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    Let us have such good public figures

    The highly celebrated singer, Shri SP Balasubramaniam is fighting for his life, after having tested positive for Corona. The entire film industry is praying for his survival. Some politicians, including those from the ruling party at the Center, have also tested positive. The social media is full of prayers in the opposite direction. Some have ventilated all their anger that such persons should die!!

    Not so long ago, even the ruling party had one fabulous personality. His name was Vajpayee, the former PM of India. The imperious Jayalalitha wanted all her corruption cases to be withdrawn. He refused to budge. He was widely respected across the political spectrum. The National road network was a significant achievement of his. Contrast this with the present situation. Look at the abuses hurled at a famous towering personality. We need public figures who can actually be seen to be doing good to all. We do not need politicians who can flame hatred among people. The present situation is an opportunity for some people to reform themselves.
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    I do agree with the author that India needs good persons to guide and take the country to next level. Whether it is politician, public figure or even ordinary people, the thought process should be only nation first and nothing else. We have seen enough corruption, enough nepotism and enough wielding of power through money and muscle and thus even those leaders were died, we are not fondly remembering them. Whereas the people like Vajpayee is always regarded the best PM we have ever had since Independence for his forthright attitude and be frank on the issues. And coming to the issue of good public figure in future, the youth should take the interest and cleanse the politics. If the youth can unite and bring the drastic change in the thought process of not having the old politicians again and again, we can change the system.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    After getting the post, many politicians moving forward and the public is left behind, This has been going on for years. After gaining power, public sentiments are of no importance to the leaders, due to this, society is also falling behind. Earlier leaders used to live for values ??in society and now its meanings are changing. Due to this, it has become very important to pay attention. When you analyse on every small and big event, it comes out that it is due to the disconnection of the responsibilities from the society. It is also surprising that in the education system things like democracy are given very less importance. Due to this, lack of knowledge towards people is also making the society weak. For this, it is necessary that the new thinking, they have the will to take the society forward and to honestly do everything that changes the society, they should come forward and change its direction. Good studies and knowledgeable youth will have to think about it. Leaving the temptation of power, one has to think about the interests of the public and society. After this change in the society is sure to happen. To improve the politics of the country, educated youth will have to enter politics. India's future will also be bright.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    S.P. Balasubrahmanyam is a very famous singer internationally and he sings in many languages. Almost all south Indian languages he knows and he can sing in all those languages. He sang many songs in Hindi movies also. His program 'Paduta Tiyaga ' on Etv Telugu is very famous and that program brought many singers into the limelight. All of us should pray for him and see that he will come out of the hospital safely.
    Political leaders were also very good once upon a time. But slowly the standards in field are coming down and these days political leaders are trying to make as much hay they can make while the sun shines. They never bother about the nation or about people. So they are not liked by many people. There are no ethics these days for many political leaders and they don't bother about what the public thinks about them. They know how they can get votes from the public during elections.

    always confident

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    People might want SPB to come out of the hospital and resume his work. He is a common figure liked by music lovers. His songs reels in our heart from every nook and corner of India. He sang in almost all the Indian languages. Whereas any politician, especially the corrupt may not be of the people liking. Though people may not wish them to die openly, but pray inside their hearts for punishment for their bad deeds.

    I wish and pray for speedy recovery of those who are good and admitted to the hospitals with the deadly virus attack.

    No life without Sun

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