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    Beauty can be natural and the smiles can enhance our value

    Some people have very natural beauty in their face and yet they fear that they are not being noticed nor cared and hence use all the beauty enhancing products and by now they try to look more make up done and that concealing the real beauty. In fact the natural look of the person either male or female is more appreciable than the make over looks and what enhances the value of the person is the great smile on the face and people would always remember the smiling face and not the personality as we presume.
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    A smiling face is naturally beautiful. For one a a smile reinforces in us positivity and dispels negative thoughts and vibes. People should not be so self- concious about their looks. They should enhance their overall personality and ensure they have good and charming manners. This in itself makes a person more attractive and beautiful. Secondly they must focus on their actions. A person who is held to be responsible and accountable is usually considered to be morally righteous and this also adds up to the postive nature of on's overall persona. Makeup and other such artistic and social constructs are only temporary and good for events where one's social worth is tested on the basis of one's looks ie:- jewelry, makeup and the brand of cloths and smartphone one carries. But in the long run in one's life beauty is skin deep. It comes from within. Your heart decides your beauty not your skin color. Make your heart and soul beautiful.

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    A smile on our face will always add value to us. It will not cost us anything also. So having a little smile on the face is pleasant for others and happy for us. A smile on the face will give additional beauty to us and it will make us healthy. So one should always keep smiling.
    The beauty you are getting by using beauty products may have adverse effects on your health. So it is better to minimise those synthetic products for enhancing your beauty. But there are many natural products which will bring beauty to us. Turmeric is one such natural product.
    We will like to have a talk with the people who have a small smile on their face. If somebody is serious we will avoid talking to them and nobody will show interest to have friends with him. Smile is having multiple advantages and hence always keep smiling.

    always confident

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