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    Why is it difficult for humans to understand emotions

    We have often heard people say that our own friends are not able to understand our feelings, many times even children have been seen saying that you do not understand me, what is really so difficult to understand.
    A person has enough intelligence with which he makes his decisions, but when we talk about animals, then we will also find that they also understand each other's sense gestures and the dangers coming, then the human being is considered more intelligent.
    Then why many times we could not recognize the people who have wrong thoughts towards us and
    or we just ignore the voice of our conscience.
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    Everyone of has different thought process and what ever you think may not be my take and so on. Likewise the emotions is also attached to some persons and the same emotion cannot be felt by others. A child emotion could be understood by another child only, the elders emotion could be understood by the elders only and likewise the youth emotions could be understood by the youth only. For example since four days the Twitter has been trending with Postpone JEE and NEET for this year and I have never seen such a huge participation across the country on the subject and at the most the trending would be for one day, but since four days the same has been trending and this proves that students power is great and their emotions has been registered through the tweets which is now trending across the country as first.
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    Many times others will never see the feelings of the other people and talk as they like. They will never know how much they are hurting the other person. If we concentrate and spend a few seconds we can understand the feeling of others and then we can amend our ways of talking accordingly.
    But some people talk in such a way that the other people never get hurt. They talk very softly and polite. That is always a good trait. A person who never hurts others and net gets hurt is the best person in this world.
    I had an uncle who talks so sweet that the other person will forget his problems when he hears to him. I always used to feel that one should inculcate that habit and I tried to learn from him.

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    To understand another human completely is a difficult task and actually I do not know whether it is possible to fully understand another person because everybody is unique. Emotion is something different. It is a type of intense feeling about something. While it is not possible to understand what is going inside the mind of another person at the same time it is the responsibility of every individual to listen to the point of views of others with whom we deal regularly. It is not limited to only the family members and includes the workplace as well as friends. Another thing is sharing the problems or difficulties with near and dear ones. Nowadays, people try to find solutions to most of their problems online. Maybe, we find the internet trustworthy than our fellow beings. To have a good understanding, regular interaction is essential. If there is less interaction between the parents and the children then children can think that their parents are not at all concerned about their well being. If regular interaction is there it will not be so difficult to understand the feelings of others provided the person is concerned about others.

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    In a class room, a teacher was teaching lessons, every student attending the class well but one student was looking at the side roof seriously. By noticing this the teacher called him to stand up and asked, 'Hey have everything went in?' (whether he got the points of teaching). But the boy replied, 'everything went but tail is pending'. Puzzled teacher and other students saw the place where the boy was noticing. There a rat was going out and its tail was got inside, Everybody laughed. Similar to this many people mentally roams only around themselves and their own thoughts. They talk only about their problems etc. and never mind about others. They do not care about others and others' feelings.

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    In fact, to understand the emotions of any one is difficult. We simply guess a man on the basis his actions without bothering his emotions. Thus our assumptions may go wrong at times. To some extent, with the regular interaction with any one can provide his personality, but still it would be difficult to guess a man. Generally we tend to define a man on the basis of his his short exposure and if we could see him quarrelling with any one even for a short interval, we would label him as a bad man without analysing his positive attributes. A man is guided with the thoughts and the thoughts within a man changes very frequently so in that case, it would be difficult to ascertain his internal emotions exactly hovering in his mind.

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