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    The most memorable crazy/funny event that has happend in your childhood

    Members are requested to share the most memorable crazy/funny event that happened in their childhood. Which they feel also made a larger impact on their journey towards adulthood/adolscence, and are likely to remember this event for the rest of their earthly life.
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    We all have many incidents in our childhood, about which people often tell us and we ourselves laugh at those antics. Everyone teases me over one thing. When I was about 6 years old, I often asked my father for money for chocolate, sometimes he would give it and sometimes not, Daily in the evening me with younger sister and my father, we used to go to the nearby temple. There are some poor sitting used to get money from the people and my father also did the same, then a day at the time of going to play in the evening , I reached the temple with my cousin brother and thought that today after getting much money I will buy many things for me and I will not lose my chocolate. I did not think that everyone from that colony used to come, even Poojari ji used to recognize me, then I was caught and brought home and scolded by everyone because they were angry at the same time they got afraid too. Today whenever we go to the temple, everyone of my family laugh on me again and again and teases me that go sit down at your favorite place. .. I also laugh a lot with them.
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    I used to eat sweets and I used to like sweets too much during my childhood. My grandmother uses to make some sweets and keep them in a tin. She used to keep that tin in height so that children can't reach it. She used to give daily one sweet to each child in the house. But I was not happy by eating one sweet. My grandmother used to tell me that we should not eat more than one sweet per day. The sweets made by her always used to big in size. Oneday in the afternoon all were sleeping. Somehow I want to manage a sweet from the tin and eat it so that I will have double quantity on that day. There was a wooden stool in our house. I slowly pulled that near the tin having sweets. I got up on to the table and tried to take the tin. But I couldn't reach but I slipped from the stool and it created a heavy sound. All the members got woken up and started looking at me as if I am a third. I have no additional sweet but I had a wound on my back. But after growing up I completely stopped eating sweets even though I am not diabetic somehow to avoid heavy weight I stopped eating sweets. Whenever I remember this incident a smile will be there on my face.
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    I remember during my school days we used to do mischiefs in the classroom and other students were much perturbed with this but we continued our fun journey until we were punished once for it. What happened is that we exchanged the bags of the students which were kept under the desk during the interval and when the next class started the whole class was in the shambles and a lot of hue and cry was made. The teacher was furious and by simple cross questioning he could find the culprits and I was one among them. He asked us to stand on our chairs for the whole hour and then gave each of us 10 beatings on our palm with a thin stick. We stopped doing such things after that.
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    When I and my elder brother were children of 12 years, some guests have came to our house. For them mother and aunt made some sooji halwa and bajji. When the guests about to move out, we peeped our head into kitchen and took a handful of soooji halwa in hurry. It was so hot so immediately, instead putting back in the plate we,with fear &hurry put into mouth. Without tolerating the hot in mouth we both spit out . By that time my mother and aunt came inside and scolded us what was hurry as they made sooji halwa afresh for us only. Then onwards we take anything with care.

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    I hated drinking milk when I was a kid . Every morning my mom would give me a big glass of plain milk and she would watch me drink the entire glass . But one day she was so busy with house work that she gave me the milk and left hurriedly . I saw this as an incredible opportunity and poured the milk outside the window and showed my mom the empty glass. But this milk fell on my father who was down starting his bike , ready to go to work . He came up looking furious . I learnt my lesson that day.

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