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    Knowledge gained from experience is invaluable.

    Studying teaches us a lot and also helps in developing a good personality with subsistence, but it is also seen that the people who did not study is not necessarily that they have less knowledge.
    When I was younger, my great-grandmother was still alive, I remember often when the mother used to go to pick up clothes when it was the rainy season, the great-grandmother used to say that these clouds will not rain, just stop a little and do not pick up clothes now, and it used to happen every time. After all, how our elders had so much invaluable knowledge without any studies and even today. Is there really much knowledge of life experiences than knowledge of studies ?
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    Rightly said by the author when we go through the experience the essence of it would be learned and also put forward to others in future. During my childhood the elders used to see the sky and tell the right thing that would happen. If the sky is white but cloudy the rain would not happen and it remain so. When the sky is dark and and if it persists the rain would be happening continuously. And when the rain starts in the late evening , it would go through the night and even continue in the morning. These are told through the experience of the elders all through their lives and that is true also.
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    Experience teaches us a lot and we can learn from that experience. A person who is doing a job for long will understand the trick in doing the work. He can simplify the procedure without giving any way for deterioration of the quality of the work.
    When I was working in a manufacturing Organisation, if we notice any process problem, I used to discuss the same thing with the shop floor worker who will be doing the same work the day in and the day out. They used to give very good inputs which will be useful for us to come out with a good solution to the problem.

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    The thoughts referred by the author are experienced by me too. My father-in-law, suggests us to keep the grains inside just before the rains, which were kept in the sun for drying. It surely happens. So I take his guidance most of the time.
    They are in close touch with nature hence can easily depict the changes than the regular weather reports. Experience matters a lot in each person's life. This is a helping tool and people with experience will be given more important roles to play in any organisation.

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    Experience does not come in a day. It is the outcome of our education, bringing up, knowledge acquired, learnings, hard work executed, and lessons learnt. So, it is a precious thing in our lives because one gets it after so much of toiling and exerting. In my childhood, though I was living in the comforts of town, occasionally I visited my grandmother on some weekend or holidays to fetch her some goodies from the town as there was no shop in the village. I used to stay for at the most 2-3 days. During my initial visits, first time when I went to fetch water from the spring which was about a kilometre from the house, I utterly failed in lifting the pot to my shoulders and when all other started to laugh on me and ridiculed me then someone told that as you are not habitual you better take half pot only back home. I felt so humiliated and bad but learned the first lesson of my life that you do not get experienced until you attempt a task. Most of the time we learn from our failures.

    To complete the story, my grandmother did not laugh on my performance but praised me telling that being a town boy I was at least able to bring that much which was precious to her. There was no water or electricity or gas facility in those times (1965 -1972) in the village and even a half pot of the water from the spring was much valuable.

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    Knowledge never goes waste. And when the knowledge is coupled with on ground experience, it becomes invaluable. This invaluable knowledge not only lasts for a long time with us but also enlightens the next generation. The work related knowledge with experience help the inexperienced to take the hurdles without much problems and move ahead. It is better to pen down such knowledge for future benefits.

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    The best way to learn a thing with our own hands and this creates both experience and confidence to handle issues. More you do the same work, more will be experience in that direction. Generally, we are not exposed to the environment of villages. Their common chores such as lifting of water from the well by means of bucket will make us nervous because of insufficient experience. We may get clue from them whether the clouds appearing on the sky will rain immediately or not. They manage the bullock cart conveniently since they have the experience to tackle the bulls even in the adverse conditions.
    It is easy to preach a newbie but without doing the same repetitively, we would not have enough experience to carry out the same.

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