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    Forget the sore past and be glad to get into the future

    Having gone through the rare test of sad moments and challenges, we often rewind the past and get into an emotional outburst for having gone through the ordeals and keep on sharing our bad experience to others. Instead, we should forget such issues and matters and concentrate on something knocking at our door as the new fortune, new way of life and new opportunity through which we can strive to achieve whatever lost during the past and if such an attitude is developed surely, we will also get rid of our diseases forever.
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    Past is just a bundle of memories and it hgas got nothing to do with your present except giev you lessons to capitalize upon. You are true that people clinge on to the bad memories and cause pain to themselves and others by repetitively sharing the same. This becomes a habit very soon and in turn an excuse not to enjoy and live the present to the fullest.

    Not only the productive capacity of a person is reduced but also he starts to lose company of friends and relatives who always had been with him/her for so long. A person holding on to past will slowly become miserable and alone, leading to his downfall in long run.

    One must embrace life and find opportunity in every bad, sad or emotional moments. Seek help but never ever let the past detroy your present and in turn your future.

    Live before you leave.

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    The concept of past, present and future is hardly understood by many of us. We just seem to tag along. Imagine yourself to be in a boat sailing from point A to point B, now point A is your past and pointB is where you're heading this is your future. Now unless you concentrate on rowing your boat( your present moment) in the right direction. How on earth are you going to reach pointB. It's futile to think of pointA because you've already left it. You cannot acess it since you're a traveler. Your past is dissolved or resolved based on the present course of action and from it your future is formed in this case reaching the pointB.

    Thus it is very important to focus on the present moment, and channelize our energies towards our maximum growth potential.

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    Past is history. There is no chance for us to change it. There is no use in remembering those incidents and keep worrying. Once we analyse the past and learn whatever points to be learned. Then don't spend much time on those and start thinking about the future and enjoy the present. Always try to be present in present.
    Many people always say I did that work and I got that award and always talk big about their past. But what is the present? What are you doing now and how you are planning your future. These issues also will be important and one should concentrate on these issues more.

    always confident

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    Past has been always a good dream for us and we cannot help sticking to the old memories. We are in the habit of recalling up the old events while talking with our friends. Though it is good opportunity to share and the listeners would also enjoy your past experience. However, never repeat such fascinating experience always otherwise you will get lacklustre response from your known circles. Your present phase is wasted due to your frequent shifting to the past mode. This will affect you in many ways. Your future depends upon your present effort and wasting your time remembering the past events would provide nothing but the wastage of time.

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    Though the past features are lessons to us, as told by the author, soar pasts should forget immediately and we should not carry in our mind about such sore pasts. A.G.Gardner, a writer, wrote in a book, when we get old we should talk with others about the past pleasure events and that way we make others also in the pleasant mood.

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    Good observation from @708150 as fast pleasures can be shared but not the sore past.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good piece of advice by the author. In our lives we have many haunting and sad memories from the past and we must detach ourselves from it otherwise we would not be able to concentrate in our present which is very much required for our growth.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Our past becomes our memories. These memories can be both good and bad. Memories are an important part of life, some memories are so beautiful that a smile comes on the face when thinking about it, something so painful that the eyes I bring tears and wounds are refreshed again. Such bad memories also affect the present and you are not happy. Although what has passed, it cannot be changed, but it can be carried forward by forgetting it. Not forgetting means that you are not able to accept it. Someone hurt your heart, cheated you, believe that it happened. You cannot change such things now, what happened was yesterday, which has nothing to do with today. Set new goals in life and living to achieve them, and think that you how to make your life happy.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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