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    Does it happen with you also?

    Many times when we go for shopping we do a lots of efforts in the sense that we visit many shops choose colours and do bargaining and finally buy an item. Next day more ideas come in our mind and we feel that we should have purchased the other one which we left at such and such shop and feel concerned about it. Some people find that they had not bargained it well as it was available in other shop at a relatively cheaper price. So, after shopping such things come in our mind and many times we go and then exchange the items for other color or sometimes other size or sometimes even exchange it with some other category which earlier we found costlier. Have you experienced such things in your life? Do yo often go back to shop to exchange? Please share your experiences.
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    Yes, it happened many times. But I don't go back to the shop to return it. I would go only if it is very essential to change it.
    A week back, while browsing online, I found an attractive sari for my wife from Snapdeal. It was costing more. But was a good piece. I was in a dual mind whether to buy or not. Yesterday I determined to buy the same saree and went online. Unfortunately, the sari has been sold out and nothing in stock. Now I feel that I should have ordered then and there when I liked the item.

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    My experience is not there, because after thinking about it, I buy something, then even if I have doubts when I come back home, I still do not exchange, but I think this time something different will do. Sometimes we should give a little time to our decision, because if it seems that we have chosen the wrong one, but by giving some time, perhaps the same wrong seems to be right. But my younger sister every time she think more after taking anything and then we have to go to the exchange mostly. Shopkeepers do not give as much nice responses when we go for exchange that is one more reason for me to hate to exchange bought things and I preferred think more before buy anything.
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    Many times I did like this. When I go for buying a particular item as told by my wife I returned to house without buying that item but other items which were attracted me in the shop. By seeing this frequency, my wife wrote in a paper and gave it to me. I, so smart, bought the mentioned items besides other items as usually. That time also I got bulb as I bought the items which are available in house itself.

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    What I feel is if you have a requirement of a particular thing you will go to the shop and purchase it. If you do not have the requirement but willing to purchase things then many confusions arise. In a departmental store, you will find many items and you may not decide your mind by looking at the variety of colour and design. The more you see, the more is the confusion. This happened to me also, though not very recently. After purchasing things unless the items have some kind of defect I do not exchange them. After talking to my friends I found the confusion is more while purchasing clothes from online stores and the reason is at times there is a variation in colour of what is seen on the screen and the original material.

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    What I feel that the ladies does the shopping in detail and they do not know what to purchase and when we see the others picking some items they also tempt to chose the same. I have seen that when they do the shooing for saris they are with fixed mind and fixed color. The fashion Industry is very fast and we cannot get the same cloth, same texture or the same color in the same shop or anywhere, and by not aware of this fact the households make rounds for many shop and not finding that would end up with not so familiar stuff and purchase the same and when they get the rave remarks for choosing the worst , they get further annoyed. What I feel once the sari or the cloth is liked. it must be decided and purchased. We are purchasing the clothes for our satisfaction and not to get the appreciation from others.
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    It is a natural human feeling. We feel that we have paid more than the actual cost of the item. When the seller says that the item costs Rs.100/-. if we ask for Rs.50/-, if the seller immediately accepts and gives the item, we start feeling that we might have asked for Rs.40/-.
    Generally, I will never return the items purchased or give for exchange. I think before purchasing and once I decided to purchase, I will purchase it and I never think about that again. That will only cause sorrow for us. Good or bad, we liked the item. We purchased that at a price. Then I will not think anything further about that item and the cost I paid for it.

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    In spite of my best efforts these things happen sometimes and I go back to the shop and try to exchange the item. Generally shopkeepers know about the customers well and to keep the customer in good spirit and in hope of him coming to the shop for more purchases in future they would happily exchange the item. But I think it is better to take some decision in such a way that we should not go back to the shop and change it.
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