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    Let us take organic farming to a new level

    Do we have to even think of not going back to mother nature and increasing food production and reviving agriculture? One is given to understand that even in advanced countries, there is a big interest in organic farming. The use of nitrogenous fertilizers is extremely harmful to the very existence of man and one is given to understand that even cancers are caused due to excessive use of the dangerous fertilizers.

    India is already home to a good organic farming movement. Can we now have a situation where the government actively promotes the use of organic fertilizers and gets the social media to highlight everything good about the natural organic fertilizers? When we have such support, a natural extension is the export of organic fertilizers. Let more advanced research throw fresh light on organic farming and fertilizers. The time to act is now.
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    During the Covid period many new changes have been seen in India and one of that is organic farming. The farmers have felt that nothing is better than organic farming and using harmful fertilizers and chemicals giving rise to less production and also very fast deterioration of quality. India is already aware of the organic farming but some farmers want to get benefited through early gains. Already we are getting organic farm products like green leafy vegetables, organic vegetables and even some retail outlets have been opened for this purpose. The only thing that irks the general public is that the prices quoted for the items are very high and ordinary persons who want to change to organic vegetables and fruits cannot revert back that easily. Unless and until many comes to the organic farming the produce price cannot be decreased.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many problems are associated with the increased use of chemical fertilizers in farming. As a result, emphasis is being laid on organic farming and the use of organic-fertilizers. Organic farming is being developed by various organic farming organizations today. It depends on fertilizers of organic origin, pollution of environment, conservation of fertile land and the way of organic farming is very beneficial for human health. For the all round development of human life it is absolutely essential that natural resources are not polluted, to have a clean environment and to get nutritious food, for this we have to adopt organic farming practices which is without polluting our natural resources and human environment, all the public will be able to provide food and will show us the way to live. Our nature is providing us everything what we need to live like food, water, air etc so its our responsibility to keep healthy these resources ans save the nature.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Chemical fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides are very harmful. They should not be used as we like to increase productivity. There are natural manures which will give strength to the soil and plants. They should be used. These days this organic farming is getting a lot of attention. People are ready to pay a little more for these products. So there is an increase in the production of these items. But still, we have to go a long way.
    Productivity is to be seen and how to meet demand is another question. Yields are to be improved so that sufficient quantity will be available in the market. Every house should plan for a small plant area either on the terrace or in the front area or back areas of their house. Then we can have a sufficient quantity of vegetables and fruits. This activity will also improve the environment and health of the people will also become better.

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    Organic farming is definitely a better option and it is so good for our health also. The only problem and constraint that we are observing is that in the name of organic products the sellers are charging a huge price and that is dampening the spirits.
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    Organic farming has a big potential and as it is related to our health and physical fitness people are slowly realising it and spending extra money on these products. Health conscious people would definitely like to consume the organic products only. This would give a boost to the dairy and agriculture also as that is directly related to the organic farming. I remember in our village the cow dung used to be the only manure and it was considered as a precious item those days. But unfortunately the synthetic manures or chemical manures came in the use which pushed the use of natural manures to background.
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