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    Increasing employability is key at all levels

    It is not uncommon for those who have lost their jobs in the formal IT sector, to work in BPO jobs. It is also not uncommon for ordinary graduates who work in organizations like Swiggy. However, there is a massive exploitation by this organization, as the volumes are down.

    Now that for the next 365 days, we need to have a new normal in our lives with the horrible Corona around, we need some sort of a re-skilling of thousands of people in different fields, so that they will become employable. For example, it is not uncommon to find many teachers of private sector schools fumble with the basic minimum of online teaching skills. This is a new normal and only serious retraining will help such teachers retain their jobs. We need a massive push to increase jobs, with the new normal conditions being a part of us.

    This is more important at the Government level as well. For example, can we have a situation where the Government partners with private sector organizations to impart skills in cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, bakery skills, and so on? These are sort of life skills and every state's Government should think of such contemporary skills. We need urgent action in this regard.
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    Getting skills that are having demand in the market will make you more wanted. Your chances of employability will increase. So anytime, people who want to excel in their profession should concentrate on improving their knowledge and attaining new skills. One should always get to update his knowledge. Then only he can be safe in this present position and will have chances to go further. We can live on our past glory. Last year your good performance may get you a good increment this year. But unless otherwise, you perform well this year you may not be assured of your increment. So skills are required and it is the interest of the individual to get equipped with additional skills so that they will have better chances of growth.
    The days are very difficult and retaining a job itself is becoming difficult. So everybody should think of increasing their level of employability and what is required. The government can help the people in acquiring the skills that are in demand by increasing the avenues and helping the unemployed by giving some scholarships so that they can meet their expenses.

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    What I feel that instead of pondering over the lost jobs, they should forget the situation and move ahead with their capacity and capability to either go for alternate job , self business or be a partner with someone who is already in business. Everyone who has lost the job has one talent or the other and that should be channelized to get into new opportunity. For example if some like minded friends join together and start a new business surely expertise from each one of them would get into great combination of new business. But attempt should be made to go for new business. In fact some banks have the expertise advise officers who can guide and help start a new business fully funded and supported by the same banks. That means idea and finance is ready, then what else one wants to make some best group of friends and go ahead.
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    In the current COVID situation, the employment scenario presents the worst situation in the country. People have lost jobs during the COVID pandemic and they are struggling to earn and feed their families. Not only private school teacher, but everyone who has lost his job in this health crisis and is facing severe problems should be given some help to overcome this crisis.

    And next point, skills are not only a requirement for teachers, but everyone needs it to stay in the competition and, earn and feed his family respectfully. Govt has a challenging crisis ahead when educated people have lost their jobs what would be the govt's approach in boosting the employability. I think govt not only has to great new jobs but they also have to focus on providing skills as well encourage the startups to fill the gap of unemployment crises.

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    Actually speaking, the corona has made people find out the creativity and the skills which were left untampered for years. Now people have enough time to bring forth such skills into their lives to make it help them for their own livelihood.
    Skill-based programmes are also taught by a few teachers online. Since the workloads are minimal expect the work from home staff, the mass employed people have time but has to take an effort in completing the skill-based programmes at this interval time. Never can they get an opportunity besides this period to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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