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    Why the taste buds of the people are different ?

    When we are sitting in the group and when some one offers sweet or Hot items to eat and enjoy and also give feedback surely there would be varied responses like the items were very good and tastily made., it should have been more crispy than expected, the item should have added little extra sugar or salt, the item should have fried for further more cooking. These are the regular comments we get from the guests. But as per the hosts, they served the best savories and sweets according to their best made practices. What is your take on this.?
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    If I am the guest, my comment will be generally, the food is good unless otherwise the taste is very bad and requires some modification. The tastes of people will vary. Some may eat moderate chillies, some may not eat chillies and some may want a very high quantum of chillies. If the host knows the liking of the guest, the food may be made accordingly. Otherwise, the host will make as per his known recipe which they follow in their house. Expecting them to make as per our liking maybe not correct.
    If somebody forgets to add salt in the dish, we can tell them they have forgotten adding salt. If we don't do it, when they taste it, they will understand and feel that the guest is not happy with the food. As a guest, we should know our limitations and comment based on the situation and the facts. But some guests talk rudely and the hosts may feel bad. That type of behaviour should not be exhibited by guests at any time.

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    According to me the taste is not in the buds of people but in the minds of the people. We presumes ourselves that this is good and this is bad in our mind. Many people do not eat turkey berry, bitter guard while others eat them with interest. We, in our house, use to cook the above items regularly whereas my wife's house they never prepared cooking with the two. When she came to our house my mother did not compel her to take but told the benefits of the two. After a gap of two months my wife started to consume and even cook the items well.

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    While being asked regarding the quality of food in reception, our response varies and it is the reflection of their temperament. Even for the same item, some set of people say the item is exceptionally good in terms of taste where as the other set of people would be of the opinion this lacked the spicy flavour.
    Hence the feed backs lack consistency in responses and so the host should not take seriously for such adverse comments. Participants in such functions should display their maturity so that the host is not unduly disturbed with unfavourable comments.

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