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    What was your Maximum Adsense Income day?

    We keep open adsense account and check how much we have earned that day. You must remember the day when you made good adsense income.
    What was your maximum ad sense earning?
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    No one can predict the exact daily income through Google AdSense because it all depends on what kind of articles written and uploaded and approved and how the netizens read them and take into stride will alone result in more visits and more clicks to the articles. Some articles may be good from the point of view of the author, but the reader or the net user may not be interested in that case the revenue from our article cannot be assure or even not forthcoming. Moreover, Google will release the adsense aggregate once it crosses 100 dollars threshold and that means as a member more and more articles must be uploaded and approved regularly.
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    To earn money from Google Ad Scene is kind of lottery depending upon a number of variables such as regular uploading your articles accompanied by heavy visit of the traffic with their clicks in your contribution. Though your article is of high order but the visitors don't click on the same, you will loose your earnings.
    Moreover, their payment procedure is difficult and once you achieve the threshold limit of 100 dollars, payment will be processed. It is entirely your luck to have the regular income from the source of Ad Scene unless they make changes in the payment system.

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    It is easy to find out the maximum earning through your performance chart provided by Google AdSense. Unfortunately, I am not able to open my google account to view my performance.
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