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    Veg and Non Veg are just humans

    I don't know why Indians even discuss the topic of vegetarianism and non vegetarianism. If one is a vegetarian, why is it that he/she feels superior to others that are not?
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    Good question posed by the author. Vegetarians are always sober, thought provoking and understands the feelings of the others as their blood is pure derived from the quality vegetables. Whereas the non vegetarians behave eccentrically, not having the patience , get in to angry mode at the drop of the hat, why because the things they eat has the blood of particular animal or species to which human blood cannot match or tolerate. The taste may be good and even asking for more, but invariably the non vegetarians are loosing their temper and the way behave differently is known to us. That is the reason being so there is feeling of full support and following for the vegetarians and there is no loss of life of animals. We, the vegetarians, leave the thought power to the non vegetarians as to how they chose to behave in future.
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    I believe that vegetarian food is more nutritious and balanced than non-vegetarian, but there are many places in the world where vegetarian food is relatively difficult to get, due to this people also adopted non vegetarian food . By the way, in the era of globalization, all kinds of food items are available at any place. Now what a person eats and what not to eat is a matter of choice. Some people are vegetarian and some are non-vegetarian. But those who are vegetarian want the whole world to become vegetarian. If someone is a vegetarian, he has his own reasons behind it. AS a human we feel sad to see the suffering of animals and we should not harm them just for fulfilling your need.Some people become vegetarian to change their way of life. They have their own logic of becoming vegetarian. I am also pure vegetarian person and advice to others also but end of the it's other's decision.
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    It is wrong to say that vegetarians are sober and nonvegetarians are wild. There are many vegetarians who are wild and fools while there are many nonvegetarians who are sober and intelligent. I would say that the vegetarian and nonvegetarian culture exists in our country. Most of the world's population are nonvegetarians. This divide is mainly among the Hindus in India. Christianity and Islam don't talk about vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism.

    I am from a nonvegetarian family, and most of my family members are soft and sober in nature. According to my understanding, God has created animals for human consumption and survival. The vegetarian food items are meant for animals to eat and survive for the human beings.

    Just think about a situation if we don't consume fish at sea, and the condition of the sea.

    Even there are Hindu Gods who is believed to be non Vegetarian.

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    Veg or non-veg, it is only about choice. One can't be forced what to eat and whatnot. People have choices - some like to relish non-veg and some wish to eat veg, while some are pleased with both veg and non-veg food. It is also about the taste that is suitable to one's taste buds.
    However, sobriety and intelligence doesn't depend on what a person eats. It only provides you with energy to carry your daily activities when one sweats in their work. There is nothing to do with the behaviour of a person. Eating doesn't affect the rationality of a person. Some qualities are innate while some problems can be improved in an individual with proper guidance.

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    Food plays an important role in changing our temperament. Vegetarian foods are the natural foods since the same has not been derived from the plant origin. Absorption rate of vegetarian food in our system does not take enough time and as such this may be considered as healthy consumption. Though the consumers taking both the dishes may opt for non vegetarian foods as their number one priority. This may be because of the taste of non vegetarian foods because of addition of excell oil and spices. Such combinations though enhance taste but the digestion take enormous time. Finally the blood formed after such intake of foods may elevate the temperament of the consumers and taking such foods regularly will elevate cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

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    Food is the choice of the individual. Some may like vegetarian and some may like non-vegetarian. A vegetarian person can also be wild and non-vegetarian can be sober. But vegetarian food is more healthy than non-vegetarian. This has been told by doctors. Nobody can claim that vegetarians ate superior to non-vegetarian. It is foolish to think like that.
    We have amendments to our food habits based on our health condition. Generally, Doctor's will advise the patient if they have to follow any food restrictions. The individual should follow them. A diabetic patient should not eat sweets and sugar. Similarly, a person having high BP should eat less salt and chillies. If we violate these restrictions our health condition will get worst. I know many diabetic patients whose condition has become chronic due to their negligence and bad food habits.

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    What is the harm in discussing a topic? Unless you are discussing something you won't be able to understand it fully. When people discuss on a particular topic they discuss many aspects which ultimately helps to understand things from various perspectives. It's human nature to discuss and compare things. Not only in India, but it also happens everywhere in the world. Nowhere in the world, you will find such a variety of people in terms of attire, culture, language and food habits. Discussions about such differences are very usual in our country.

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    No one in this thread opposed discussing this topic. Why such irrelevant response #708052?

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    Sun, Sankalan's response is to the main thread part in which the author asks why Indians discuss about the topic.
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