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    Online Academic Conversation Contest-Participate and Win Prizes!

    Here is an opportunity for you all to not only showcase your writing skills but to exhibit how well you converse. During this pandemic situation, the one term which we repeatedly hear is 'Online Classes'. So, let us use that as the topic of our contest to develop an interesting and informative conversation. All members including editors are welcome to participate.

    The theme: Online Academic Conversation Contest.

    What you have to do: Submit a conversation on any one of the scenarios mentioned below. The conversation should happen between 2 - 4 persons (not more than 4). You can give names to the people or you can also just give the designation of the people involved in the conversation (e.g: Principal, Maths Teacher, HOD-ECE Department, etc). The conversation set should be a Video conferencing call/ Zoom meeting/any online meeting. The conversation should be in English only. Do not use indecent words, slang words, SMS language, short forms and double meaning dialogues. The conversation can be formal or informal depending upon the scenario. You can have a small and crisp introduction before the conversation (only if it is necessary). Submit your conversation in response to this thread.

    List of scenarios:
    1. Students from different schools/colleges sharing their experiences of online classes.
    2. The college principal discussing with the HODs about the online academic strategies to get more students interested in joining their college.
    3. Parents discussing their kids' interests in online classes.
    4. Teachers or Professors discussing the different ways on how to give assignments and conduct online tests to the school/college students.
    5. College HODs discussing with their department faculty about innovative ways to conduct online classes in their respective technical subjects.
    6. Teachers from different schools discussing tools, devices and software they are using to conduct online classes.
    7. Professors discussing with the HODs of their respective departments about the difficulties/problems they face while conducting online learning sessions and the ways to solve it.
    8. Teachers/Professors from different schools/colleges sharing their online teaching experience.
    9. School Teachers discussing with the Principal about how to conduct interactive online classes for primary class students.
    10. Parents sharing their suggestions/comments/complaints regarding online classes to the teachers in an Online Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meeting.

    1. Each member can submit one entry only. The entry should be submitted in a proper conversation format as a response to this thread only.
    2. You can select any one of the above-given scenarios even if there are already conversations submitted on it by some other members.
    3. The conversation must have only one relevant internal link to any page of ISC. It will be especially useful to give a link to a school/college/course page/AE academic-related query/articles.
    4. There is no maximum or minimum word limit as such, but the conversation should be concise, to the point and not too lengthy, approx. 650-700 words. The conversation should have a proper start and conclusion (meaning, it should not end abruptly).
    5. The conversation should be informative, and realistic.
    6. You are allowed to edit your entry only to correct the spelling, grammar, put an internal link, etc but do not change the core content and conversational dialogues after the first submission.
    7. Do not violate the posting guidelines and general forum policies of ISC. Learn how to create a hyperlink.

    Sample format for the entry:
    Scenario: (Mention the scenario you have selected from the above-mentioned list)
    A conversation between teacher and principal

    1. The best two entries will be given a cash prize of Rs.100/- along with a certificate of creativity.
    2. The next best entry will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 75/-
    3. Other suitable entries will be considered for additional points and cash, max. up to 25 points and 25 cc.

    Note: We may increase the prizes depending on the quality of the content submitted.

    If you have any doubts, kindly post your query in a response to this thread itself. Please do not post unnecessary responses and comments in this thread other than the doubts related to this contest.

    The last date to submit your entry is 25th August 2020, midnight (IST). The content submitted after the deadline will be summarily rejected.

    Spin your wheel of conversational skills, generate ideas and start writing realistic academic conversations. All the best!

    Update(23.08.2020): The closing date has been extended to 29th August 2020, midnight(IST)
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    Members, Since many of you are busy with Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, we have decided to extend the closing date to 29th, August 2020. We request all the members to participate in this contest and win prizes. Do not lose your spirit of participation, utilize this opportunity wisely. We are waiting for interesting entries. Go ahead and show your conversational skills.

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    Editor Soundarya,
    I appreciate your well-conceived contest on Online Conversation. It is new to all. I have my own thoughts about Online classes. My conversational ability is good. But I am a bit hesitant now. Because the judgments go wrong. Therefore the efforts put in, time and energy spent in writing go waste. In a few recently concluded contests, I have observed this and raised queries that are yet to be answered. Therefore I lost my spirit of participationin contests. Anyway, I may/may not try my best to participate before the closing date. Wait for the participants. Your efforts to conduct this contest should not go waste. All the best.

    No life without Sun

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    This is a nice contest. I believe members should participate in this one. The concept sounds new and fun. Writing a convo between the above mentioned participants sounds challenging. Hope everyone can work out on this one. Kudos to the Editor for brining in such a new and exciting concept.

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    My entry-

    Scenario: Online Parents Teacher meeting for grade 1, Amanora Pearson School, Pune.
    A conversation between the class teacher, parents, and the principal.

    Principal: Good Morning dear parents and teachers. We are here to thank you for all efforts you are putting in to make the online classes successful. Today, we will discuss the online tests to be conducted online in the coming time. Then parents can share or discuss the doubts and problems and we will be more than happy to solve them at the earliest. Reema Ma'am, please carry forward the meeting.

    Reema Ma'am: Good morning Parents! Thanks for your time for this online meeting which is aimed to have an interactive session for all of us. I should start with the details of the online tests getting conducting later this month.

    Parent: Online tests! Is it actually feasible and even required for grade 1 kids? Aren't they too young to appear in any online test?

    Reema Ma'am: Ma'am, online schooling was also not easy for kids but now it is getting conducted very easily. Please do not consider these tests as a burden and it is just like learning for them. It is really necessary to monitor their understanding of the lessons they are taught.

    Parent: But ma'am, how will they perform online? They never ever have done this before.

    Reema Ma'am: We will conduct trial tests as revisions for them in the same format and they will get enough practice. And all this will be done during school hours only, so it will not be an additional burden for you. We understand that many of you are working from home and it becomes really difficult to monitor your kid's online school, hence we are trying our best to make it feasible for kids.
    Please note that the timings will be the same as that for school and the time table with the syllabus will be shared with you in a week's time.

    Parent: That is really great Ma'am! Thanks for all the efforts.
    Ma'am, as the kids are not coming to school, not using the resources, we request you to give some sort of discount on the fee.

    Principal: I am sorry to interrupt the discussion here. I have received the same request from many parents. Dear parents, although the school resources are not getting used, we being an employer for our hard-working and dedicated employees, need to pay their salaries. We also need to take care of all the requirements for online classes and that includes laptops, WiFi, etc. We have distributed laptops and have made sure that all our teachers are having high-speed internet connectivity so that our kids can get uninterrupted classes. And all this is done at no additional cost to our dear parents.
    So, I request you all, please understand the situation we are facing and do not ignore the efforts we are making to make the online classes successful.

    Parent: Yes Ma'am, I understood the fact and can imagine the terrible situation of teachers if they are partially paid or not at all paid.

    Reema Ma'am: Thank you Principal Ma'am for clearing the doubt in such a simple way. So, parents if there are any other doubts to be cleared, please feel free to ask.

    Parent: Ma'am, can I request you for the time change as I am also working and have the same timings.

    Reema Ma'am: Ma'am, please understand that most of the parents are working from home and having different working hours. It is really difficult for us to satisfy everyone's needs. In fact, we also need 2-3 teachers to conduct every online class efficiently so I again request you to please adjust at your end and we are also planning to conduct the classes in rotating shifts so that parents will get relief in the same rotating shifts as per their timings.
    So, it is time to end the meeting here. Parents, please consider our Amanora School as your own family and we all are members of it. We should work with mutual support to make it work during this pandemic.
    Have a good day!

    [Winner of the contest]


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    Scenario: Teachers from different schools discussing tools, devices and software they are using to conduct online classes.

    A conversation between the 3 science teachers from different schools.

    This online imaginary conversation is conceived between the 3 teachers 1 each belonging to Apeejay School, New Horizon Public School, and Bal Bharati Public School in Navi Mumbai area. We call them teacher 1, teacher 2, and teacher 3 for sake of convenience.

    Teacher 1: Good morning friends. We were trying to meet online for quite some time and discuss about the issues that we were facing in teaching science subjects to the students and I am happy that we could do it today.

    Teacher 2: Good morning.

    Teacher 3: Good morning.

    Teacher 1: We have started online teaching class but in science subjects till we are teaching the theory part most of the students are getting along and sometimes they ask questions and we clarify them but the problem is coming in practicals where they are not able to grasp the things so easily. Are you people also having some difficulties?

    Teacher 2: We are also facing this difficulty and finding ways to tackle with this. Right now we are showing them experiments by focussing the camera in close up for real time feel of the experiment but there are issues about resolution and other things.

    Teacher 3: We have recently installed some good video conferencing equipment in our labs and from that we are able to project good images to the children who are viewing them in their video app and as per the feed back received from them as well as their parents, they are happy about it.

    Teacher 1: Can you please pass on that information to us in our email so that we would also consider installing it or similar device in our laboratory for better transmission of the data. Thanks for this information.

    Teacher 2: I think I would also let our management know about this equipment. This is very much needed to project a clear and precise image on the screen of the laptop of the student. Can you please pass on the information to me also.

    Teacher 3: I would be happy to do so.

    Teacher 1: We have recently come across an online app known as 'LabOnLaptop'. It is very interesting and useful for the students of our school and incidentally it was awarded by Intel corporation under "India Innovate 2010" Contest. This is one of such apps that are mushrooming now in the online to help the students understanding the science experiments. It is like a virtual lab and the experiments are shown with real pictures of equipments and other practical related accessories. I have gone through this app and it appears quite helpful.

    Teacher 2: I have also come across one app that is 'Google's Science Journal' which is available free in play store and it can be used for devising science projects. There are vast opportunities for that in this app as it can record some data also in it from outside through the mobile sensors.

    Teacher 3: Thanks for the information about these apps. I think there would be many more like that in the play store if we search for them and definitely they would be beneficial for the students.

    Teacher 1: Thank you for todays meeting and I have gained much from you people.

    Teacher 2: For me also it has been very useful and I thank both of you.

    Teacher 3: I think we can have these online meetings periodically so that we can be benefited by each others experience.

    Teacher 1: I propose to hold these meetings once in a month. What do you people feel?

    Teacher 2: Ok. I agree for that.

    Teacher 3: It is alright. If there is nothing more from your side we can close the session.

    Teacher 1: Ok.

    Teacher 2: That is all for today. Good bye friends.

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    Scenario: Parents sharing their suggestions/comments/complaints regarding online classes to the teachers in an Online Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meeting.

    Parents and teachers meeting.

    This is a virtual meeting. This is a meeting held on Zoom and the School Head Master (HM) conducted the meeting. Another two teachers also participated in the discussion (Teacher 1 and Teacher 2) and parents of the children also participated in the discussion (Parent). In that town, this Sri Vijetha Public School, Mandapeta is one of the best schools.

    HM: Welcome to all the parents of students studying 6th class in our School. You all know the pandemic situation and the problems we are facing because of this. All of you are very cooperative and responding well to the online mode of education to your children. I want all of you to share your ideas and suggestions so that we can improve the teaching methodology. The teachers who are also participating will also share their problems and I hope the meeting will be useful for all of us in making online teaching success.

    Parent: Thank you. I am happy that you are conducting online teaching successfully. As parents, we are also taking an interest in our wards and trying to clear their doubts. As we are also working from home, we are able to spend in between some time with them. But the teachers should try to keep the lesson as simple as possible and try to explain point by point. It may take some time for them. But it is the need of the hour.

    Teacher 1: Yes Sir. I agree that we have to take some extra burden and see that student will get adjusted to our teaching methodology and we have to prepare the lessons keeping the standards of the student in mind. I hope this process of teaching will definitely improve further.

    Teacher2: Here is a request from my side to all the parents. In a classroom teaching we can interact with all closely and also monitor all the students closely. But in this online teaching, a little effort from the parents also is needed. As a 6th class student, they may not be so responsible. So, parents should explain the importance of learning and see that they will attend the classes regularly and concentrate on understanding the lesson.

    Teacher 1: We, the teachers will be available to the parents all the time. We will give our phone numbers to you all. You can contact us anytime but parents should monitor the students regularly.

    Parent: I on behalf of the parents say that we will also do the best possible. I request the teachers to minimise the assignments and homework so that the students will do that with interest.

    Parent: As we are all working from home, sometimes it is becoming very difficult for us to coordinate with our children. Hence, I suggest the school to reduce the hours of online classes and instead 5-day week, a 6-day week can be introduced.

    HM: We understand the difficulties of the parents. I am also a parent of an Intermediate student who is attending the classes online. But teachers will also have their own personal problems. We will think and see that the parents will not be burdened too much. But they have to cooperate with the teachers as their children's education is important for them also. We will consider having classes on all Saturdays also and see whether we can have fewer classes on the remaining days.

    Parent: Thank you, Sir.

    HM: On behalf of the teachers I assure you the best support. The school has spent a lot of money for having all the required facilities for online teaching and hence I request all of you pay the fees on time and see that there will not be any interruption for your child's education.
    I thank you for your suggestions and for attending the meeting. Till the process is streamlined we want to have two meetings like this every month and want all of you to participate. Once again I thank you all. Stay home and stay safe.

    always confident

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    Scenario: The HOD or head of the department of English of ABC college College HODs discussing with their respective teaching faculties on whether to conduct admissions online and also the pros and cons, if any.

    Mr. Asthana(HOD English)-Good Morning, Ms. Dutta and Mr. Sharma on our first online conference using Zoom. How are you doing today?
    Ms. Dutta and Mr. Sharma: Fine Sir, how are you?
    Mr. Asthana: Well, just a little cough, but don't worry it isn't the virus. I got it checked. Now, let us listen to the agenda of today's meeting from Mr. Sharma.
    Mr. Sharma: There are two, sir. Let us start with first on the list which is, shall the admissions be conducted online?
    Ms. Dutta: Sir, if I may. Last year, I handled the part of conducting admissions online. It went fabulously. I have still got handwritten notes and whatsapp messages from students, as how thankful they are of conducting this mammoth task online. They could download forms, upload their documents easily, pay fee easily and also get to know about who got admission over the website. This got them rid of the problem of commuting from far away to the college for taking forms and submitting documents and paying cash fees. Let's not forget the stolen fee money incident of 2017, which caused a havoc in the college. Therefore, I am in favor of conducting the entire admission online. Mr. Sharma conducted the offline admission procedure last year, that was kept as a backup. I am looking forward to his feedback.
    Mr. Sharma: Well, I don't see a problem in it. The only grudge that I heard from the students is that sometimes it took way longer time to upload the images of the documents and sometimes, as a result, the web portal crashed.
    Mr. Asthana: I agree, in fact, I would request Ms. Dutta to address this issue, ASAP.
    Ms. Dutta: Yes Sir, there were some technical issues in the software designed by our in-house team. Ms. Ray who is leading the team of website development in our college has assured that this time they will allow only pdf versions to be uploaded and not JPEG so as to allow easy and convenient uploading.
    Mr. Asthana: Oh! one more thing does anybody remember the false candidate issue during admissions, last year?
    Mr. Sharma: Yes, sir. In fact, this is the second point to discuss. Some of us are fearing that conducting full-fledged online examinations or online admissions will increase the problems of fake and false candidates. Let's not forget three famous names got admission in the English department last year showing fake documents and fake marks. This is a risk to the college reputation.
    Ms. Dutta: Yes, I have discussed this with Ms. Ray. This time a separate software will be used to check the candidates. It will scan the photo ids, mark sheets properly and let the system know, whether it is a genuine candidate and whether the mark sheets are original. Unless, the candidates pass this stage, they will not be allowed to submit their application. In addition, the software will access the camera of the laptops of the students to take a picture of the students and record their activities while their filing their applications.
    Mr. Asthana: That sounds good enough. Lets see how it goes this year. Then we can use this software at times of online examinations as well.
    Ms. Dutta: Definitely, sir. Is there anything else to discuss Mr. Sharma?
    Mr. Sharma:No, nothing else at the moment. Let us see how the online admissions go, then we can again set a meeting on conducting an online orientation session for the enrolled students. What do you think sir?
    Ms. Asthana: Yes, of course. Let us keep a close vigilance on the admission procedure first. I don't want any fake candidates this time. If this goes smoothly, we will plan the next course of actions. Thank you Mr. Sharma and Ms. Dutta for being in this meeting today. All the best and keep up the good work.
    Mr. Sharma and Ms. Dutta: Thank you sir and have a good day.

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    My Entry:

    Scenario: Teachers or Professors discussing the different ways on how to give assignments and conduct online tests to the school/college students.

    The following is the conversation between Vice-principal (Primary Section) and class teachers of primary classes (Class 2nd and Class 5th)

    In the Narayana E-Techno School, Gurugram an online conversation is held between principal and teachers via Zoom Meetings. All are here to discuss various possible ways to conduct upcoming online tests. Teachers have prepared some strategy for online tests and assignments submission for primary classes for the mid-term assessment which they are going to discuss with the principal.

    (Meeting Started via Zoom)

    Vice-principal: Good Morning Teachers.

    Teachers: Good Morning Ma'am.

    Vice-principal: First of all I want to say that I am very grateful and thanks to you all for your efforts. You all are doing marvellous work and running online classes very well. However, learning without any assessment or test will remain incomplete. But the challenge in front of us is now "How to conduct online tests and assignments submission? so that the results/report cards of students can be shared with their parents. I want to know your views and strategy if you have planned any. Let's start discussion.

    Class Teacher (5th Class): Ma'am, as we are teaching through virtual classes followed by regular doubt sessions, we feel that students are now ready for an assessment. Hence we have planned an online assessment to check the learning of the students.

    First, the Class Teacher of 2nd class will explain the schedule they have decided.

    Class Teacher (2nd Class): Ma'am, We have planned assessment that will include an online test for each subject, open-book assessment, Subject Enrichment Activity and Class attendance.

    Vice-principal: Good. Can you please tell me how will you conduct these exams?

    Class Teacher (5th Class): Ma'am. The online test for each subject and open-book assessment will be MCQ based and conducted by either our School App or Google Docs forms. We will create the forms and send the link on Zoom before the start of the exam. We will give all the instructions to the students well before the start of the exam.

    Subject Enrichment Activity will be based on oral assessment. We will conduct these exams separately for each student.

    Further, online class attendance will also be taken into consideration while preparing the results of the students.

    Vice-principal: Can anyone please explain "How will you conduct open Book Assessment?"

    Class Teacher (2nd Class): Ma'am. It is a kind of reading comprehension exercise. We will provide page numbers to the students. Students will read those pages and then will answer the Multiple Choice Questions.

    Vice-principle: Seems good. How will you conduct exams for all classes?

    Class Teacher (2nd Class): We have created two groups in which in Group 1 we have kept class 1 &2 and in the second group from Class 3rd to 5th. In Online Test, for Group 1 there will be 20 questions of 1 mark each and for Group 2 there will be 30 questions of 1 mark each in each subject (English, Science, Maths, Social Studies and Hindi). Similarly, in Open Book Assessment, there will be 10 questions carrying 1 mark each for each subject for both Groups. Respective class teachers will share a link of Google Doc form on Zoom.

    We will give a full one hour to the students to complete the tests.

    Vice-principal: And what you have decided for Art & Craft and Computers?

    Class Teacher: Yes Ma'am, we have also kept an activity for Art & Craft and Computer aptitude. We will give each class an activity where Group 1 students will be instructed to make a drawing using crayons while Group 2 students will be given craft activity using waste material available at their homes. For the computer, we are going to design an MCQs based test paper.

    Vice-principal: Well. You have prepared a good strategy. Hope everything will be done in a planned order.

    Teachers: Yes, Ma'am. We are also hoping the same.

    Vice-principal: Wish you all the best.

    Teachers: Thank you, Ma'am.

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    Teachers discussing the different ways on how to give assignments and conduct online tests to the school / college students.

    All teachers should be called in the principal room

    Principal miss - all teachers have come, it's a good thing. Today I have invited you to talk about the online assessment that is going on here in the coming days, but you all know this, but before that, tell how your classes are going.

    Maths Teachers - Yes, we know that there is not much time left for the assessment to start, we teachers have also completed our syllabus to a great extent, but the point is not just to complete the syllabus, these little kids are subjects in online class. I am not able to understand the idea of ??online assessment in this way, it is making me a bit nervous.

    Principal - Miss you should not be negative in this situation, this is the need to create a positive atmosphere for the children. This thing applies to everyone, then the children are of a soft mind or not! Negative thinking hurts them at double the speed. How would it work if you say so

    Science teacher - You told the truth, Principal Madam, all our departments are preparing to take the assessment examination online. Efforts are being made to know how much children have benefited from online classes, and the assessments will also be done in a systematic way.

    Computer teacher - Yes Madam, children were given continuous assignments and it was also checked how serious the children are. Gradually, but now children, and parents have accepted online education, because it is difficult to say when the situation will be normal. Both the children have started online tests after getting better results in both the situations. Under this, a plan has been prepared to take children through various techniques and take their online test.

    Principal - I am glad that all your teachers have covered the syllabus of your classes and your role is also important to keep children aware of the results with interest towards their studies. With this, keeping in mind the test of the young children of the nursery, they prepared a worksheet and talked to their parents.

    Math's Teacher - For the younger child primary, I think that the child should have practiced mathematics for fifteen minutes before starting the exam. This should be done regularly so that children can perform in the exam. Because the children are very young and after a little mistake it will be difficult to improve online.

    Principal - You have a positive opinion on this subject but the trustees have talked about it and they have said that first and second class children will be allowed to sit with one of the parents during the exam but sad process zoom app But it will be online so that honesty remains in the exam

    If there is some time in the examination, then all of you children should do a little but firm preparation. Now all of you go and prepare ahead, the future of children is very much the responsibility of the school and we have to fulfill it well. All the best

    All the teachers - OK Madam Thank you,

    Swati Sharma

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    Scenario 10. Parents sharing their suggestions/comments/complaints regarding online classes to the teachers in an Online Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meeting.

    The online PTA meeting of the St. Francis higher secondary school conducted after a month of online classes that are going on due to the pandemic situation. After the first month of online teaching, many parents and teachers are coming together to discuss their suggestions/comments/complaints regarding online classes.

    Good morning everyone, I am Mr Shaji Augustine, the Headmaster and am here for the PTA meeting along with three other members, our school Administrator Mr Jobin Mathew, PTA president Mrs Suparna Santosh & Mrs Valsa Francis, a parent from our secondary section take this opportunity to welcome you all to our first online PTA meeting.
    Ms Suparna: Good morning Sir, Mr Jobin & Ms Valsa. Shall we start the meeting and come up to our points?
    Mr Shaji: Yes, kindly go on.

    Ms Valsa: I am very much disheartened with the number of complaints I am receiving from parents of different classes about the ongoing online classes?
    Mr Shaji: I apologies for the inconvenience's caused to everyone but I would like to inform you that this is the first time that we are having online classes. As children are not prepared or used to this type of online teaching so is also many teachers. The problems faced by students is the same as that of teachers and it will take time for everyone to get used to it. We have to give them time to get adjusted to the situation, new method and other difficulties.

    Mrs Santosh: The teachers are not prepared for the classes, why are the teachers not trained for the online classes?
    Mr Shaji: I think Mr Mathew will be able to answer this.
    Mr Jobin: Mam, It is true that teachers are not prepared but to bring to your notice, all the teachers of our school have been trained for 2 weeks by a google certified trainer who has helped them to get used to the virtual classroom. Many of our teachers are senior and well qualified but lack the new online way of teaching which make them nervous. They do understand that while having online classes, many parents are sitting beside their children and they are more focusing on the teachers as it is like people watching a doctor operate his patient which will make any renowned doctor to fumble and disturb. As teachers are used to offline mode of teaching, it is very disturbing for them to know and teach when you have 100 cameras i.e. the eyes of parents monitoring them so they fumble and this is what you call unpreparedness but give them time and they will be the best.

    Mrs Francis: The presentation, pronunciation or diction, etc. is a very low standard.
    Mr Shaji: Our teachers are highly qualified and have a deep knowledge of the subject they teach. They are well experienced but may have diction problem as they come from various background and state but that has never come their way of teaching. You are much aware that many teachers are felicitated as best teachers from the board. Now coming about pronunciation, many top lawyers, doctors, businessmen, actors, leaders, engineers etc. do not have good pronunciation or diction are well renowned for their work. In the same way, our teachers have deep knowledge in their subject and this is what makes them stand out. They have a clear concept, better understanding and good experience of the subject which is of most importance than their diction or pronunciation.

    Ms Suparna: Parents are even complaining about high fees even when they don't have offline classes?
    Mr Jobin: Mam, it is easy to say that we are charging you the same fees structure that we take when we have offline classes but have you ever thought about the efforts that we have to take to start the online classes? We had to make a website or domain in google, register in the google classroom and work with google office for google suite that provides unlimited storage, premium video conferencing, virtual classrooms as per division, subject, etc. We had to coordinate with them, upload our school database, create individual accounts id & Password for each student and teachers, segregate them as per class so that it will be easy for teaching, have teachers training and even teachers have to prepare, learn and be ready for every issue as though they are working their normal school hours or maybe much more to get well versed with the new concept of online teaching. So the efforts put in by them is more but paid less as compared to other countries. Do you now also feel that we are charging more?

    Ms Suparna. Oh sorry. I think we have got a clear picture of the issues and satisfied with your answers.
    Ms Valsa: I hope we will try to explain the same to other parents and give time for teachers and students to get adjusted to this online mode of teaching.
    Mr Shaji: Thank you, everyone. We will meet in the next PTA and hope parents will try to understand and be supportive. Bye for now. Thank you.

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    My Topic is : Parents sharing their suggestions/complaints/comments regarding online clasees with Class teacher during an Online Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meeting of Sardar Vallbhabhai Patel Vidyalaya, Miraroad.

    Charecters: Principal(Primary Section), Class Teacher(IV-A), PTA Member(IV-A)(A parent elected as a parents representative amongst all parents) and all parents.

    Online Meeting Platform: Google Meet

    Principal : Hello, Good morning to all the parents. Today we will be conducting our first online meeting for the year 2020-21. As you all are aware of the situation caused due to Covid 19 Online education has become the only feasible option. Hence, the managemnt of SVPV also geared up to provide best possible education to our kids in online mode. As you all have got meeting ID and link on your registered mobile number, same manner you all will be getting Google Meeting code for your standard and class published on our school website. The respective Class Teachers will allow access to the parents. Mrs.Sawant is your class teacher for 4-A. She will guide and solve your doubts about online conduct of school. Mrs.Sawant you can please take over now.

    Class Teacher: Thank you for the introduction Mam. Hello parent, I welcome you to class IV. I am your ward's class teacher and Mathematics subject teacher. First I will explain you the pattern of our proposed online study. All of you are requested to create your Login ID on school website. Login ID will be your Student Refference Number(SRN) and password will be your 3 letters of students name followed by the birth date and birth month. For example, student Malhar Terse with SRN number W088 and birthdate 1st March 2009. His login ID will be W088 and password will be malh0103

    Have you all understood it?

    Parents: Yes Mam, the example is very clearly illustrated.

    Class Teacher: Very good, the same illustartion will be sent to your registered mobile number and email ID. After the students log in, you can see the drop down menu at top-left corner. In this menu you will get various aids for online study. Daily worksheets, weekly assignments, Project topic, E-Books of the standard textbooks, chapter wise videos of teacher's explaination and extra reference weblinks will be uploaded in this menu time to time. You have to get the worksheets and assignments done from your kids and send it to school via "assignment upload"

    Parent: Ok teacher. But in what format the "solved assignment" should be uplaoded?

    Class Teacher: Parents you can upload the assignments in either of formats mentioned on the "Assignment Upload" Page. Word document, JPEG image and PDF documents are most suitable option. You can choose the format according to subject. For example, the English subject assignments can be written in simple Word Document. But Science or Mathematics assignments are better in JPEG or PDF (scanned document) format. Any more doubts about this?

    Parent: Mam, we understood the assignment and worksheets part. Please explain about e-Books and Videos.

    Class Teacher: Due to lockdown the book depo and school both are not able to arrange stock of all textbooks. Hence, our school has devised a method to reduce parent's tension for arranging text books. All subject's textbooks are available in PDF format on SVPV student portal. These online books can be downloaded and referred any time you wish in offline mode. So parents will be saving on the money for buying physical textbooks and there is no need to go marketplace for buying books from Book Depot.

    Parent: This is really nice facility!

    PTA Member: Mam many of us are having work from home duty. Some of the parents are also on medical duties. So what is the solution if a student missed to attend the online classroom session?

    Class Teacher: Now we will understand about videos. Sepearate videos for each of the chapter are already uploaded. This videos contain exact explaination of the topic which teacher explains in the online session or classroom session. You can download the videos from SVPV student portal. So if any student missed the online session or any student did not understand the concept in single session, they can login to the portal and download that topic video. Student can then watch the video as many times as he/she wants. Parents can also watch the video in their free time to help your ward clarify all doubts.

    Parents: That is such a thoughtful arrangement!

    PTA member: Yes all the online study arrangement seems very practical and useful for students and parents. Mam, if the study explanation has been completed, can we just discuss fees issue briefly?

    Class teacher: Yes, Ofcourse. Considering the financial crisis faced by everybody due to this Corona pandemic, SVPV school managemnt has decided to charge a nominal fees for online education. The regular school fees will be charged from the month when we will start the regular campus school. Online Study Fees details are also uploaded on School website.

    PTA member: Mam I have already noted the fees structure mentioned on our school website. But some of the parents have lost their job, some are getting paid only 50% salary. So can we get any further discount in the Fees?

    Class Teacher: Educational Fees should be discounted or not in the Corona pandemic time ? This question has different answers according to different person's angle. I will request Principal Madam to answer your query.

    Principal Madam: I totally understand the financial crisis all parents are facing. But apart from management staff there are school teaching staff and non teaching staff too. The non teaching staff such as Bus driver, attendents and cleaning staff are not required for online education. But they also have families which need to survive. This staff salaries are also an overhead to school managemnt. So even the school management cannot afford to give hefty discounts on fees. But, I have already proposed a 20% discount on Online Education Fees. We will soon be announcing the management committee decision on SVPV website.

    Class Teacher: Thank you for the explaination Mam. I hope this is a satisfactory answer. Let us all conclude this meeting. If you have any further query, you can mail us your query from student login. So let us meet for our first online class room session on this coming Monday. Have a good day!
    This is my entry for the contest.

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    My entry:

    Scenario: Parents discussing their kids' interests in online classes

    Parent 1: Good evening, everybody! Hope all of you are safe during this pandemic and not going out unless necessary. These days I remain so busy with the online assignments that I hardly have time to talk to you people.

    Parent 2: Ohh, it's same here you know. If you have to work from home it seems you have to work even more than the usual office hours. It's almost like working 24*7 for me.

    Parent 3: I agree. For me, there are fewer projects than the usual so the workload is quite less and unfortunately, it is affecting my earning to some extent. Anyway, hopefully, things will improve after some time but I am doing something interesting nowadays that I hardly did before. I am personally looking after the studies of my son Tapas and I agree about the concern you expressed about your son Sumit's lack of interest in online classes when you invited us in this online meeting yesterday.

    Parent 2: Of late my son Madhu is also feeling less interested in online classes and I am also concerned about what is going to happen in the coming days, especially during his exams.

    Parent 3: It seems, both of you are very much worried about the academic progress of your children. Why are you so worried? They are only in Class 1 and they are not going to write any entrance exams shortly. Let them play and do whatever they feel like to. You guide them regularly. Where is the problem?

    Parent 1: What about their career? If they lose interest in online education they won't be able to follow the lessons and ultimately they will not score good marks. I agree they are kids, but they need to study at least for some time each day. This loss of interest in online classes is making Sumit less interested in studies altogether.

    Parent 2: Madhu feels sleepy during the online classes and many times his mom has to nudge him to stay awake during the class. What about Tapas? How is he managing the online classes?

    Parent 3: I wouldn't say that Tapas is very happy with the online classes but he is not making us worried. In the beginning, like every other kid, he was also very enthusiastic about the online classes and meeting his friends online but nowadays he feels more interested in meeting his friends face to face and going to school and finding many ways to avoid online classes.

    Parent 1: That's why I invited you all in the meeting to look for a solution to the kids' very less interest in online classes.

    Parent 2: Especially when we do not know what is going to happen in the next few months or when things will be back to normal.

    Parent 3: It is very natural for a kid to have less attention span and we can do very little about it. As I told you, I am spending some time with Tapas to look after the lessons that are taught online and making him understand those small things. You can also do that. Both you and your sons will be interested in learning things together. The important part is to keep in touch with the teachers and discuss with her/him if there is any confusion regarding the ways of teaching you should follow at home.

    Parent 2: I think the teachers are not giving enough time to the kids to complete the tasks online. At times they need direct help from teachers to complete the tasks which are not possible online.

    Parent 3: You help them to do it. It's all about learning something new, isn't it?

    Parent 1: I agree. We need to help the kids personally and need to take the help of teachers also.
    Parent 2: All right, I am going to do it from next time.

    Parent 3: I thank you all for your patient hearing and considering my suggestion. Try to follow it from today itself. So, shall we end the meeting now?

    Parent 1: Yes, we will follow up next week. Good Night, everybody!

    Parent 2: Good Night!

    Parent 3: Good Night!

    [Runner-up of the contest]


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    Scenario: Parents sharing their suggestions/comments/complaints regarding online classes to the teachers in an Online Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meeting.

    Principal: I welcome all the members of PTA in this meeting. As you know, we have started the online classes from 12 July. I thank all the parents to co-operate us to start online classes. As you know it is a new experience for all of us including teachers, parents and students. I have organized this meeting for your suggestion and feedback for online classes. Let me know what do think about our online classes?

    Parent 1(Secretory of PTA): Thank you very much, sir, for starting online classes as our children are free for more than 4 months. I thank you on behalf of all the parents. Dear sir, the parents are facing some problems and are confused about online classes. Some parents of the villages do not know how to start online classes?

    Principal: Welcome, madam and thanks to appreciating our efforts to start online classes. As I have already provided all of you the important tips to start online classes. But if anyone of you is facing any problem we are here to solve it. I am providing you with the contact number of our computer teacher. He will always ready to help you. Please inform all the parent that they contact the computer teacher and he will guide you to start online classes.

    Parent 1(Secretory of PTA): Thank you very much, sir, one more issue we are facing is many parents have two children and the time for it is not possible for them to purchase more mobile phones in this lockdown period. What should we do? Can you please help us?

    Principal: Yes, I know but we can't conduct the classes of different classes at different time. Our teachers also need more time for the preparation of online classes. We have 25 computers in our computer laboratory. As the computer lab is closed in the present scenario, I can issue the computer to such parents if PTA takes responsibilities. I think the issue would be solved if we provide 25 computers. And the primary classes are conducted by posting videos so parents and students can see videos at any time.

    Parent 1(Secretory of PTA): Thank you, sir, really it would be a great help from your end. I will provide you with the list of such parents and we are ready to take responsibilities.

    Principal: There is no need to thank me. Now, there are some suggestion and complaints from our teachers. Nafisa madam will inform you about that.

    Nafisa madam: Thank you very much, sir, for providing me time to put the points on behalf of all the teachers. I also thank all the members of PTA to join this meeting. Most of the teachers are complaining that many students do not respond in the online classes. Teaching is a bidirectional process. So, it is important that students must respond if teachers ask anything to say. Many students do not submit their homework on time. So, it is the responsibilities of parents to observe that the students are doing homework and submitting on time. Many students do not switch off the mic and it creates trouble for all the students. Please do not submit homework on the group, the students should submit their homework on the personal number of subject teachers. We have observed that many students submit homework on the group. The monthly test would be done online through Google form. So, submit the Google form on time. We are providing marks and observing all the activities of the students. As you know, on the basis of these marks, the prestigious award the best student of the year is awarded. So, it is necessary to note down all the points.

    Parent 1(Secretory of PTA): Thank you Nafisa madam. I have noted down all the points you have provided and I will inform all the parents about that.

    Principal: I think we have discussed all the issues and resolve them. Thank you very much for joining this meeting. Now I am ending this meeting. Thanks again for your support.

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    Scenario 3: Parents discussing their kids' interests in online classes.

    The conversation between both the parents is taking place through a video conferencing call. It's a conversation between parent A (Ria's mother) and parent B (Seema's mother). Both Ria and Seema are the students of class VIII of Doon Public School, Patna. They are best friends and their mothers have become very close mates too. The video call between the mothers follows:

    Ria's mother: Hello! Dear. You look fresh. Work from home seems to have relaxed you a lot.

    Seema's mother: Hi! Dear. You look fresh too. Yes, it seems work from home has done all the magic for both of us. Working from home is less taxing and we can keep an eye on everything happening around us at home without any delay.

    Ria's mother: You are right absolutely, dear. Yes, it would have posed a challenge if we had to go to the office while our daughters stay at home. Now, we can manage home and office without much difficulty. Well, I want to know from you that is Seema taking interest in her online classes conducted by the school or not. The fact is Ria is not getting much interest in it.

    Seema's mother: Yeah, at the beginning of the online classes, Seema was a little apprehensive. She wants me to be around her actually when she is at home, and in this situation, she has to attend classes and I worked from another room which upsets her. As I noticed her disinterested for a few days, I gauged the matter and set up my workspace in her study room. Now, it's all fine. If possible you can also manage it the way I did.

    Ria's mother: No, that's not the issue with Ria. As you know she is a thorough sportsperson. She loves indoor and outdoor both the games and now due to the pandemic, online classes are taken up. Thus, she is missing her sports periods which used to be her favourite periods and a refreshing break from studying. Naturally, she is becoming inattentive day by day. In school, she managed her studies well because games period broke the monotony of continuous study. Well, she enjoys the subject periods when the respective teachers conduct some online game such as quiz, spell bee, and so on based upon their subject.

    Seema's mother: I can suggest you one thing. After the online classes, give a long break suppose around two hours to Ria. Ask her to watch various sports according to her choice on the sports channel. Let her learn the rules and tell her to develop tactical moves and mind games by observing her favourite sports stars playing their matches be it indoor or outdoor. Let her make her strategy for a game which will help her in the future as a player.

    Ria's mother: Oh! Thanks. That's a great suggestion, dear. She always complains that she has nothing interesting to do. Once she starts following your idea, she would feel energetic and spend time creatively. Then, she will take an interest in studies too.

    Seema's mother: With Seema, I have no such problem because she is having her music, dance and drawing periods regularly. These classes in between subject periods boost her energy. Later at home, she remains busy with her fine arts.

    Ria's mother: That's so nice. Thanks again for giving me a very good suggestion which will help Ria to love her online classes and gain knowledge in the subjects that teachers teach.

    Seema's mother: Come on, don't be so formal. Now, it's tea time, so let me take your leave. Bye!

    Ria's mother: Yes, it's tea time. Let me rush to the kitchen too, and it was wonderful talking to you after a long gap. Bye!

    [Co-Winner of the contest]


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