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    In search of the ideal!

    If I ask you about whom do you think as an ideal student, many of you will begin to define what may be the qualities/nature of an ideal student. If I ask you whom you think is the ideal person I am sure you will follow the same procedure. We all possess some ideas about the term ideal and these ideas are almost the same for a large section of people. Don't get me wrong here because though we all have our own choices if you are to define an ideal person I am sure you will say that the person should not be a liar and should not behave rudely. Yet, when we look around, we find nothing as an ideal.

    Do you remember the scientific experiments that we conducted during our school/college days? There were some differences between the theoretical values and the practical values because in many cases, it was difficult to create the ideal atmosphere for those experiments. I am sure you can remember some definitions of scientific laws where it was mentioned about some ideal condition which is almost impossible to create. We accepted it easily and didn't create any fuss. But in a real-life situation, we are always complaining because of not getting an ideal thing. Let's accept that the term ideal is there only in definition and hardly exists in reality.
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    Getting ideal thing or having a ideal person at our disposal to consult and and get into advise mode is not that easy and needs lots of understanding and adhering to each other view points. If we like a thing and have it with our wish is the ideal possession like wise if we wish our life partner to be of superior personality and highly educated, and if the same is granted, then we are termed as ideal couple. What here it is meant that what ever is envisaged and achieved is called the ideal win. But everyone cannot get this kind of success. I have seen a lean husband gets a fat looking wife, and vice versa. A educated boy gets the alliance of the village girl. It all depends on how we accept, the limitations in our life and how we want to adjust in the future. One thing is sure, we must take the life as it comes in and should not seek more.
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    We all studied Gas laws in our Physics. There are certain laws which apply to an Ideal Gas. But at the same, it says that no gas is an ideal gas and always exemptions are there. That is why we see no gas behave as an ideal gas in normal conditions as the conditions are not ideal.
    When you go for the purchase of a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, we will see what mileage it gives. The manufacturer will prescribe some mileage. But no vehicle who that figure. The reason is again the conditions are not ideal. The company says your speed is more some times and less sometimes, the roads are not good, There are ups and downs. As a result, the mileage differs. Here we will not see the ideal condition anywhere. So we have to see the performance of the vehicle in normal conditions only.
    In the same way, it is very difficult to see an ideal man in this word. There may be many reasons and the person can explain in a better way the reasons for not being an Ideal person. I feel it is better not to see for an Ideal person. Even a person like Yudhistara has to talk some lies. So how can we find a person who never lies?

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    The term ideal is itself not ideal! Is it a complete word? If so what does it convey? The meaning and understanding of this word will differ from person to person and hence is not specific. We talk about an ideal person, ideal thing, the ideal time and so on but is there anyone or anything that is ideal for all? No.

    It is basically a concept, an acceptance based on individual perceptions. When 'A' says that 'B' would be an ideal match for him, he is saying so based on his individual perceptions and interests. B may be an ideal match for A but it may (will) not be so for C, D or E. It differs. So can we say that B is ideal? I don't think.

    Ideal, as said by the author, is indeed abstract. Can you compare it with water? Probably, because it generally takes the form of the way an individual thinks, his ideas and views. Even if you are to obstinately go by the literary meaning and understanding of the term, the fact is that there is no such thing that is ideal, not even the word itself.

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    Qualities which we set for an ideal person or criterion for someone being an ideal person entirely depends on of our own perception and notion. What qualities I have defined for calling any person as an ideal man may contradict your criterion about an ideal man. However, generally we like the people who are well-mannered,cooperative,good looking,famous and wealthy. You may contradict me but what I see the people about who do they like to be their close friend like to see all these qualities in someone. Rub is that we ourselves are not perfect but we expect, rather, we want to see other people to be perfect. Fact is that nobody is perfect, nor can be because all of us are common people who have good as well as bad qualities. We want that nobody should deceive us whereas we allow ourselves to deceive others for our own benefits and selfishness. But if someone is really an ideal man which we are looking for can be our friend or not is at the volition of that person whether or not he likes us to be his friend.

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