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    Only hard work or just smart work or both is necessary for success

    To be successful in any field, one certainly has to work hard. Everyone makes every effort to achieve their goal. Some people think that they should leave everything and focus their attention on their goals while this is true to a great extent, it should be done,
    But some successful people also say that through smart work, you can get success and do any work in a short time, and in a better way.
    Some people, especially our elders, who want to teach us a good lesson from their experiences, believe that smart work is short cut which will not work for long time, and the true success is when you work hard because by working in the same way, we get many experiences of life and get wisdom. Members please give your suggestions.
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    There is no substitute of hard work and even to learn how to do work smartly one has to work hard. Let us not take the words 'smart work' in a negative way. Copying content from one place and pasting at another is not an example of smart work. It is simply a theft known as plagiarism. Smart work simply means that even after doing a hard work you have to present your work in a proper way and desired fashion and that is called working smartly. There are people who do a lot of labour but cannot present their views properly to the audience and then lose also their scores and positions. So, one has to be smart in projecting one's knowledge and learnings and to that extent I feel that smartness is definitely required as a positive trait in the people who want to get success in their lives. Simply being smart would not help as the judges are always smarter than us.
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    Hard work will always pay off. We can't replace hard work with any other item. If smart work is added to hard work, the results will be excellent So smart hard work will be best. Working physically hard and directing our energies towards a proper goal requires smartness also. You have to search where you lost your needle. You can't search under a light instead of searching in the place where you dropped it. If necessary carrying the light to that place and searching is smart hard work.
    Some people work very hard. They put in a lot of physical work and strain themselves. Instead of that if the hard work is done where it is required your result will be excellent. Leg work is important and at the same time brain work is also very important. Our elder's experience is definitely useful. We can hear them and the same we can adopt but we can use the latest developments in implementing the same.

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    Both hard work and smart work is necesary. How to utilise, when to utilise, how much to utilise or perform depends on the situation, work procedures and the criteria enforced by the employer or individual themselves.

    The better tactics and the knowledge, the best utilisation of both hard and soft work leads to the completion of projects or handling situation time.

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    According to me when a person starts as new or fresher he needs to follow rules and regulations and thus may be slow and watchful in doing the job without mistake, doing all job assigned and thus hard work has to be done. Once the job becomes easy and getting into the grove of understanding and even cooperated by the co-employees would give lots of confidence and here the working style changes to smart way. Because the rules and known, the way to work is known and only the important task be taken up and finished. Such kind of refined thinking can be possible over the passage of time and that gives rise to specific jobs with ease and earn the appreciation of the immediate boss and the company. One thing is sure all jobs cannot be same and some jobs needs physical assertion and for that there is no smart way.
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    I read in one management book. In a big car manufacturing factory an employee suggested a new model to his supervisor. He appreciated his work brought this matter to top management. After a wide discussion the design approved and the management entrusted the production of first model to the supervisor and that employee. Both tried well and finished the product in stipulated time. Entire factory and top management applauded the model. MD wanted to take car for test drive. But due to the height of the car they struggled to take car out. Many gave many suggestions but it found very difficult to take out the car without scratch as the suggested to dismantle the rolling shutter etc.. Amidst puzzle in everybody, the security man who also watched these all, came forward with a suggestion but nobody was ready to hear him. But MD appreciated his involvement asked his suggestion. By accepting the did accordingly and take out the car without a single scratch but with heavy claps. The suggestion given by him was to remove the air in wheels as it reduce the height, and filling the air after taking the car out through a trolly.
    Here the the success attained with hard work of employee, supervisor and smartness of security guard

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