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    Let us reward the encounter specialusts

    Somewhere in Hyderabad or near the city, four criminals had raped a very young girl and burnt her. The criminals were arrested and the encounter specialusts were honoured by the public. Such criminals should die only in encounters. We need specialist officers to do the job of encounters.

    The smart officer from Hyderabad should be mandated to train a group of young police officers. Just yesterday, a criminal has thrown a country bomb and killed a police official in South Tamil Nadu. We could have even saved that police official I'd some specialists had shot down the criminal earlier in encounters.

    In true film style, it always turns out that the criminal has political support. The police have files with all details all atrocities done by the criminals. Yet, the criminals go Scot free and the courts are unable to do anything. This is not something that we can tolerate. Let us have encounter specialists. The State Governments should institute cash awards and honour them for every single encounter in which they are successful in shooting down criminals.
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    I agree that police should have powers to punish the criminals. Many police are losing their lives in the hands of such criminals. As such why not criminals should not die in the hands of police. The so-called human rights organisation leaders will make nice when a criminal dies in a police encounter. They will never open their mouths when some police die in the hands of criminals.
    When 4 criminals lost their lives in an encounter many people raised their voice against that police. But what is the justice done to the victim? Nobody asked. There was an enquiry commission also to investigate the encounter. Probably the commission couldn't find anything against the police. That is why no agitation from this human rights wing.
    In India, politicians play a very important role in every area. They encourage criminals and there the problem starts. There is always a delay in sorting out and punishing the criminals. This should change and criminals should be punished as quickly as possible after they did the crime. Then only there will be a better Law and order system in our country.

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    If the police is given sweeping powers and without any political interventions they can take some quick and varied decisions to bring the accused to the jail or even take the action of finishing them with encounter. When Hyderabad Disha case was going on, there was uproar, upsurge from the people and they virtually gheroed and lay siege and demanded the four criminals be handed over to the public and they would punish them because the atrocity and crime was blood chilling. Having sensed the huge support of public for Disha and if the case is left to the mercy of courts, then there are every chance of dragging the same for years together and the reason for demanding immediate actions on the hooligans has lost. So the Top police official brought them to the same site and made them to run to finish as the encounter as all of them died on the spot. Such brave officers must be rewarded.
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    It is said 'Behind every successful man, there is a woman.' Similarly, behind every successful and scot free criminal, there is a politician or a policeman. In our country, criminals work with the police like hands and gloves. And there are lawyers who support the criminals and find ways to escape from crime.
    When there is a prima facia case, punishment to criminals should not be delayed.
    I do not agree with the author's suggestion to finish the criminals in encounter. Suitable punishment should be awarded by the judiciary without any delay. Law needs to be amended, not to encourage encounters.

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