as somehow inferior to boy. Whereas a girl or a woman is the most important active element in the creation and development of a society. Can you believe it? If the women of a certain society are not active participants in the social development of that society. The said society will collapse no matter how developed or technologically advanced it is. Therefore educating a girl/woman is extremeley important even more important than educating a boy. Nowadays almost all courses are available to everyone both offline and online. If for some reason a girl is unable to join these courses offline she can join them online. But she must get educated otherwise she will not be able to fulfill her role as an active citizen of the nation and channelizing the society in right direction bringing about the right kind of innovations in every sphere if life.

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    Beti Bachao and Sukanya Sameudhi Yojana started by PM Narendra Modiji is to empower the girl child in various means. Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana is an account which can be opened by the parent of any girl child, for a minimum of two girls. This account has to be opened within the girl reaches ten years. The girl child account can be opened in banks as well as post office also.

    We need to raise the financial status and also provide education in accordance with the girl child's interest so that she can flourish with great scores in selected streams. Skill-based education is already planned by PM through NEPS 2020. Marriage is a step in every person's life but education has to be completed within the stipulated period. Adding additional skills can continue at various ages as per requirement.

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    Girls and boys have equal place in the development of any country, similarly girls should also be given equal rights as boys, only then economic and social development of that country will be possible. Our country is backward in the field of education, there are many reasons behind this, such as conservative ideology, poverty and wrong thinking of people. There has been improvement in the field of education in India, but many girls are still backward in the field. If girls are educated, they will also make their children literate and orthodoxy will be less towards women spread in the society. If women are educated, they will have full knowledge about their rights.
    If the country has to move forward then every citizen of our country will have to be educated, we will also have to include women because they too come as a member of our country and without them the development of the country is not possible. The educated women have illuminated the name of our country in their respective fields, it tells that if all women are educated, India will create a new identity in all countries in the coming years.

    Swati Sharma

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    Providing best education to all children is the great thought emanating from the author. The govt, the society and the parents must understand this need of the hour. The girl child is equivalent to boy and there should not any discrimination on any counts and even education. During olden days the girl child would be restricted to do house hold and farm works and parents felt that her education not going to benefit the family anyway. But modern parents are thinking differently, that even after the marriage the girl must be independent on her own and she should able to earn money for her survival. There are mother in laws who want their daughter in laws to study well and grab good job so that the future of the newly married couples hold good. But there are some MIL who thinks that DIL should serve them and her husband at home.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    A woman can't be empowered unless they are provided proper education and skills. It is the most significant that a girl child must be equipped with education. We heard many slogans for uplifting the women and authorizing them in the coveted fields but we still see a huge contrast in delivering knowledge and skills to female students. Proper facilities for educating a girl are nowhere. A lot needs to be done to meet the demands of the girl students and empower them for a better future and secure life. At the end what is on the ground matters not the hollow slogans of beti Bachao, beti padhao. There are many defects in the education system that only seem to aggravate with the new education policy. Girls are still waiting for opportunities to excel in different fields but opportunities seem grim and disappointing despite tall claims.

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    There should not be any discrimination. Either the child may be a son or a daughter, we should treat them equally. As a parent, we have to see that our children will be provided with the best education as per his /her liking. We should not say, you should not get into this course as you are a boy/girl. A boy can also go for nurse training and work as a male nurse. Similarly, a girl can become a pilot if she likes that profession. So we should give importance to the interest of the child irrespective of the gender.
    These days girls are overtaking boys in all the fields. We will not see any area where ladies are not there. There are doctors, scientists, engineers, teachers, players from females. You name any field, we can see ladies there. So one should never think that daughters need not be educated. As a parent. we should ask her interest and see that she will get into that line. These days many parents are feeling that their daughters are more helpful to them than their sons.

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    Parents should take it very seriously and should not differentiate between a boy and a girl as regards the education pursuit and ambitions of the children is considered. Today girls are going for all sort of streams and it is a god sign for or society as we would have more number of educated and professionally trained girls which would definitely empower women to new heights. Unfortunately, in some parts of our country there are still voices of making distinction between the two genders but with time I am sure that women would emerge as winner. As a good citizen it is our duty to support women folks in this struggle wherever we can help our bit.
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    While we see the discrimination of the parents in bringing up their own children dividing them gender wise and the girl child is treated in the different way in terms of both education and other needs. The male child would be admitted in one of the best institutions even sacrificing the other needs of the families and the girl child is the worst sufferer for the no fault of her own. Such a set up of the family demotivates and discourages the innocent child. If we go by the real analysis, the potential of either of the child is dependent upon a number of variables such as family beliefs, providing nutritional foods and encouraging the children for proper education etc. If there is no variation in the values of the families, both will have same competence in any field. The parents should not forget the roles of the female child of undertaking different roles in nurturing her children if she is properly educated. Her education will go a long way in educating her own family if the parents are careful in reshaping the career of the girl child.

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