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    Marriages can be best even with limited guests

    Today and tomorrow I am busy with the marriage of my co brother second son and there are hardly 30 to 40 gatherings from both sides and the pre- marriage and post marriage programs are being held as per the schedule and those who cannot come or grace the marriage were shown the happenings through the live feeds. For the first time there was full coordination and cooperation between bride and groom sides and everything was going on in smooth way through consultations and guidance sought from each other. First time marriage with small gathering was so great.
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    On the 2nd of this month, my brother's son's marriage was conducted. 8 members from the bride side and 9 members from the bridegroom side attended the marriage. But the supporting staff like live-streaming technicians, video technicians, priests, photographers and cooking crew were 15 in total and the total tethering was 32 members. They took permission for 50 numbers, Actual members attended are less. The function went off well. I and my wife only attended from our house. The other members of my family did not attend.
    They conducted the whole affair very nicely without any problem and all the relatives watched the function on their TV sets through live streaming. Conducting the marriage this way is good. No wastage of money and the marriage can be conducted the way we want and no controversy also.

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    Few but special people are getting involved in marriages during the era of Corona, in our marriages it becomes so crowded that family members are not able to enjoy the various gatherings at the wedding many times, because they are busy taking care of other guests But in this time, we are enjoying every moment with the family more than the guest. It is not that this time will always be there and weddings will be like this among lesser people, but this way is showing us that the importance of marriage is between two families and not by making guests happy by showing off. The wedding should include only those people who have come to bless the bride groom with.
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    I think this is the correct way now people have started doing marriage functions with minimum crowd. Let us use the technology in this situation to present the live marriage ceremony to the relatives and friends. Once some people start doing like that then more and more would join the spree and it would be good for the safety of large number of people from the clutches of the pandemic.
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    Using limited resources to complete a function controls wastage of food and also confusions. It is better to have a few people who have a clear knowledge of customs to be followed on such occasions. Usage of technology aids supports to the elderly people who will not get disheartened that they could not attend the function. The amount so saved can be kept as fixed deposit in the names of the bride and bridegroom too.
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    As of now, many families are thinking and planning to conduct marriages during this Corona period. Because of fewer crowds, less expenditure, and no blame for not inviting relatives and friends. I too feel that this is a good period to conduct marriages. One of my relatives is very busy in finding a girl for his son for early marriage in this year, to avoid expenditure and save money.

    Instead of hiring a marriage hall, the marriage can be performed in a temple, in the presence of the deity with a limited number of relatives and friends in attendance. Lunch can be provided from a nearby hotel. No need to print an invitation. All can be invited through Whatsapp message.

    I am sure, 3/4 of the budget amount can be saved.

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